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Global Weather Change Is Another Sign of the Pole Shift

Updated on June 29, 2013

Tornado Alley

The Tornado season started early this year and it isn't over yet, three monster tornadoes touched down in Texas Tuesday, March 20, 2012.
The Tornado season started early this year and it isn't over yet, three monster tornadoes touched down in Texas Tuesday, March 20, 2012. | Source

Coming Storm

The coming storm turned the whole sky a deep blue and the wind that followed was unprecedented and down right scary.
The coming storm turned the whole sky a deep blue and the wind that followed was unprecedented and down right scary. | Source

Violent Weather

The Spring Equinox began on Tuesday, March 20, 2012, with unusually high temperatures, including a reading of 94 degrees in South Dakota. Chicago experienced five straight days with temperatures over 80 and where I live in Tennessee four straight days in the 90's. In this article I will link unusually violent weather with the Global Weather Change Is Another Sign of the Pole Shift.

Super cell thunderstorms in Texas produced three monster Tornadoes seen from space and monitored by NASA on Tuesday that coupled with an unusually strong earthquake in Oaxaca Mexico of 7.4 on the richter scale is a clear sign that the violent Global Weather is linked to the ongoing Polar Shift.

The North Atlantic Oscillation and the Madden-Julian Oscillation have produced weather conditions that have created warmer temperatures on the East Coast and prevented cold air to move into the normally frigid Midwest. March is usually reserved for continuous rainfall than it is searing heat and monster tornadoes. The high temperatures combined with unusually moist air has been centered over the eastern Montana-North Dakota border and have spawned at least five tornadoes in the last twenty-four hours.

Jeff Masters the director of meteorology for the Weather Underground, a web based weather forecast and analysis service, has said that the record-breaking temperatures look to continue in the MidWestern US although the end of the week could see some torrential rain as the storm merges with moist air from the Gulf of Mexico.

Because of the presence of Nibiru Planet X in our solar system and its magnetic influence on not only our planet but other planets as well, Earth is experiencing a Polar Shift. This Polar Shift is causing our planets wobble to increase which in turn is causing an increase in large earthquakes, volcanic activity and extreme weather.

Because the severity of the Earth's wobble has increased it has caused the Polar Ice sheets to melt (both north and south). The ice sheet in the Arctic serves as natural air conditioner to the Northern Hemisphere and as it melts temperatures rise.

The unseasonably high temperatures also increase the risk of wildfires in the Northern US which is not known for their wildfires. The state of Wisconsin is now completely snow free for the first time since records began being kept well over 200 years ago. By Wednesday they had experienced over 170 small wildfires which have burned 300 acres.

This has also exacerbated drought conditions which don't normally effect the region until July or August. A windstorm last July downed over a 130,000 trees which has produced even more combustible material as it has dried out over the last year. Only 22 inches of snow has fallen this year in a State where the averages are in the 80's or higher, per year.

Record high temperatures (50 degrees above normal) were set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as in Canada Montreal and Quebec show that Global Climate change is being affected by the Polar Shift. Chicago has now seen eight straight days above 85 degrees in March.

The Weather Underground web site is an awesome site to gather information on a wide variety of local and Global weather. Below is a short paragraph from a recent article on the records being broken daily in the far North.

Canadian cities breaks all-time April record for warmth in March

Not only was yesterday the warmest March day in recorded history for many of Canada's major cities, it was also warmer than any April day at St. John, New Brunswick. The city hit 25.4°C (78°F). Not only did this crush the record high for March (previous record: 17.5°C), it is well above any temperature ever measured in April (extreme April temperature on record: 22.8°C.), these reports and more clearly show the our Global climate is changing due to the ongoing Polar Shift.

The sunset during a storm last week in Shelbyville, Tennessee made it look like the sky was on fire!
The sunset during a storm last week in Shelbyville, Tennessee made it look like the sky was on fire! | Source

Weather Change is a Sign of the Polar Shift

The American public is generally illiterate when it comes to science (so says the National Science Foundation). And when American scientists complain about public illiteracy and lethargy on the vitally important subject of climate change, they also have themselves to blame.

