I need a volenteer from the HubAudience...(free traffic experiment)

  1. Jerrico Usher profile image56
    Jerrico Usherposted 9 years ago

    I want to test my backlink blog networks traffic magic by writing about 100 blogs with a backlink to someone's hub. This means for you free traffic and potential sign up affiliate$$$ from new HP authors.

    This is one tool I'll use to promote my hubs, sites etc.. and I want to see how well it does. I hear this generates phenomenal rankings/link popularity over time (takes about a month to two months to fully draw the traffic but when it does.. whoosh some serious link juice)

    I offered Jimmy first crack but haven't heard from him so I decided to elicit a volunteer.

    What I will need from you is simple:

    You will need to build a new hub designed to tell potential authors about HubPages and it's mission is to get them to join without explicitly telling them to join. In other words write a fresh hub (even if you have such a hub in your arsenal I need a fresh hub so we can track statistics over 2 months) about SEO, about earning money on HubPages, about community, your choice.

    Send me a link to your hub to promote in my blogs. I will read your hub and generate 100 blogs (which will be published to 100 wordpress authority sites),  (so send me a link with a freshly created token you use ONLY for this experiment so we can track sign ups, name the token “opportunity” if you can).

    I want to elicit how much traffic your hub gets and how many sign ups result from this experiment so I'll need you to know how to read your analytics traffic to qualify. Put in your hub one sign up link but use anchor text like "join our community now!" or "Let's get started"

    I want this hub to be optimized as well so the following conditions should be met. (if your not picked this will show you how to build a monetized hub!)

    1. The Title should use the keyword (I'll give you) but be more than just the keyword phrase i.e. keyword is keyword = the keyword is keyword today! (bad example)

    2. The keyword should be used 2% -3% of the body of your hub. i.e. if you write 700 words you need to insert the keyword 14 - 21 times NATURALLY. (note 3% will get a better traffic flow) Preferably the hub should be around 1,000 words.

    3. any pictures you import into the hub should be renamed before uploading to include the keyword in the name with spaces on either side of it i.e. if the keyword is "keyword" you can name the picture "the keyword blah.jpg" not "the keyword2.jpg, the keyword3.jpg" Keep it natural so if the keyword and picture don’t make sense don’t use it have at least one picture that describes the keyword in picture form and is named the keyword.

    4. Pictures should have where possible the keyword in the caption subtly, but not every picture. Not just the  keyword but a phrase that includes it. This will be easy because the keyword will fit easily. 

    The pictures chosen and the pictures name can instead of having the keyword in it can use related keywords i.e. if the keyword is "HubPages" then a related keyword would be "make money blogging" or "create content for money" or using keyword “HubPages” make money writing HubPages” etc.. this will help you with images.google.com searches. (somehow I got top ranking for HubPages logo! a while back)

    5. Hub should cover these areas: SEO, community, Hub score, making money with adsense/monetized hubs, forum, community support, and any other major things about HubPages new writers should know about (like fans, hubtivity etc..) I will pick the author who puts the most (without overwhelming the potential newbie) components or best written hub. This hub will also get primo link back on the new site I’m building later.

    6. should be unique content, well written with new text capsule every 2-3 paragraphs and a capsule title that uses one of the sub keywords (I'll give you). (headers are read by Google so make the capsule titles good and optimized)

    7. should have one sign up link (not using the word sign up, something inviting them to join the fun), one link to another HubPage with your token embedded, have one link off of HubPages to a relevant site like SEO or something (for an outbound link)

    8. Huber has to have at least 30 published hubs with hub scores averaging above 70 (i.e. no 30 hubs with low hub scores or a lot of affiliate sites)

    I'll need you to give me Bi-weekly stats on the sign ups and traffic (unique visitors) (prefer to have it posted in here so everyone can see but you can pm it to me if you like via email)

    That’s it. If you want to participate let me know here I'll pick ONE person based on your hub. To participate, create the aforementioned hub and link to it in this thread(it can only help you even if your not picked to get sign ups!) then let me know. I'll pick someone at the end of the week (Friday) based on links in this thread.

    If nobody volunteers I will just use my own hub but I wanted to give someone the opportunity to benefit from this (my benefit here will be helping someone out and gauging the tools effectiveness). I’ll be writing 100 hubs for free, instead of writing my hubs for my job (I get 1.00 a hub there) so realistically this will cost me 100.00 to do (in lost income) but I think it will be inspirational to show link back stats to the community.

    Use any of the other capsules you want but pictures and text is all I require for this. The better the hub is the more likely I will pick you to promote. Remember I don't want you to advertize to sign up, just make hubpages sound so cool they can't wait to sign up. Your token will be in the linkback so you don't really have to worry about them clicking your link (but put it there just in case).

    Code Name: “The Hubtronics Traffic experiment”

    I will be performing more traffic tools to this winning hub later so you get to be my guini pig (which is all gravy for you) and could get substantial traffic to your hub. I’m also trying to guage weather or not I should use this to beef up my hubs for more adsense revenue. If it bombs I’ll try something else smile

    Thank you for participating smile


    p.s. almost forgot the keywords:

    Main keyword (use in title and 2-3% of page usually once per small paragraph twice per long paragraph):\

    HubPage  activities or Hubpage Activity (stick with one OR the other but not both where as keyword saturation is concerned)

    sub keys (sprinkle these through out the hub somewhere once or more, use them once in titles one per text capsule title for example):

    hub traffic
    fan base
    make money
    write hubs
    featured hubber
    Jerrico Usher (I'm kidding! lol)
    hub score
    hub author score (or any rendition of the terms meaning)
    netiquette in the forum and in others comment boxes
    100th hub (optional)
    new features all the time
    HubPages is an Authority site (optional)

    and anything else you can think of.

  2. Lissie profile image80
    Lissieposted 9 years ago

    Interesting proposition! Just to clarify that the main keyword is "HubPage  activities" or" Hubpage Activity "  That doesn't sound like a compelling buying kw term to me: why not something or "hubpages cash" or "hubpages community".  "hubpage activities"  used 2x a paragraph plus title plus subtitle plus url plus photo tags plus tags is going to be much more than 3%!  To get that percentage I using use the phrase 3x per a 400 word article plus title , url etc

    1. Jerrico Usher profile image56
      Jerrico Usherposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      3% includes all of those things

      not just the body of the Hub text capsules (thank you for bringing that to my attention) since google does scan all text based components smile the keyword being saturated will help me target the niche.. I like hubpages ___x  try to find a niche for me to build around in my (for later tools to test) artricle submissions..

      I was trying to pick something that could be used throughout repetitively, but I'm open to suggestions smile I wanted this hub appeal to the other reasons to become a hubpage writer than just making money, i.e. writing cool pages, being a part of a great community, the fun in hubbing, hubMobs, etc.. so hubpages community is a good choice. In fact I challenge applicants to build a hub that shows innovativeness, SEO genius, concider my keywords just an example smile may the best hubpage win smile

      for this hub I'm more concerned with having as many things mentioned about hubpages mechanics as possible than anything else (one motivation I have for this project is to get people to help me figure out all the possible things you can do with this site so I can generate a toc for the hubpages blueprint site)