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  1. Jerrico Usher profile image54
    Jerrico Usherposted 15 years ago

    Ah the nostalgia of a year on HubPages vs. the high end 100.00 check on it's way into my mail box as I write this... Sure 100.00 isn't much in terms of the cost of living but I'm going to embark on a project that will show my fellow Huber’s the power of writing hubs, and the power of using your noggin to Plant a Money tree.

    Although writing all those hubs was a lot of fun, my original reason for joining this community was to make money (I've since seen more value in it than money but that's beside the point here), so in that spirit I've learned a lot of things here on HubPages and want to put that knowledge to use- along with the money generated solely from hub revenue on adsense.

    What do I plan to do? I'm going to start building adsense sites using a membership I've acquired to a really cool adsense site building/promoting portal, and use STRICKTLY the money generated from my 106 hubs (136.00 to date so I'll add that money and get it back in future adsense checks but as I've earned it its in) to pay for hosting, domains, and well that's all I need, my membership site handles everything else

    (I'm not saying its child’s play from here, actually it’s a lot of time consuming work, as in my ploy I will need to write 10 sites (that's how far I can stretch the 136.00) which each contain 10 pages @ 400+ words each that's about 4,000 words written per site (unique original and highly focused SEO site formats learned right here on HubPages (and other places), so broken down it's 40,000 words typed (well I'll use Dragon Naturally speaking dictation software)

    This will take an extraordinary amount of thinking, research, promotion (using only the tools on the M. site) promotion will yield about 30 blogs per site so 300- 100 word blogs, and 3 submission articles per site so 30 more 400 word articles, then all the normal stuff, the Digg, Stumble upon, BlogSpot articles, link exchanges, url submissions, etc etc.. all again built into this membership site.

    The beauty is part of the plan is to write hubs that link once to the 10 sites in their context (you write a highly valued hub then link to the adsense site for the deeper information on the topic), this shows the power of hubpages "link juice" as Ryan Hup- put it in his video.

    The beauty is once I build them it will take maybe 3 hours a month to promote them (all ten collectively) and I'll sell them in apx 3 months (probably for around 700-1200 dollars a piece).

    Mind you the only money I will spend in this endeavor is the 136.00 from Google adsense (and HubPages is my ONLY source of adsense revenue before this mission I'm talking about.).

    Before anyone tells me that my time is concidered monetary investment capitol, realize that this is known as "credit funding capitol" meaning I will be looking for compensation from the end result in my figures before I calculate any "profit" gains *wink* (Yes I thought of that in fact time will be clocked at about 12.00 an hour, which is what I'm making right now in my blog job).

    So why am I tell you all this? a Few very good reasons.

    1. Accountability; I hope people hold me accountable for my words here

    2. I want to show Huber’s (I'll be producing a hub in 3 months with the results, expenditures, and if the sites sell checks for the sale, if they don't I'll produce adsense statistics of earnings and when they do sell (the idea is to sell them when they reach 4.00 a day in adsense revenue, that's when the buyers will pay around a grand for them))

    That you can start off as a HubPages author like I did, knowing absolutely nothing about SEO (I didn't even know what the term meant!!!) nothing about making money with adsense (in fact HubPages even introduced me to the term "adsense") and being completely green and a year later can make a lot of money (it doesn't have to be made on HubPages but HP is the training ground) from what you learn if you just HUB HUB HUB!!

    3. As a part of this community I think its my responsibility to share what I can to help my fellow Huber’s earn some money, cash, skrillah, change, duckets, green paper, revenue, money writing. I'll publish what I spent (adsense revenue 136.00) how much time I invested,  and what total earnings were (I'll even give my time monetary value for complete fairness).

    I'm not looking for fame, or acknowledgement here, I just want to do this to show people that just because they wrote 100+ hubs, made a measly 100.00 after a year that this is not a reason to quit, lose hope, or think "this doesn't work". That 100.00 I earned was built out of dreams, it was generated from nothing, I simply joined HubPages and wrote, had the ambition to learn, and here I am today using ALL of the tools I've acquired on the journey- and I want to show others how to do the same.

