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Sea Levels Rise as Ice Melting Due to 'Climate Change' and Polar Shift

Updated on June 29, 2013

Greenland Ice Melt

One of many stunning images of the severe ice melt in Greenland today.
One of many stunning images of the severe ice melt in Greenland today. | Source

Greenland's Ice Sheet

Imagine when all that fresh water melts into the Atlantic Ocean raising sea levels and changing the world's climate.
Imagine when all that fresh water melts into the Atlantic Ocean raising sea levels and changing the world's climate. | Source

Planetary Emergency issued by NASA

The information below is just a few excerpts from NASA's Global Warning report. I felt it needed to be quoted directly for the complete affect. No matter what one believes is the cause for these events, it has become clear that this is serious folks and can no longer be ignored and swept under the rug.

On the basis of this sudden major Greenland ice melt – and other evidence of abrupt climate change globally emerging daily, including America’s drought – Ecological Internet reiterates our declaration of a planetary ecological emergency. We call for all defensive ecological policy measures to be taken – by willing governments and through global people power – commensurate with the degree of threat posed to continued human well-being, and even our existence, by collapsing ecosystems.

“We ignore such evidence of potentially apocalyptic abrupt climate change and global ecological collapse at our peril. The Greenland ice sheet melting in a few days is shocking evidence of a global ecological emergency, and clearly highlights the urgency of immediately reducing greenhouse gas emissions, destruction of intact ecosystems, and growth in economies, consumption and population. The age of destroying ecosystems for resources must end, as we embrace ecological protection and restoration as society’s central organizing principles.” declares Dr. Barry.

The issue no longer is whether or not 'Global Warming' or the now new buzz phrase 'Climate Change' is caused by mankind, it is what to do about it. That many parts of the world are experience major drought and or flooding there is no question, the question is what the common man can do about it.

The common man must return to nature and become self reliant. This will mean hardships without a doubt, but until the true reasons for the changing environment can no longer be debated, arguing about it is counter-productive.

Greenland's Ice Sheet

The recent news that 97% of Greenland's Continental Ice Sheet, one of only two remaining in the World (the other is Antarctica) began melting at an incredible pace in July, 2012 have many scientist and citizens in the world concerned. The recent Global Warning by NASA that Ocean levels may rise by as much as 23 feet if the Greenland ice sheet continues to melt has many people worried and looking for answers.

“This was so extraordinary that at first I questioned the result: was this real or was it due to data error?,” said NASA’s Son Nghiem.

This melting event which occurred in just four days from July 8 to 12 and the recent calving of an iceberg twice the size of Manhattan breaking off the Greenland glacier just a week before has NASA scientist concerned.

Coupled with the long term drought in the MIdwest United States, parts of Brazil and Argentina and flooding from rising Ocean levels in rice producing countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh and the Philippines have many worried that the World could soon face a food shortage of epic proportions.

The fact that over 640 million people, roughly ten percent of the World's population lives at sea level on coastlines or in areas that are only 30 feet above sea level near the coast shows that any significant rise in sea levels could lead to a large loss in life or at the very least result in a massive amount of refugees.

Most of these people live in countries that are in the Ring of Fire an area of the world that is experiencing a huge increase in earthquakes 6.0 or higher on the richter scale and volcanic activity. Already these countries such as Bangladesh, China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines have experienced large coastal floods, earthquakes and tsunamis.

The United States also has many of its major cities on or around sea level, including the nations capitol Washington D.C., New York, Boston, Baltimore down the East coast to Florida, Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa. New Orleans has already proved susceptible to flooding as well as Louisiana and Mississippi and Houston, Texas. Both Los Angeles and San Diego, California are at sea level.

Many parts of Europe such as the Netherlands (Holland), the United Kingdom, the Middle East and parts of Africa are at Sea Level and have already experienced their share of flooding this century.

As sea levels continue to rise they will have devastating effects on coastal habitats of not only mankind but animals, fish and birds. They will cause erosion, flooding and contamination of aquifers (fresh water) and agricultural soil while destroying towns and homes. The influx of refugees world wide will become common place, putting strains on already fragile economies.

"Think food prices are high now, wait until the population in your town doubles or triples in the next couple of years."

Most studies show that this is just the beginning of what will be a long term trend and that living within 100 miles of any coastline throughout the world will be considered a danger zone in the near future.

