What has Hubpages done for you in your life?

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  1. Criysto profile image62
    Criystoposted 11 years ago

    I've always wondered how Hubpages has effected people.

  2. WryLilt profile image89
    WryLiltposted 11 years ago

    Made me realise how easy it is to earn online IF you put the groundwork in.

  3. Shanna11 profile image75
    Shanna11posted 11 years ago

    Hubpages has given me a legitimate excuse to not do homework. My roommate can't look down her nose at me for trawling the internet at strange hours of the night.

  4. Urbane Chaos profile image90
    Urbane Chaosposted 11 years ago

    HubPages has really done a lot for me.  Prior to joining, I did freelance work, but it was mostly local stuff.  After I had quite a few hubs up, I started getting more print media jobs from other sources, which allowed me to do freelance full time.

    About a year ago, I began writing a book about the history of a town in Oklahoma.  Currently, I'm at slightly over 82,000 words, which is already a fairly substantial sized book.  I have two chapters left, which will bring me right around 100,000 words.  If it wasn't for HubPages, I would have never dreamed of taking on this kind of project.

    1. lobobrandon profile image89
      lobobrandonposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Urbane Chaos I wish you all success with your book big_smile good luck

  5. Criysto profile image62
    Criystoposted 11 years ago

    Urbane Chaos, that's amazing.

  6. mistyhorizon2003 profile image86
    mistyhorizon2003posted 11 years ago

    I made loads of friends here I will value for life, and some passed away whilst I knew them. Without Hubpages I would never have known those people.

    On top of this I have earned a good amount of money in my 3 years here, (especially since Oct 2011,) and right now I can't complain. The income I have gained overall is into the thousands of dollars, although still not in the same league as other Hubbers I know.

    My writing skills have been improved by my ongoing experience here, and I hope that my writing continues to improve.

    I do not regret coming here, even if some of the time I have had extreme frustrations with Hubpages, especially post Panda. Right now I have no real complaints.

  7. GmaGoldie profile image75
    GmaGoldieposted 11 years ago

    I have met some wonderful people. I enjoy the learning, the growing the sharing.

    I am striving to be like WryLilt and learn how to make this a profitable adventure. I haven't made money yet but I must say I have received some checks which is more than my other part-time jobs have done for me lately.

    Meanwhile, the journey is the reward. HubPages is my own virtual world, a combination of the Encyclopedia, National Geographic and school recess with friends.

  8. profile image56
    SanXuaryposted 11 years ago

    Its a game of research, what topics and writing styles grab peoples attention? How do people really feel about things? Technically I have no way of knowing what others think outside of my home. Right now I am all over the place. I tried activism, faith, some gender equated humour and now I am trying the dark aspects of life its self. Personally I do not think that anything goes any where on here but I know it takes a long time to find out. No telling what I might try next.

  9. Bard of Ely profile image81
    Bard of Elyposted 11 years ago

    I have made some much-needed money each month for the past two years, I have got a few outside jobs or publicity from people who found me by reading my hubs, and I have made some wonderful friends here.

  10. Mark Ewbie profile image81
    Mark Ewbieposted 11 years ago

    I was going to do a silly self promotional funny, but for once I'll just give an honest answer.

    In a year or so on HubPages I believe I have made significant progress towards being a proper writer.  I have learnt how to put an article together, something that on occasion might be good enough for a fairly low quality magazine or perhaps a newspaper on it's last legs and unable to afford quality journalism.

    In addition, I have learnt an unbelievable amount of stuff about the internet and marketing and sales pages, none of which have I put into practice.

    And although I have little else to compare it with, HubPages and the people within it really are a great bunch.  From timidly submitting a few pages and dreading the feedback, I mostly am fairly confident about me, my writing skills and the likely reception.

    So yeah.  Thanks HubPages for giving this person a chance to enjoy a great hobby.

  11. Cardisa profile image89
    Cardisaposted 11 years ago

    HP has given me the motivation to express myself as a writer and stop suppressing my writing talent. I feel more confident now than a year ago when I first joined HP.

  12. thougtforce profile image86
    thougtforceposted 11 years ago

    Hubpages has made a great difference for me! Without HP I would never had the opportunity to meet all the wonderful people here. I feel more relaxed and confident about publishing my writing and I constantly learn more and improve my writing. It is an awesome place and I wouldnt want to be without this fantastic experience!

  13. mljdgulley354 profile image61
    mljdgulley354posted 11 years ago

    My daughter tlpoague encouraged me to start writing on hubpages. If it hadn't been for her encouragement I would have never have had the courage to press that publish button. Since then it has been a very encouraging experience as I receive page views and comments on my ramblings put in those capsules.

  14. Kris Heeter profile image75
    Kris Heeterposted 11 years ago

    It's brought back the joy of writing. 

    20+ years of grant writing and scientific paper writing got really old and brought me to the point where the thought of sitting down to write was so depressing.  I was very hesitant to write that first hub.

    The other thing I enjoy are cool and gifted people here - I love learning from other hubbers and reading on topics that I normally wouldn't read.

  15. bruzzbuzz profile image62
    bruzzbuzzposted 11 years ago

    I have learned a lot about myself, others, and about topics I might never have thought of before. Hubpages has given me a purpose I do not think I had before and I am grateful for that. The extra money is nice too.

  16. MakinBacon profile image81
    MakinBaconposted 11 years ago

    While I've been making a living online for over a decade; solely by writing since 2005, the Hubpage platform does give me opportunties to try out all sorts of things before possibly using them at some of my major blogs or websites.

  17. Uninvited Writer profile image75
    Uninvited Writerposted 11 years ago

    Hubpages brought me a lot, the fact i could make real money working online and it introduced me to "real" writers who i consider friends. Before Hubpages i hadn't met any writers. It also showed me that i really can write.

  18. MomsTreasureChest profile image86
    MomsTreasureChestposted 11 years ago

    It's only been a couple weeks for me, and I'm loving it!  So many interesting and wonderful people, I look forward to learning, exploring and enjoying!

  19. profile image0
    Sophia Angeliqueposted 11 years ago

    Made some good friends. Learnt a lot from some people who were than generous with their knowledge and expertise. Learnt some lessons about trolls and spiteful people. Improve in my ability to write articles a lot more speedily than I used to. Actually earned some money.


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