    I Hope this enlightens a lot of people, I'm of course also doing it to enlighten myself so wish me luck!


    p.s. I will also do the whole thing with my voice (the writing of articles, blogs etc..) so in essence I will talk my way into an income hehe (is this still constituted as being a writer, or a site speaker? lol) Hey I could say (in the end that is) that I Talked the talk, then wrote the walk?

    anybody have any questions? concerns? thoughts? I could have done this all silently but I thought I'd share and hopefully have some people rooting for me, we all could use a little moral support when undertaking something like this.

    I'm asking my fellow huber's to hold me accountable, check in on my progress etc.. I have alot of faith in this it will probably generate $7,000 (I'm thinking ALOT more don't forget all the site are generating adsense revenue as well as their final sales price) or more but the true currncy here will not be money, it will be the opportunity to generate a case study that shows huber's with a little time and effort, free tools, very minimal capitol (for hosting and domains) you can breathe life into your dreams!

    Thank you for listening to my winded post.

  2. anime_nanet profile image58
    anime_nanetposted 15 years ago

    Isn't your title some reference to a corny TV show?

    1. Jerrico Usher profile image54
      Jerrico Usherposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      yes it is, but it fits, hubpages is what I used to generate the 136.00 and gain the experience I needed, now with my other thing becoming the real money maker hubpages writing is fun sure, but making money- not really, so hubpages is like the bus in front of the new beautiful house- ehum- site, where I'll build the new thing.

      p.s. that show is pretty cheesey but the houses they built were extraordinary, worth watching the rest to see the transformation smile

  3. Whitney05 profile image84
    Whitney05posted 15 years ago

    Jerrico, so I'm confused as to what you are doing. Are you making 10 websites or 10 blogs and posting blog posts on them and then selling the sites? Sounds like more work than it's worth if that is somewhat what you are doing, but good luck at that.

    1. Jerrico Usher profile image54
      Jerrico Usherposted 15 years agoin reply to this


        I thought I was clear (but then again its always clearer in my head than to others lol) but what I'm doing basically is building ten websites ten pages each. The site will cost $6-$10.00 each for domains to put them on, and 10.00 a month for hosting (unlimited domains can sit on one hosting package, and has unlimited bandwidth and disk space). Let's take it from one site perspective.

      One site, 10 pages (400 words per page) (4k words essential the size on ONE of MY hubs)
      Built and promoted through various tools included in my membership site account, such as a backlinks blog network (write 30 blogs of 100 words each include a link to the site's url and it gets published to authority sites (all 30 blogs are published over 2 weeks to different blog sites on a timer at random intervals)

      write 3 (400 word) articles to publish on BlogSpot and a few other blog sites used as a link back and link exchange deal

      In the end each site will take me about 2 days including all promotion (promotion is build into this site in such a way where I just write the content, blogs, and the rest is automated, it's brilliant! I will even be able to promote my hubs this way but I'd be sharing my revenue so I probably wouldn’t)

      For a visual imagine all the different components of HubPages (text capsule, rss capsule, picture capsule, video capsule etc..) were all from different sites and we would have to grab these then integrate them into a page to make a HubPage. HubPages does this for us and its all in one place for us called “capsules”. To us this is just a bunch of tools we use to build a page but realistically its several different things fused to create a beautiful hub.

      My membership site does the same thing only it’s “capsules” are all the types of promotions, blogs, back linking, url/site submission, link exchange, article submissions, keyword generation (keywords that are high ranking currently) etc.. so building a site within this membership sites tools is all encompassing in the site, the site does not sell us the domains or hosting and don’t own our pages/sites, its just a filter to run the creation through that cultivates the site into high seo, and builds all those wonderful promotional backlinks and such, all in one place.. the site is even uploaded and managed from within this one, all domains, so I never have to go to my hosting package or ftp ever..

      (its basically a template, just add content, a stronger version of hubpages with the purpose of building adsense sites, reving them up with traffic and adsense then selling it later for a grand)

      10 sites 2 days each = 20 days work, 10 days off (each days work is about 4-8 hours and its time building the articles for each page of the site).

      10 sites can if done right, written well, and promoted correctly generate 4.00 a day in adsense revenue in 3 months. At that point I sell it within my membership site they sell the site for me and they've sold every site anyone's ever tried to sell there for 8x the monthly adsense revenue roughly (8x is guaranteed).

