Statistics not reflected in Google Analytics

  1. Alexa Chung profile image66
    Alexa Chungposted 5 years ago

    All right, I am totally stumped by Google Analytics. I have configured the tracking ID on hubpages (at least I think I nailed it). I know I have at least one visit but it is not reflected. By the way, I only set up analytics yesterday so I have no idea how long it takes for stats to show and how often are they being updated.

    I notice that the site being monitored are not links to my specific hub but rather my subdomain: Is that right?

    1. aa lite profile image92
      aa liteposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      You connect Google analytics with your subdomain, but it will 'see' all visits to your pages.  On my blog I monitor traffic in a variety of ways, each one tells me something different, I don't think any of them are totally accurate.  If it is a case of analytics not registering 1 visit I would not worry too much.  If you know you had 100 visits and analytics isn't seeing them, that's a different matter.  I think you are quite new to HubPages, so I wouldn't expect you to see a lot of traffic yet.

      But, I think this is quite cool, did you know that you can see visits in real time?  In Google Analytics go to the home page, then in the left column choose 'real time beta' and click on overview.  Then go to a hub and you should see a visit.  It will also tell you (sometimes) what site referred you, and what keyword was searched for (if you got a visitor from a search engine).  You can try searching google for an exact sentence from your hub (to make sure you find it quickly), go to your homepage, then see it on google analytics.

      1. Alexa Chung profile image66
        Alexa Chungposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Oh wow, the visit is reflected in real time beta. So does it mean that if I visit my own hubpage, hubpage stats and google analytics will not be able to discern it?