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  1. Max Dalton profile image91
    Max Daltonposted 6 years ago

    Hi All:

    I take a lot of my own pictures and add those to hubs. When I do this, I credit myself and link that credit to my HP profile. I generally use at least five pictures so the slideshow option becomes available for readers, but generally use around 10 pictures. I wound up in the Google sandbox for a week in early January and, out of paranoia, I'm making every effort to avoid landing there again. Because these credit links are ultimately creating backlinks, do you think Google will ding me, thinking I'm trying to unjustly build up backlinks to my hubs? Should I delete the bulk of the image credit links and just use one or two per hub?



  2. 4FoodSafety profile image73
    4FoodSafetyposted 6 years ago

    So help me out here - if I use 10 photos and only link two of them back to HubPages am I OK?

    1. Max Dalton profile image91
      Max Daltonposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Hi 4FoodSafety,

      I think you'd be fine. I've been linking my credit line with every picture I provide back to my profile. I think I'm gonna go back and limit the link to two or three of them, just to be on the safe side with Google. My page views are consistently moving upward, and the last thing I wanna do is wind up in that sandbox again. That was a scary week.