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Request for better way to sign people up for HubPages

  1. Dorsi profile image92
    Dorsiposted 9 years ago

    Maybe I'm missing something here but I was thinking there should be a better method for signing future writers up on our profile page. I tried using a tracker, and linking up to the referral page on my profile- but I'm having a hard time. I know many people that like to write, and would like to provide that on my profile page for them to sign up like I've seen some other hubbers do, but it's confusing for me.
    Just a thought.

    1. AEvans profile image79
      AEvansposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Dorsi, I am with you as I think it is a good idea, odd enough I have a couple of friends already on here and they couldn't figure out how to link when they signed up so they are not even attached to my tracker, sounds nuts but it is true. smile

      1. Dorsi profile image92
        Dorsiposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Nah I believe it- I've had the same thing happen- some people are confused about it. I've tracked some but not been able to track all........
        Surprisingly I've had a few people sign up that have gone on to write quite a bit- which is great.
        I really think there needs to be a better sign up referral system though.
        The whole link/url/yadayada  thing has me confused.........

    2. Jerrico Usher profile image56
      Jerrico Usherposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I created a domain name then instead of creating a site I just did a url redirect to my hubpages account (you can even point it specifically to a hub designed to excite people to sign up) and I embedded a token in the redirect url. When they go to the www.jerricousher.com or www.samurwriter.com for example they get bounced directly to my account (respectively jerrico usher lands at my main hubpages profile and samurwriter.com to samurwriter)..

      You set your redirect in your domain cpanel and you can set it to cloak the redirect url (so they never see anything but "www.jerricousher.com" no matter where they go on the site/hubpages account. if they sign up I get credit.

      You then just go out and promote that url using article submissions (write articles about hubpages and how cool it is and embed one backlink in the article and one in the bio) you can also write lenses, ezines blurbs, and so on... I think it would be more effective to write a hub to tell potential signups all about why hubpages is the bomb.. you can even link them to several hubs (using a token in the links just in case they don't sign up till later) that talk about hubpages... and with a hub you can do much more... on my profile page I put "welcome to Samurwriter.com! (I got that idea from shalini's page she uses "prohubber.com"..

      The beauty of doing it this way is also that you can track traffic because all traffic is funneled through your domain before it ever hits hubpages so you don't need hubpages stats you have your own. (I think this only works on the first landing pages though but you can use subdomains too)...

      Hope this helps.. I am going to be using my training site to bring in people with token links... that site is going to be a token landmine.. you can't click any link (other than internals) that doesn't take you to hubpages and plants an affiliate cookie smile


  2. relache profile image90
    relacheposted 9 years ago


    I personally don't believe in using methods that trick people into coming to HubPages (which is what Jerrico is doing with his automatic redirects).

    I like to think of getting new users to sign up as being like fishing.  Are you throwing your line out to just anywhere in the water (links on random web sites), are you casting it into a spot where you know the fish are biting (links on sites where there are people who want to create content for money on the web) or have you just dropped your hook in the boat (links on your profile page)?

    That's how I've gotten my best referrals:  I fish where they're biting.  And by best referrals, I mean people who not only sign up with the site, but actually build Hubs.