How do we get new hubbers to sign up?

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  1. Rochelle Frank profile image90
    Rochelle Frankposted 14 years ago

    Specifically -- how do we invite prospective hubbers to sign up (to our credit, if possible). Is there some kind of clicker or button or  other sign up tool that  credits us as a referral? I thought there was...

  2. shawna.wilson profile image61
    shawna.wilsonposted 14 years ago

    You can set up a referral tracker.  Go to "my account" and click on the "URL trackers" link.  You'll find an explanation for using trackers there. Hope this helps.

  3. Lissie profile image65
    Lissieposted 14 years ago

    You can create a whole lot of trackers to see which invites work and which dont - or easier got to your profile page right at the bottom u will find a 'link to this page" click this and you will get the url with _ksfjaklfjs in the middle - use that link in an email or webage or a hub and u will get credited with the signup

  4. broalexdotinfo profile image55
    broalexdotinfoposted 14 years ago

    Use your referral trackers on forum signatures (where that is allowed), blog`s comment, build up a mailing list and send out e-mails to your friends, place banners on your blog/site, write a free e-book about your success on Hubpages and give it away for free, let people download it from your site.

    Hope this helps.
    Alex smile

  5. PLM profile image60
    PLMposted 14 years ago

    Getting Hubbers to sign up is a relatively simple process.  I went many months without even knowing this feature existed.  That's my own fault for fumbling around with an article site and not learning the full features and format. 

    Here's the easy way that is very self explanatory for any new hubber.

    Go to your "My Account" tab, the "URL Trackers" under the menu you'll see under "Your Account" heading.  Click the button "Create A New Tracker" and follow the easy and self explanatory instructions.

    If you find that is still a bit confusing, here is my example.  I didn't comprehend it completely myself at first and then got the hang of this fairly quickly.


    URL link to an article of mine: … Employment

    Say I want to link this somewhere, such as a forum post or in another article from the myriad of other article sites such as some of the top ones just to name a few... squido or ezine.

    You throw your link in there with your tracker such as this... … Employment

    You'll notice the URL "/_PLMonline/" ...okay?

    That is what you have typed in and added to the URL of your article if you notice the difference between the two.

    The tracker is what I created and sets up a referral type "affiliate link" I am relating it to where you now get the "credit" for anyone that clicks the link from another source under your link with your tracker... comes to HubPages and reads your article.. surfs around, finds themselves interested in joining etc etc. 

    This provides backlinks and extra help with google rankings for your article marketing and improves traffic as well as providing you with potential sign ups that will give you credit for articles they themselves write as well and provide you with the adsense revenue that is earned from their articles.

    One method I love to use is a simple method of Internet marketing where I simply do not link my articles at all but rather promote HubPages in a sense that I give the home URL with a different named tracker.

    Here's an example:

    "the added URL tracker "_GetAccountFree" is a URL tracker... and it's one I created.

    It gives you the marketing leverage you can easily see which grabs a potential members attention to sign up easy ...and if you notice my link is simply the home page. 

    You use this method of the very basic URL to link in your opt in lists, articles, and forum posts using all the marketing methods and techniques to drive traffic to that link.  This is easily learned with some practice and effort.

    When someone clicks your URL links you added your trackers in and are directed to your article (which I will often do for backlinks and relevant content posting for my own articles) you are getting the credit under your account.  The tracker sets a cookie which gives you the credit for the most updated cookie.  This means if someone views your link with your tracker and leaves HubPages, then thinks to themselves the following week that it was a cool site, ...types in hubpages and joins up... you are still getting the credit as long as they did not find hubpages through another authors tracker links after clicking yours.

    Then you sit back and allow the tracker to build up your views and watch the potential members sign up and the number of articles they write get credited to your account for earnings etc.

    One method I should also mention is some simple article marketing on other sites and throwing in your URL links such as that to promote your use of hubpages, and talk about how you love it here etc comparing it to other article sites.

    You wanted advice HOW to get hubbers to sign up and I felt the urge to share this with everyone.  It's very rare that I will openly share a tid bit about my Internet marketing techniques and methods, but I hope you enjoy and find good use from these tips.

    Feel free to contact me anytime if you need any help.

  6. Ryan Hupfer profile image59
    Ryan Hupferposted 14 years ago

    Dude...great help! You should do a full Hub on

  7. Rochelle Frank profile image90
    Rochelle Frankposted 14 years ago

    I thinK he just did.  Thanks.


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