Why dont people visit & comment my hubpages?

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  1. aanaedwards profile image63
    aanaedwardsposted 15 years ago

    Please go through my hubs and suggest me, how can i improve my visitor traffic and their comments. sad

  2. Nick Gerace profile image83
    Nick Geraceposted 15 years ago

    If I may be so honest, I think there may be some issues with how your words flow.  For example:

    "Buying consumer appliances is a job which needs much care. It needs to follow a certain set of rules to bring home the best products available in the market. Otherwise, you may find yourself at the receiving end as you may see that all the household appliances, humidifiers,photographic cameras etc. which you have bought are not working properly.

    While buying refrigerators, heating products, audio and video systems or other entertainment appliances, you need to locate, first of all, the place and have it measured where you are supposed to install your potential buy."

    Could be changed to:

    Purchasing household appliances can be a daunting task.  With so many brands and options, the consumer can be overwhelmed into making an improper choice.  Quite honestly, the dealers most likely prefer an uninformed shopper.  Suffice to say, it is to the consumer's advantage to do some research before heading to the stores and, most imprtantly, have patience.  The informed consumer with time to compare features and pricing will be a satisfied owner.

    At first, shopping for a refridgerator might seem rather uncomplicated.  However, today's offerings come in many different sizes.  It is not rare for a consumer to settle on a unit that, when delivered, does not fit where the old one was.  Even if the shopper believes they know the basic size, perception can easily be skewed once the many different sizes are considered in an open floor setting.

    My only suggestion is to have someone who is unbiased and honest read your work, and be open to constructive criticism.  Ask them where it doesn't flow well and ask yourself, "How else can I say this?"

    I hope this is at least the beginning of better hub days ahead for you! smile

    1. aanaedwards profile image63
      aanaedwardsposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

  3. aanaedwards profile image63
    aanaedwardsposted 15 years ago

    Any more suggestions are most welcome. This will help me in improving my hubs. smile

  4. Lissie profile image80
    Lissieposted 14 years ago

    What's your aim: do you want search traffic which will bring you more income or do you want hubbers who will more likely comment and fan you.

    Nick has some good points about your basic grammar. I had a quick look at some of your hubs are very narrow and technical - which is fine - but it means you are probably aiming to get ranked in the search engines - rather than get hubbers comments: I have an opinion on most things - but not transistors :-( 

    Some are just too short - if I commented on your green IT hub the comment would probably be longer than the actual text in the hub - people do comment more if you put more effort in. Go out and comment on hubs in a similar niche and you will probably get comments back.

    Some hubs get more comments than others; I get lots on my SEO and marketing hubs very little on some of my travel ones - I guess just fewer people are interested in travel here - even when its a hubmob topic LOL

    1. aanaedwards profile image63
      aanaedwardsposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      My aim is to make quality hubpages which people like reading and commenting. Till now i haven't applied for adsense even. As I dont have any blog of mine. But yes i have realised that people like technology less. I will try to make hubs on some interesting topics. May be then i get some good participation on my hubs. Thanks Lissie for advice smile

      1. imadork profile image71
        imadorkposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        I am not sure what you mean by this statement.  Why haven't you applied for Adsense?  Please explain.

        1. Lissie profile image80
          Lissieposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          No I didn't write it! - the OP did . The OP hasn't applied for Adsense that's fine - its not compulsory to apply and its not a good idea to until you have some quality content otherwise Google will just as likely to turn you down.

          OP - your grammar is so bad that the above sentence is practically incomprehensible - on the web your main form of communication is via words - pay some attention to proofing reading what you write so that we can at least understand you!

          1. imadork profile image71
            imadorkposted 14 years agoin reply to this

            I am sorry Lissie.  I fixed the quote mistake.

        2. aanaedwards profile image63
          aanaedwardsposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          I applied, but it was not approved by google. The reason was authentication of hubpages.

          1. imadork profile image71
            imadorkposted 14 years agoin reply to this

            I have an Adsense account and hubpages is the only blog site I use.  Maybe try resubmitting and carefully read the instructions.

            1. aanaedwards profile image63
              aanaedwardsposted 14 years agoin reply to this

              Please give me the basic steps for applying. That will be very helpful.

              1. imadork profile image71
                imadorkposted 14 years agoin reply to this

                Click this link.


                Follow instructions carefully.  If you have problems, contact me by e-mail via my profile page.

