The 3 Magic Beans

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  1. cashmaster007 profile image58
    cashmaster007posted 10 years ago

    I would be grateful for any feedback or comments .
    Before you check it out remember that this is a gentle spoof .........

  2. Eric Graudins profile image59
    Eric Graudinsposted 10 years ago

    If I bought 6 magic beans, would I make twice as much money :-)

    And do I get free beans if I attend the residential course?

  3. Misha profile image70
    Mishaposted 10 years ago

    LOL And some people post this kind of crap seriously!

  4. Inspirepub profile image82
    Inspirepubposted 10 years ago

    You left out the fabulous opportunity to become a Bean Coach and earn a six figure income coaching your other clients on how to get the best out of their beans - just $12,997 or 12 monthly payments of $1497 ...

  5. profile image0
    RFoxposted 10 years ago

    Hey I'm the Bean Queen around here and it's a seven figure salary...okay!

    (To join my hive simply send $20,000 to Bean Queen Canada Inc.)


    P.S. Missed you all!

    1. Eric Graudins profile image59
      Eric Graudinsposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      We all wondered where you'd bean.

  6. Misha profile image70
    Mishaposted 10 years ago

    Missed you too Rachelle smile Where have you been?

  7. profile image0
    RFoxposted 10 years ago

    Lost in career-land. wink

    I've had a lot of photography deadlines, show submissions and networking going on lately.
    I've been working hard to get my fine art career into full swing while still working and teaching photography for my friends school....whew....I'm exhausted but things are slowly happening.

    I won another competition and will be published in PDN magazine's November issue, which I'm stoked about, and am working on some gallery shows and another possible magazine proposition.

    On top of all that I've been working on my new abstract expressionist series, test printing etc.

    Busy, busy, time for HubPages fun! sad

    Hopefully my schedule will clear up a little soon and I can Hub again!! Yay!

    I'm sure I've missed some wicked religious and political debates lately. smile

  8. Misha profile image70
    Mishaposted 10 years ago

    LOL Sure you did. Some guy already threatened to report me to Homeland security lol

    I am glad you are putting all those things on track, come to DC with an exhibition, I'll come to take a look wink

  9. profile image0
    RFoxposted 10 years ago

    Haha...Homeland Security!?

    I see you're making friends again wink

    Soon you'll be on America's Most Wanted: Misha the Russian Mastermind big_smile

    And if you know of any good photography galleries in DC send along a link. I've never been to DC, it would be fun!

    Although given my anti-republican, anti-military stance I'd probably be arrested by Homeland Security. Can't trust us pacifist Canucks you know.......


  10. thranax profile image58
    thranaxposted 10 years ago

    This is nothing but a ploy bait Hub. What it aim's to do is get the reader to comment, and down near the comment you find this:

    You will find the link leads to http://cash[not promoting link]
    (AKA His website)


    PS: I didn't click this link because I'm not sure what it will lead me to exactly.

  11. Misha profile image70
    Mishaposted 10 years ago

    LOL Thranax, It leads to perfectly normal site, it does not bite, I tried smile

    1. thranax profile image58
      thranaxposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks big_smile I always listened to what people said: Better be safe then sorry

      I mean, it's not like he has any other creditable hubs or anything, so it's likely it could happen.



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