Now it does require a degree in Rocket Surgery to connect the dots between the climate change and the Polar Shift. As the Poles move closer to the equator and the equator moves closer to what was once the poles the climate changes.

As the polar ice sheet's melt due to the Earth's wobble it creates a change of currents in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans as well as in our atmosphere. These changes in air and water currents are the cause of much of the changing climates. Warmer air is finding its way further north, while colder air is finding its way further south. The Wobble also puts area's of the Earth not used to long periods of sunshine directly in the suns path for longer durations of time.

Now most of my readers are capable of figuring this out for themselves however it has come to my attention that some people prefer to be told what to think.

So areas of the Earth that used to be cold climates are now much warmer and vice versa but this is not an overnight process and has been going on in earnest since 2003. Is it any coincidence that this has coincided with Global Warming, of course not. This is how The Powers That Be have deceived you by using distraction and confusion techniques that continue to this day.

They are counting on the general publics ignorance of the Polar Shift and Climate Change, lack of communication and the control of the media to keep you in the dark about what is really happening to our planet . . . and it is working quite well!

Most people I talked to today had no idea that Canada and the Northern US have been having summer like temperatures for the last week and that no snow has fallen this winter in the States that provide water to the rest of the country in the form of snow melt and run-off.

This means drought people on a large scale, this means there will be no water for any major wildfires in the West this year. This means that as Southern States deal with erratic weather such as tornadoes there will be far less water for them to use to deal with them.

Earth Vibrations

"Our dog is scared, our neighbors are leaving and stuff, so we decided we are going somewhere else for a while," Dennis Padia said. "It's that loud, and it bothers you. You can't go to sleep."

This from a resident in of Clintonville, Wisconsin in which the ongoing earthquake vibrations in the area have been creating noises never heard of before. Although many of the residents are puzzled by this, the City Administrator Lisa Kuss seems to being using critical thinking and common sense when describing the events.

"I think that right now the greatest possibility is that it is some sort of natural phenomenon. I think that it's a possibility that there is some earth shifting going on underneath the ground that creates those popping sort of exploding popping or vibrating noises that people feel."

These noises are most often heard in areas where large bodies of water are nearby as they conduct sound much better. These sounds are always accompanied low level earthquakes and mantel vibrations. The sounds do not create the vibrations as many have observed but are caused by them.

These earthquake related noises, government confusion on the issue, unseasonable high temperatures and drought conditions have many Wisconsin residents spooked and looking for answers that are not forthcoming!

As the climate change continues from the Polar Shift the public needs to become aware of the conservation of water and resources as these will be used for local and statewide emergencies.

Plants, Animals, Climate Change and Pole Shifts

The very warm US winter will have a far reaching affect on plant and animal life that goes beyond what the average human will realize. Cold winter's have a tendency to cut down on many insect populations, keeping them in check during the spring and summer.

The warm spring will throw off the blooming of flowers and other plants dependent on the migration patterns of hummingbirds and small birds for cross pollination. Fewer pollinated plants means fewer seeds, which means fewer plants next year. Not to mention when the migratory birds do show up there will be nothing to eat and many will be unable to reproduce, decreasing the population.

Because many beetles that eat trees in the West such as the pine beetle will have survived the mild winter, their populations will explode and will quite literally go on a rampage that very well may destroy whole forests, creating even greater risk for forest fires. With no water left in reservoir's to combat these fires they may very well consume large areas of land.

Colorado has been in a drought for the last fifteen years and yet the Colorado River supplies water to many Western States, as does the Arkansas which has it's headwaters in Southern Colorado and supplies many Midwestern and Southern States.

This warm spring that everyone is enjoying could have a severe environmental impact on most of the United States and yet most people are simple unaware of the danger or reality of the Polar Shift and Global Climate change.

The continued change in climate due to the ongoing Polar Shift this summer will create the need for water restrictions and food rationing and may take the nation by surprise. Everyone should realize this and stock up on extra water, food and medical supplies as emergency crews will be pushed to their limits.

Sun Rays

The Sun's rays are shining from behind this cloud and was a lot more spectacular in person. This was taken from my kayak while exploring the Duck River,
The Sun's rays are shining from behind this cloud and was a lot more spectacular in person. This was taken from my kayak while exploring the Duck River, | Source

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