  5. spuds profile image59
    spudsposted 14 years ago

    Have you promoted your hubs at other relevant sites. That will help drive traffic and comments.

    1. aanaedwards profile image63
      aanaedwardsposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I am trying to promote. SUggest me some ideas for promotion.

      1. imadork profile image71
        imadorkposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        This is a helpful hub.  http://hubpages.com/_v974x0x6f063/hub/1 … -and-blogs

        Also read the Hubpages Starting Out Guide.  http://hubpages.com/docs/HubPagesGuide.pdf

  6. relache profile image71
    relacheposted 14 years ago

    It might also help your hubs if you didn't copy large chunks of text from other websites to use as your content.

    1. aanaedwards profile image63
      aanaedwardsposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Uptil now I have not added any content. But have been writing to write myself.

  7. Gerber Ink profile image91
    Gerber Inkposted 14 years ago

    I generate traffic from my blogs.  I use WordPress, Today.com and Blogger.  Any of these should help you drive some new traffic to your hubpages.  Good luck and hang in there!

  8. gamergirl profile image87
    gamergirlposted 14 years ago

    I don't comment on hubs that are stolen from other people's blogs or articles.  I know a lot of people who feel the same.

  9. justmesuzanne profile image86
    justmesuzanneposted 14 years ago

    If you want to write Hubs that people will enjoy and comment on in a friendly way, just write what you know. Now clearly, you know quite a bit about technical things, but as others have pointed out, this is not a topic most people are going to comment on or particularly enjoy.  I am guessing that English is not your first language.  Where are you from?  Write Hubs about that.  Write about how you came to be here and what differences you see in your country of origin and the US.  Write about your "happy" marriage and your family and your plans for the future.  Write about your hobbies and your pets.  Post some pictures.

    Your grammar and sentence structure won't matter so much with these casual, friendly topics.  People are willing to overlook a lot of things if the content is positive and happy and different and interesting.  This will give you a chance to practice your writing in a more relaxed state of mind, and it will encourage people to respond to you.  That will give you even more practice.

    Can't wait to see your first new-style Hub!
    smile Suzanne

    1. aanaedwards profile image63
      aanaedwardsposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Sure I will try to make a new Hub on your ideas. Thanks for the nice advice,

  10. AEvans profile image73
    AEvansposted 14 years ago

    Hey!!! You are doing a great job and unless you are a pro, use HubPages as a learning
      tool and create your own style. Don't worry if someone doesn't comment as when they do like an article, the comments will be endless and exciting!! Not every article is going to be perfect and so you should write what you love to write about don't let anything get in your way. Take the tools that others are giving and use them to your advantage. Hang in There!!!smile

    1. aanaedwards profile image63
      aanaedwardsposted 14 years agoin reply to this


  11. Ken Devonald profile image61
    Ken Devonaldposted 14 years ago

    Hi, I am a relatively new hubber, but will try to help. I have checked out some of your hubs, and the earlier comments about the flow of your words seems to be the main difficulty.

    For example in the hub about moving house, you start with the following: -

    Dont Forget These Fitting Components
    The fitting of electrical devices comes on the top of the priority table, while making a home, once the brick work is over. As the Christmas is nearing by and you can't afford to wait entering your newly made abode.

    The text does not flow because your sentences are too complex. For example, the title would be less confusing if you wrote: -

    Don't Forget To Fit These Components
    or even
    Don't Forget These Components

    What I would suggest as a way to improve, is to KEEP YOUR SENTENCES AS SIMPLE AS YOU CAN! Work hard at making your sentences shorter. Checkout this link www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/e3/words/gramm … heet_1.pdf  and there are plenty more examples on that site.

    Once you understand sentences in the simplest form, read other people's hubs, and understand how they are constructing their sentences.

    Another suggestion is to use the spelling and grammar checker in microsoft word. This will let you check the way the sentences flow.

    1. aanaedwards profile image63
      aanaedwardsposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks Ken . You have made some very helpful points. I will try to improve.

  12. JYOTI KOTHARI profile image60
    JYOTI KOTHARIposted 14 years ago

    Very good suggestions here. I have learned a lot. Writing hub pages is my hobby and I learn a lot from here. Will some one visit my hubs and suggest improvement? I am very much open to criticism. English is not my primary language but I am trying to improve it.
    Jyoti Kothari


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