Protect IP, as well as SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act

  1. andycool profile image72
    andycoolposted 5 years ago

    On November 17 HubPages Weekly asked for hubbers' support in bringing an end to this legislation. They urged to hubbers to contact their congressman and save HubPages! Excerpts from that newsletter:

    "Protect IP, as well as SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act (two bills currently in the United States Senate and House, respectively), threaten the world of online writing as we know it.

    According to these bills, HubPages could be shut down if just one Hub infringes on someone’s copyright, links to an illegal site, or even promotes visiting one. We are an open publishing platform and cannot review each and every Hub that gets published, hence Protect IP and SOPA leave us particularly vulnerable.

    We ask for your support in bringing an end to this legislation. If you enjoy writing on HubPages (and any other online publishing platform for that matter) and want to continue to be able to publish online, please call, email, or otherwise contact your Senators and your Representative and ask that Protect IP and SOPA be stopped."

    My question to fellow hubbers is:

    Should the above mentioned legislation be considered a threat to online writing community? I'm really worried. Are you too?

  2. melbel profile image92
    melbelposted 5 years ago

    There is some scary stuff going on with that. Just recently Chanel (the perfume folks) compiled a list of a 100 or so websites that they believed were selling bootleg Chanel perfume. Out of those sites (remember, it was like 100 something) Chanel ordered perfume from like 3 of them. The three orders did, in fact, contain bootleg perfume.

    However, ALL 100+ sites were shut down via court order. So that's essentially saying, "We're putting you out of business because a site similar to yours, not owned by you and you're not remotely related to sells bootleg perfume."

    It's seriously sickening. Or how about ThePirateBay!? They do not store ANY movies or anything on there. They just tell you where you can get them... and I'm sure you're well aware of the legal hot water they're currently in. Seriously, it's like you being taken to court for knowing someone who sells pots.

    1. andycool profile image72
      andycoolposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      No I had no idea about these kinds of mayhem that's going on across the internet. It's really scary!  What could be the ultimate repercussions on people depending on a career like publishing articles online? Could such a career be finished via just a court order?