      I don't think a months work is a waste of time when it could generate 10 grand smile

      Essentially bottom line, it’s the work of writing 10 hubs with 2 more hours per hub of promotion. The beauty is they have done all the research for me as to where to promote to get the highest quality backlinks and so on..

      My goal here is to show Huber’s the power of writing hubs, what it teaches you and how to generate money out of thin air using thoughts and a keyboard.

      1. Lissie profile image75
        Lissieposted 15 years agoin reply to this

        Hi Jerrico - I think I feel an essay coming on.  First off: you are going in the right direction: focussed websites/blogs will make you money. However I have a few alarm bells ringing so please proceed with caution for several reasons.

        Number one: DO NOT REVEAL YOUR NICHES HERE OR ELSEWHERE - this is particularly  the case for Adsense sites: people are nasty and people are jealous.  I am the least paranoid person in the world but I don't reveal my niches - basically once you post here that your site is making money - one of 2 things will happen:

        a) you will be reported to google for a "made for adsense" which will see you deindexed and then have to wait months for reinclusions

        b) they will make a similar site in the same niche and out link build you therefore taking your #1 spot in the serps

        Only 30 blogs? This is a pretty small network: you will also have a lot of beginners on it.  The chancers of it being discovered by google is pretty high.  Also if every blog publishes ever articles (another footprint) they aren't very focussed - I prefer my backlink for sites which are focussed in the same area as my niche

        I prefer a multilevel network and hubs and lens are perfect for that - so sure promote your hubpages - it doesn't cost anything

        Just be wary - especially of your adsense account.  Its easy to get banned from Adsense and they won't tell you why and you can't get it back AFAIK Who owns the blog network: is the other subscribers? If so you are telling them your niches and your adsense ID - it makes you vulnerable.  Make sure you build links outside the network too - Google does find these places fairly regularly.  Are all the blogs indexed? If not again the links won't show for months.

        If you wanted to sell  I would try the open market - sitepoint or ebay and obvious starting points

        Remember not ever site will make you $4/day -its all about the keyword selection and competition.  Also if you are getting reasonable traffic on a new domain then you will almost certainly get sandboxed for a while - up to around 6-12 months - it will come back eventually but its frustrating Away around this is to buy pre-owned domains but then of course you have to be clever with keywords !

        Sorry this is an essay - and I don't want to come across negative and  I am no bloody expert - Im not making  a good income in this game yet.  But I do have access to some excellent people and resources and I never heard of this particular program (you mentioned the name on a hub) and have learnt to be suspicious of membership sites which have long over the top sales letters.  Not ever site you build will make you money: not everyone will get on page #1, some won't come out of the sandbox - most people say is build, do the promotion - ignore it for 3 months: go back and check if anything has happened - it takes that long to be noticed by G !

        Oh and I have given up telling people how to make money online: most don't really want to know : they want the easy cash: the guaranteed returns: which is what that site is selling in the sales letter.  The reality is that its a business you win some you loose some - its not easy, its not quick, but its possible - its just most people don't want to do  the work

        1. Jerrico Usher profile image54
          Jerrico Usherposted 15 years agoin reply to this

          Good advice on the niches, I wasn’t planning to reveal even the sites for this reason just facts and figures. If people don’t believe the sites exist etc.. that’s their problem, I’m not trying to prove anything just offering information based on my experiences, people who truly want to earn money with adsense will listen and just see the proof not worry about making me prove it’s a real resourse.. like you said because of google its not a good idea to reveal those. I also don’t want them or anyone to out link build me *wink*

          30 is the number of blogs “I” will write per site and submit to an elaborate network of authority wordpress blog sites who’s identity will not be revealed for reasons of google, its over 1,000 sites strong and growing (I think its into the 10 thousands actually) a lot of people have tested this network’s results and found incredible link juice is created within days sometimes but generally after months. The system actually releases the 30 (or whatever you submit) blogs over time for natural backlinks.. these are high ranking authority sites.

