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HubPages Slow & Crashing Browser

  1. melbel profile image97
    melbelposted 6 years ago

    At first I thought it was just Firefox 3.6.whatever that was making it slow (as there were a TON of complaints about that version.) But, I upgraded to 4. I tried Chrome, IE, etc.

    My computer runs fine, play video games and all that.

    Anyway, for the last month to month and a half, I've had some problems when editing hubs, especially those with 4+ capsules. My browser will freeze. Usually it'll unfreeze and I can continue my work, but just now I lost a bunch of edits to hubs.

    Right now, I'm smooth sailing at 136,000 k mem usage in Firefox, but during freeze it'll kick up to 1.7 million.

    Also, during edits, the little loading symbol will stay there for a really long time from just moving a capsule.

    I ran hubpages.com through a web page speed report type site that is similar to W3C's markup validator, except it mentions problems that may be affecting a site's speed. It gave a lot of information in response as to some things that could make it slow (all Greek to me.) HubPages passed really well in some areas and did very poorly in others. (I didn't want to link the site here because then this forum post would probably be considered one big advertisement for a site I'm not even affiliated with, lol!) Just send along a message (you guys have my email on file) and I can link you the thing or whatever is cool with me. Like I said, it's just some site, I'm not even sure what a lot of the stuff means.

    I also checked with alexa (usually offers crap information, but hey, I was curious.) And it said that 65% of sites are faster than HubPages and it also mentioned that slower sites may be search enginally penalized. (okay, so enginally is not a word, but I thought it worked here.)

    I'm not trying to be nitpicky, but I've been experiencing a lot of problems lately with speed as well as crashing when editing and maybe it's on my end, but hey, if it helps HubPages, that'd be great.

    Also, in the middle of writing this, I ran HubPages through WC3's markup validator and there are a number of issues there. I don't know if they can be fixed or not, but I do not that the cleaner the markup, the better for loading on browser (and the better for search engine rankings, actually.)

    Like I said, I'm not trying to be a nitpicky person or anything, just want to help.

    1. Les Trois Chenes profile image92
      Les Trois Chenesposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Having same problems Melbel. Also my photos won't upload from computer.

  2. Mark Ewbie profile image88
    Mark Ewbieposted 6 years ago

    I agree about the speed.  If I didn't have to be here to edit, etc. I wouldn't bother.

    The slowness is yet one more thing that seems to have affected this site over the last two months.

    Bit depressing.

    Sorry. Fuming.  Bit more....

    When browsing I search and click.  If nothing happens INSTANTLY on the click - ie. someone's crap website is making me WAIT - I move on. Plus mental note never to bother with that site again - if I can remember it.

  3. melbel profile image97
    melbelposted 6 years ago

    I was initially going to suggest HubPages make something like eBay's Turbo Lister for creating hubs because HubPages is so slow, but thought "How about instead of Turbo Lister, just a faster site?"

    Turbo Lister was teh awesome. Does eBay still have it? It's been so long since I used eBay to sell schtuff.

  4. FaithDream profile image76
    FaithDreamposted 6 years ago

    I have experienced similiar problems. The slowness has caused me to slow down on my publishing. The time spent on edits alone take too much of my time.
    Today it appears to be moving a little better but I haven't been on here long enough yet.
    Thanks for posting this here, I posed the question yesterday wondering if others were having the same problems.

    1. melbel profile image97
      melbelposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      yeah I have stopped working on the hub for now. I'll have to wait. Ill enable adblock and noscript later on and see if that helps