My first copy of an article

  1. andyoz profile image88
    andyozposted 6 years ago

    Yesterday I Googled my name just to see what came up.  One of the results I found was a Turkish Website with an exact copy of an article I had written last year on another site.  The article did credit me saying 'written by Andy Orrell a disk jockey from England'.  I have no idea why they though I was a disk jockey but at least they credited me for the article. 

    I sent them a nasty email asking why they thought it was OK to steal my entire article without asking my permission.  To my suprise they emailed me back and then removed the article from the site all within 24 hours.  Obviously it should not have been there in the first place but it was refreshing to see how well they responded when I questioned them. 

    It's the first time I have come across an entire article of mine that has been copied, I know it does go on and so it made me wonder how much more of my writing is floating around the internet in places I am not aware of.

    1. lobobrandon profile image90
      lobobrandonposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      There will be plenty of copies around. You'll have to find them if you can. The rest you can do nothing about