          I am well aware of adsense frailty smile but the way everything is done is very secretive, the sites themselves/domains are not registered publically, you can’t perform a whois to find out who owns the site/niche etc.. private registration is key in this kind of thing, google can’t even access this information legally.

          Secondly we follow a templated pattern of avoiding the built for adsense model, first of all we build the site and publish it, spend about a month promoting it and when the site is “ripe” with traffic we then insert the adsense code, the site actually (membership site) does this for us on a timer!

          Third the network is owned by the people running the site, number two they provide us with the niche topics based on current research and you can create your own, but I know the blogs are done in an automated fashion so their not interrested in stealing your niches, its mostly machines that see them not people... These people truly care about your success too, they have been doing this a long time as far back as 96. as for adsense they take all the precausions to assure your not compromising your adsense account.

          The other thing is that although google doesn't like these kind of backlink/blog networks the reality is the sites were building are truly high quality content made for human readership and targeted. Were not building sites using black hat seo tactics although the backlink network is concidered grey had, the grey area, the sites the blogs promote and the blogs themselves are high quality and are written at least mine are, as a quality blog with a preview of the sites data so anyone reading the blog won't be dissappointed in the blog or the target site, google wants this so realistically were following all of googles rules, its those that abuse this type of thing that google doesn't like.

          They handle the sales process, they use some of the sites you mentioned, the beauty of the system is the guy who sells the sites for us has developed relationships with avid investors who put a lot of money into acquiring these adsense sites, and when we submit a site for sale through the SA panel he doesn’t have to go out to any site, he just sends out a broadcast email to those investors who’ve bought many sites from him before (on our behalf) and they’ve asked him to do this.. they are just waiting to buy sites! This is great because it is a personal thing for him, although business they trust him and the site even produces a certification that the sites meet high quality guidelines that the buyers love, they guarantee 8x the monthly adsense revenue, so its not a bad deal!

          I know not all sites reach 4.00 a day, and its your choice to hold on to them until they do or just sell them for 8x what they do make. That 8x is just the minimum he often sells them for more, and the investors are willing to pay it because they figure it motivates us to write more quality sites for them, to them the money is chump change because they make more with the site. I think some of them sell the sites as promotion tools, i.e. we create a site about golf gear and juice it up then the buyer sells the site for 3x what he pays us for it and its like selling targeted monthly hits to the buyer who just has to maintain the traffic/backlinks and insert a link to his store site. Others I believe use the sites they buy to sell leads.

          I hear you there, and I’m aware, but I know that I can write a dam good site so I’m being optimistic, I realize I may have sites that make 1.00 a month not 4.00 a day but keep this in mind, my boss/friend (owner of the company I work for hired this guy to manage us) built a site about bible study and it after 6 months only generated 1.00 A MONTH in adsense, pathetic right? He sold that site for several hundred dollars still, he wouldn’t disclose how much but he said it was an amazing price! And the buyer didn’t hesitate.

          Don’t give up, just be selective with who you tell. I’ve run into this frustration myself, I’ve had people ask me as if they were die hard willing to do anything, I tell them its work, it’s a process, it takes time, has a learning curve, but it works… they continued to show their devotion, then when I send them the top secret tactics the next email is, oh, maybe that’s not for me… translated means, oh I’m looking for that do nothing and make a fortune gig, I’ll keep writing HubPages for chump change and pray that the do nothing gig comes… sigh…

          My rule of thumb I write a hub, form post etc.. then only indulge deeper when people come to me, and even then I test there resolve before I waste my time, I figure if I feed them bits at a time I don’t waste time and they come back when they want more, if not well nothing lost.

          I hear you there sister.. I get thoroughly disappointed when I see someone I know can do this – just give up because it takes a bit of work. What they don’t get is that the work is temporary, then you “click” with the concept and its more going through the motions than anything else, sure still work but not frustrating just work work, and with SA it’s less taxing because you just add content and follow their pattern and they do all the “staying ahead of the curve” stuff for you.

