Hubs over 12mths old now in Violation of T.O.S

  1. Eaglekiwi profile image78
    Eaglekiwiposted 6 years ago

    Psst Hubteam,has someone been springcleaning or something the last couple of days.

    First I get an nice email telling me that a certain Hub is in violation ,please correct etc. I did this although since specifics hadn't been pinpointed exactly ,i could only guess.
    I deleted the video(?) pixelated,watermarked? what is that anyway?

    But new message tells me the hub is actually substandard..oops ok, so why didnt ya just say that in the first place silly billy lol

    Day 2-Another Hub has triggered some alert for nudity and or some possible breach again...
    Hub about 'Deodorants' had a pic on there (for a long time) with a girl with one arm raised partially exposing an armpit. It was tasteful,but once again ,how come it was fine for 12mths but not now?

    I was actually trying my hand at writing like a magazine article.

    Guess its good to know the system picks up on the flesh content,I spose.

    P.S I did hit reply to team@hubpages etc ,but didnt hear back.

    Edit: One hub has just been cleared for take-off smile