The fact that even those that study these affects really don't know the prognosis is evident when researching this topic, as quote after quote can be found by dumb founded scientist and researchers. Remember that often those screaming the loudest are the ones that are more scared than the rest of us, cause they know what is coming.

Eric Rignot, a scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory who has measured a doubling in ice loss from Greenland over the past decade, says: “We see things today that five years ago would have seemed completely impossible, extravagant, exaggerated.”

Food Rationing Now

Learn to ration food now and find ways to grow your own even if you live in an apartment.
Learn to ration food now and find ways to grow your own even if you live in an apartment. | Source

Food Shortages

The quote below was a comment I left on another hub writers article that offers interesting information on grains or (alternative protein sources) called A Brief History of Grains, which could help others looking for alternatives to rising food prices.

"What I find interesting is that several of the grains you mentioned could be substituted for protein when chicken, beef and fish become in short supply from the food shortage the world is facing due to extended drought in many parts of the world (US Midwest and South America) and the flooding in other parts of the world from rising Ocean levels (Ice melt).

I believe in Synchronicity, currently I am writing my 100th hub article on that very subject and would like to link this article to it (w/your permission of course). Had you not followed me today, I doubt I would have found this article.

My Mom (74) and I were talking about how both the drought and flooding will affect the rising food prices globally due in my opinion to the ongoing Polar Shift creating Climate Change, which many are in denial of, from lack of imagination, critical thinking and flat out conditioning from allowing others to think for them.

Is it a coincidence that the Mayans cultivated Amaranth having survived their own Polar Shift, doubtful. Sure there is little evidence of a geographical Pole Shift, but it doesn't take a Rocket Surgeon to add two and two together.

"They warned us, left us clues to follow and we still are blinded by our ignorance and conditioning for proof, truly pathetic!"

Awesome article and just what I was looking for . . . regardless of your beliefs this would be of great help as I always try to offer solutions too the speculation of doom and gloom I share with my readers."

The human race will be up Shit Creek very soon and every little bit helps!

"Welcome to the Epicenter of Global Warming"

Volcanic Activity on the Ocean Floors

Difficult to photograph and easy to dismiss from the public mind is the effect volcanism has on Ocean warming world wide.
Difficult to photograph and easy to dismiss from the public mind is the effect volcanism has on Ocean warming world wide. | Source

You make the call . . .

Will 'Climate Change' continue or have we seen the worst of it already?

See results

Thermal Expansion or Volcanic Activity or Both

The Powers That Be through the media have introduced to the public and unimaginative public officials the term 'thermal expansion' as one of the main reasons for trapped carbon emissions in the world's Oceans. Once again mankind gets the blame for this because of industrial pollution, car exhaust and energy use. However what is left out of the equation is the far greater impact 'volcanic activity' on the Ocean floor's has had on warming Oceans and trapped carbon emissions.

Because volcanic activity isn't seen and is difficult to photograph it is also easy to keep out of the media and hence the public mind.

This is done to prevent the common man from making the connection between seismic activity on the Ocean floors and geographical Pole Shift which is what the elite fear.

Because once the public makes the connection between the ongoing geographical Polar Shift and 'Climate Change' they will begin to see the direct affect it will have on their lives, especially those living on or near coastal areas throughout the world.

In order for the infrastructure of any country to remain intact transportation involving shipping must continue. The importation and exportation of resources is essential to the economy of any country in the world. If people start leaving jobs and cities on the coast due to the fear of rising water and flooding it will become problematic to continue this essential part of any society.

To paraphrase Sgt. Barnes in Platoon, pay attention this is for those of you that have a need to be told what to think . . .

"Now, I got no fight with any man who does what he's told, but when he don't, the machine breaks down. And when the machine breaks down, we break down."

This is why The Powers That Be lie to the public through the media to keep the machine from breaking down and allowing the rich elite to continue living in their preferred lifestyle right up to the very end. Your government doesn't give a rat's ass whether you live or die, they just want to make sure the machine continues to operate at maximum efficiency.

The contention that Sea Levels Rise as Ice Melts is a fact, the common misconception that the displaced water equals out, is just that a fallacy! Furthermore most of the remaining glacial ice that is melting is on land and no longer in the sea to displace.


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