          BTW I know the site owners personally this is not one of those get rich quick sites, they are very adamant about making sure you know this has a learning curve and takes time, even when you know the system, they are a resource site, a research and development site, they fit everything into a nice template so you can punch out quality sites faster, its mainly about promoting them, networking all the tools and sites for you. You essentially get all the accounts (they link you to them much like HP does for adsense, analytics, eBay etc..) plug in the log ins and after the whole things set up its all automated in the future, just write, submit, they take care of the rest. The most valuable part of this whole system is the link back network of wordpress sites! That alone is worth the price of admission/membership. I’m been through the site, I’m a member now, and I’ve seen actual success through the two guys who own it, and the others I know who are also using it.. its legit trust me.

          By the way Lissie,

          I'm the first person to say write an essay! (and since this is my thread I’m in charge here hehe…  I'm NOT one of those people who wants to make money they when I hear there is work involved I'm not interested I'm the opposite, so I love reading your advice.

          Well I’ll keep this short (that’s a joke)… thank you for reading my thread  this may  be the only 5 people who come in here (and stay long enough to reply)


  4. Lissie profile image75
    Lissieposted 15 years ago

    :LOL: Jerrico - I'll keep this short - honest! Sounds like you got it - good luck and look forward to the updates!

    1. Jerrico Usher profile image54
      Jerrico Usherposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Nice to have at least one interrested party, now keep me on my toes will ya? make me accountable (the original reason for writing this thread was I want to be held accountable to help my discipline smile

      I'm going to write my first site this week.. whoohooo! the first couple sites will be practice so hopefully they do sell and make money on adsense but I'm not too worried about it if they don't trial and error, still learning but this site makes it fun, easy, and gives me the information on what people use that works to promote! I have a great secreat blueprint (that I'll never show anyone as I was asked to keep it to myself) for promotion tactics and I'll have to put it to work!

  5. Whitney05 profile image84
    Whitney05posted 15 years ago

    I will admit it sounds interesting, but too much work for me to ever do... :-/ Good luck

    I prefer to do sites I'm interested in and just keep em. Ha. But your way sounds like it would be more profitable for you. You gotta do what works for you, right?

    1. Jerrico Usher profile image54
      Jerrico Usherposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Actually Whitney, its not a lot of work *wink* truth is I will only be writing my first 5 sites, when they flip I'll roll revenue into outsourcing the actual content writing, my membership site has 100 outsource writers who are well aware of the adsense SEO structure and keyword saturation (part of SEO) etc..

      So once the first five sites sell for a grand (each) (I hope the worst site I saw them sell was more than a couple hundred and it made a dollar a month! but 200 can be rolled into outsourcing at 6.00 an article (or I can find cheaper labor elsewhere as the writers themselves make 4.00 of that so I was thinking of finding 5.00 writers possibly) or 60.00 a site the promotion is very simple, takes less than an hour a site for massive promotional power using the integrated services (which are networking other outside sources)..

      In the end it's no more work than building a hub other than 2 hours a month post publish for continued promotion per site.

      People using this service are making more than 1,000 a month one guy I know of is doing about 100 grand a month in business)


  6. Lissie profile image75
    Lissieposted 15 years ago

    Jerrico - the only person who can push you is you - you know that LOL.  Its one of the things I have had to deal with recently.  I discovered I kept on getting distracted, living  on forums, go off on tangents on other ways to get $$ etc etc.  Eventually someone online said to me I reminded her of herself she said:

    "I vouched to make money - got fired up for a months or less and started from scratch again. Every time I did this I lost a little bit more of my self belief and respect. Not sure whether you feel that way too right now. You know what turned it all around? You probably guess.
    It was me and my resolve to stop kidding myself and get serious."

    So true: for years (more than 10) I had been more disallusioned with my job; bored, under-employed usually and demotivated.  I acutually had to really focus on how to work hard again: it had been so long that anything I did actually made a difference to anyone - suddenly it is starting to - coincidence :-)

    Whitney: I get the impression you enjoy college and you have a passion for writing and pets: good on you - find a job which allows you to fulfil your passions and you will be happy.  But I have never found a paying job which I was passionate about and the well-paying ones were soul destroying - literally

    I am happy to work hard - to build a business which will pay me passive income: for the days/weeks/months in the future when I will be on a beach definitly not working LOL

    1. Jerrico Usher profile image54
      Jerrico Usherposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Lissie I know where your coming from and I don't need others to motivate or move me, I have a discipline problem however as I end up on so many tangents that focus is lost. Just my warm-up routine kills 8 hours of my day! I get on intending to blog 100 blogs and made the mistake of checking my HubPages account, so I see comments, answer them then end up looking at the sites again to see what I wrote (I actually forget what I wrote so I go look to see what they were talking about,

      I know what they mean, its just I like to read my own words that they read, next thing I know I get hit with an idea for a hub and spend 4 hours hubbing it!!! then I check email, oops, now I'm writing to everyone and my mom, 2 hours roll by, I get hungry and sit to eat in front of the television crap Cold case is on (that show gets me tearing up).. ut oh, I woke up at 6am and it's 10 pm did I blog yet? NO

      This was last months routine killer, my check a potential of 4,000.00 was a measly 900! ouch.

      When I say push me I mean pop in and ask me how the project is going, it builds in me accountability and motivates me to stop screwing around and get to the project smile

      motivation is not the problem, focus is smile you remember my first few hubs no? LOL

      I've started taking steps to resolving this, I made a work profile on my computer, no hubpages, no personal email, I load my work mail, have my tabs set to jerrico.superapprentice.com, mail, google, and dictionary, I don't surf other than research for blogs etc.. I start my day in my personal profile, set a timer for 2 hours (warm up fun checking hubs etc..) when that bell goes off I log out of personal and into work account. Today I venture into my SA journey, training day is over, time to put it to work smile


  7. caspar profile image61
    casparposted 15 years ago

    Lissie, you could be describing me!  I have had all day at home today to focus on building my sites.  I've achieved nothing so far, just faffing about on forums (like I am now), breaking off to peg out the washing, checking my stats, fetching the washing in because it's raining, checking my email, doing some ironing, checking my stats again, picked the kids up from school, back on forums.

    Jerrico you sound like you're not afraid of hard work (as I seem to be), and I wish you good luck - I look forward to reading your updates.

    1. Jerrico Usher profile image54
      Jerrico Usherposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Today's update. Set up my first site, write content, set up hosting with gator hosting, and domains from godaddy smile

      By tomorrow night I hope to have my first site published!

      I will also create some hubs to promote it but I won't disclose my SA driven hubpages account to protect my niches... Whatup my niches! hehe and I won't be commenting from that account so nobody can match up my IP haha hehe (btw I've written over 100 hubs on other peoples accounts for promotion of this same service (they paid me 10.00 a hub).. so I've really written over 200 hubs not just the 108 here *wink*)

  8. Jerrico Usher profile image54
    Jerrico Usherposted 15 years ago

    Update:  Got first 5 sites "shelled" just need to write content now.. since I have limited resources ($$$) I'll write my own articles... played around with the site one word - WOW this is going to be hubpages easy (actually easier than hubpages!) more to come.


  9. Whitney05 profile image84
    Whitney05posted 15 years ago

    I'm not saying that I'm not willing to work for something I'm not interested in, I'm just saying if I can't find something fun in it, then I don't know if I could do it. I commend those who can; I really  do. I mean I'm a receptionist at a fairly small company which means not a lot goes on, but I am very happy with the job, even though I sit at a desk all day doing virtually nothing, which is pretty boring. I mean I've gone through the same boxes of USB/laynard sets three times- 1) to find the broke laynards and set those boxes aside, 2) to pull out the actual broke laynards from the boxes, and 3) to replace the new laynards in the boxes. And there will be a 4th time because of the new ones, some are still broke. Of course it would make sense to do it all at once, but when I'm getting the instructions for step one, and then they decide step two after step one, then it calls for multiple times of the same boxes. Sounds tedious and boring, well it is, but there's something about this job that I love and dealing with broken laynards just happens to help out another department, then I'm glad to do it. Otherwise, I sit here and work on my own stuff, which is what makes the job fun- I have time to do my own stuff while I'm getting paid to do something else.

    But, anyway, I'm not saying that working hard at something you may or may not be interested in isn't worth the money you may get. I'm just saying I'm not sure that it's something that I could do, which is why I do commend anyone who is doing just that.

    I guess the fun thing would be the making money part... And the designing. I LOVE designing websites and coming up with ideas for websites. I just wish I had the skills to do the graphics and coding. I leave that up to dad. Ha.

    Jerrico, it sounds like you're doing really well and making good progress. Keep us updated. I really am interested in seeing how you fair with this endeavor.

    1. Jerrico Usher profile image54
      Jerrico Usherposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Well Whitney, Yesterday was my first official day with it and I have to say I was shocked how easy it was, if you ask me its 3 times harder to build a simple hub than it was to do this! as for the website coding and graphics their is no need to know that to do this. In fact the very things you said you loved to do is ALL we do with this. think up concepts, write pages, think of it like writing a hub only this hub can later sell for 200.00 to 1200.00 dollars, then you build another one, juice it up and repeat.

      I'll walk you through what I did so far (this is also today’s update but I did this yesterday).


      1. First I logged into the site

      2. then I hit one button and like magic "Niches" were created for me (these are currently proven high value niches) (I can create my own but for now I’ll ride theirs)

      3. I created 10 just by hitting the button 10 times *wink*

      4. I logged into a tool that goes out and grabs relevant keywords that are high ranking at the moment, it takes 10 minutes to do this so I just copy paste the niche title into this other page and hit search, then go cook something to eat, watch TV until I hear the ding.. this step handles all the data creation for the next step (it does ALL of the thinking I just entered my niche title and hit search and wait)

      5. Ding happened, sat down and ticked (click the check box next to) the first ten keywords which will become the sites navigation links/keyword phrases.

      6. After ticking the 10 check boxes I click the export xml file icon and save the file to my desktop, then I got to the site and simply import the file and from that file the entire site is built for me less the content itself (link navigation and all is built for me). The program did the research, formatted the page layout and is now just waiting for me to write content for the site. The whole webpage less the content is now BUILT and FORMATED

      7. Now I just have to write essentially a 400 word article for each of the ten pages. The keyword is the pages title, so I write 400 words on "widget" and use widget 12 times in the article. In the site I just go to each page (click the hyperlink for each keywords opens a page where I just type in the article it will automatically insert it into the site template which I choose later and it merges everything for me.) and at the top it will show me the keyword/page title AND about 10 other sub keywords (related to the topic keyword i.e. if it was fence related would be nails, poles, paint?) that are related. I just add those once each into the article, so really the article is pretty much built by the 12 keywords I just have to fill in the creativity smile were talking about a 4 paragraph article with 12 keywords to embed. The keywords to me make up the concept. The only keyword that I saturate 2-3% is the main title, and this is the SEO kw for ranking but the other keywords are just related to the pages theme and don't do anything but bring the page into relevance, it also helps me to write the article VERY focused. Think of this as how we build a hub, hubpages has given us the framework already we just add capsules to the page and write the content, this however requires us to just fill in the words, no capsules needed.

      That's as far as I've gotten, I have 10 shells (I call them) and I'm writing content now. when I finish writing the "hubs" so to speak I can add two pictures (just hit browse and up them just like a hub, actually simpler, just hit "browse" "open" bam) and it inserts them strategically for me as well as the adsense code again like HubPages, I insert my pub id and it auto builds that part of my site for ALL pages when I hit publish.I could of course go into advance mode and build my own html and even save it in there but why waste time when the templates are optomized.. the site doesn't have to be gorgeous to sell later for big $$$ you just have to have the traffic, SEO and adsense income to a certain level (juicing it up), and google loves simple pages that are ultra formatted, this site actually does that for us, the wizard does this by walking us through it ... do this do that, write here, blah

      I haven't gotten to promotion yet but I've seen it, its as simply as walking through a wizard, it says add article here, hit submit, write blog here hit submit, even tells me how many article submission and blogs etc.. essentially this part (promotion) takes about 12 resources like blog sites, article submission wordpress sites, and so on and links them together into one command center attached to each site project. a check list of things needed are there and you just click each one and do what it says (i.e. write a 300 word article, fill in bio, add two backlinks to your site, etc..) and when you have them all done your done till next month.. its comprehensive yet simplified.

      All sites you need are there all you have to do is click (like HubPages when signing up for Google adsense, analytics, yahoo, kontera) the link if you don't yet have an account then every time after that (every site after) it does all the logging in for you, you just write and submit.. makes it all very simple.

      building the ten shell sites took me less than 30 minutes, the only thing that took longer was waiting for the keyword program to tap into Google and find the high ranking keywords for my topic/niche. the keyword tool actually did ALL of the work, I just imported that xml file and it built everything... felt like I handed a programmer my niche topic and said build me a site shell and bam. From niche to site takes roughly one minute, but waiting for the keyword tool to generate the file takes roughly 10 minutes. Promotion takes roughly 2 hours a month once you have all the services plugged in (log in credentials plugged in after creating accounts) HubPages and Squidoo are not in there, these you have to do separately.

      the beauty of this system is its A.S. websiteSEO just add content! you don't need to know squat, and later I'll just outsource the site content and it will be fully automated smile 10 minutes of my time per site + 2 hours of promotion a month per site, can't wait to see how this turns out!

      More as I progress..

  10. Jerrico Usher profile image54
    Jerrico Usherposted 15 years ago


    ok Set up my first domain and hosting package. Hosting through gator and domain through godaddy, the beautiful thing is I learned in writing blogs for a client about coupon codes, that if you see that window at the bottom that says "got a coupon/coupon code" type it here. If you just Google the site i.e. "gator hosting coupon code" someone out there had the code on a coupon code site (sweet!) doing this I got 14.00 hosting for 5.01 nice.. the next month will go back to 14 but that’s cool, domains you can keep using coupon codes as you acquire them score..

    (remember for now I only have 50.00 to work with,) then I found godaddy Coupon Codes too! saved 3.00 each on domains. so I spent about 14.00 for both hosting and a domain, first site out the gate is just an article away from published.

    My dad joined the ranks with me (his own account)... so I now have a partner in website development..(a compeditor to spruce up the compeditive streak in me) his mission is similar although he’s just trying to get rich  I have a feeling in 6 months time were both going to see about 7-10 grand from this endeavor and for me 136.00  turning into 10 grand after even 6 months is a pretty dam good ROI don’t you think? (we’ll calculate time later I’m keeping track, so far into the project I’ve spent a grand total of 6 hours over all including signing up for gator and godaddy) and I spent a week reading forum posts, training materials etc..

    but in my free time, this training really only took about a day of reading to get I just wanted to wrap my head all the way around it before I embarked, when I did I discovered that it was really nothing at all to get going, you’d think it was though!

    (by the way my membership was paid for by a friend so this cost is not in the equation although I’ll be paying said friend back from profits later even though this was a gift so if your wondering why I didn’t throw that 95.00/month into the cost of doing business that’s why.

    If a Huber were to do this they’d simply have to add 95.00 to the mix for each month they did the same thing. When I get this up and running and I generate a fortune I’m going to pay this forward and roll part of my revenue into charity by helping others (specifically chosen Huber’s in my fan base that are the most hub active)  get in the same way then rolling their “payback” to other people.. just an idea off the top of my head…

    so 9 more domains (hosting package will hold all the domains I can possibly buy as its unlimited domain hosting and unlimited bandwidth sweet!) and I'll be plugged in with the 10 sites for this test.

    Still waiting for that Google adsense check to fund the 9 sites domains…
    that’s all to report today... next step is waiting and starting to write my own articles while I wait.



  11. Jerrico Usher profile image54
    Jerrico Usherposted 15 years ago

    TAP TAP TAP... (taps microphone) .. is this thing on? Is anyone reading this thread? I expected more comments.. owell I'll just keep reporting my progress if nothing else to document the journey.. I've started a hub about this so I'll be moving my comments there since this thread seems to have died.. if anyone is interrested in the results email me and I'll shoot you that day's events..


  12. Jerrico Usher profile image54
    Jerrico Usherposted 15 years ago

    http://hubpages.com/forum/topic/8328  new development is in that thread.

  13. Jerrico Usher profile image54
    Jerrico Usherposted 15 years ago

    Whoohoo this otehr experiment is gonna kick a**!

    1. Jerrico Usher profile image54
      Jerrico Usherposted 15 years agoin reply to this



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