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Polar Shift, Five Ways It Will Affect Your Health

Updated on October 18, 2015

Got Flippers?

Are Tsunami's considered a Health Risk?
Are Tsunami's considered a Health Risk? | Source

Colorado Wildfires

The major pollution from Colorado Wildfires and heat wave causes serious health risks.
The major pollution from Colorado Wildfires and heat wave causes serious health risks. | Source

Rio Grande Flooding

The real threat of major flash floods in Colorado shows the Rio Grande River well over its banks.
The real threat of major flash floods in Colorado shows the Rio Grande River well over its banks. | Source

Your Health and Polar Shift

In this article I will discuss the top five health concerns related to the ongoing Polar Shift. Obviously if one lives on or near a coastal region anywhere in the World, the threat of typhoons, hurricanes, tsunamis or a rather LARGE tidal surge (see photo right) is an everyday reality but what about the rest of us?

In the United States there are many landlocked States unaffected by Oceans and tides, so how will the ongoing Polar Shift affect these areas in terms of human health?

Well, in the Western US long term drought and record temperatures have increased the risk of wildfires, while lowered water levels have affected firefighter's ability to combat them. The increase in air pollution from these fires have affected those with allergies and heart conditions.

Although most of the wildfires in Colorado are now under control, the big risk now after 12 hours of rain is the flood risk, exacerbated by the erosion from the fires and high winds. Flash flooding becomes a real danger in mountainous areas due to erosion and runoff. Because flooding leaves large pools of trapped water, the increase in air born diseases from mosquitoes becomes a real risk.

Roads near the High Park fire have signs today warning people of possible mudslides, he said.

"There is a potential for it," Aultman said. "The vegetation is gone, so there is more of a chance of flooding."

Smoke, ash and dust from the fires creates its own risk by raising air pollution to dangerous levels. Studies have shown that high levels of pollution directly affect those with cardiac problems and increase hospital admissions. Record high temperatures and air pollution can effect the central nervous systems ability to regulate the body and adapt to the environment leaving many people more sensitive to toxins and breathing irregularities.

Because of the many studies done on 'Global Warming' we already know that rising temperatures and heat waves decrease the temperature difference between the poles and the equator affecting the way the Earth's atmospheric 'engine' displaces heat. According to a study that dates back to 1980 the top two 'killers' in America due to weather is heat waves and the drought associated with heat waves.

A record heat wave in Europe in 2003 killed an estimated 70,000 people and yet recent studies have shown that heat waves and drought are on the rise.

Because the Polar Shift affects all of us throughout the World, lets take a serious look at how human health will be affected by the Earth's 'climate change' or Polar Shift.

Floods in Russia

Quickly rising water and no rain have Russians citizens angry and suspicious.
Quickly rising water and no rain have Russians citizens angry and suspicious. | Source


World wide flooding will cause the most serious health risks to human populations from the ongoing Polar Shift.

As river's overflow their banks from not being able to release their water into the Oceans and sea levels continue to rise, the increase in refugees will create hardships on the poorer countries in the World. This will create clean water and food shortages on a Global scale. If flood waters do not recede millions will become homeless and the spread of disease from insects and poor living conditions will increase also.

Food and water shortages will become common in third World countries from the lack of relief from countries that are suffering shortages as well due to extreme weather, floods and natural disasters.

There are many stories on the internet of unprecedented weather, floods, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters World wide that are not making headline news which only leads to further confusion.

According to an article in Yahoo News:

"Flash floods frequently batter towns along the Black Sea coast during seasonal rains in the Caucasus mountains, but officials say the current disaster is unprecedented.

The floods and a landslide in Russia's southern Krasnodar region over the past two days have killed at least 103 people and affected nearly 13,000."

"The water rose very quickly, it flooded people's ground floors in five to 10 minutes," said Krymsk resident Tatyana, who declined to give her surname. "That cannot be just rain."

People world wide are becoming angry from the lack of adequate information, warning and help from the ongoing extreme weather and flooding.

Wildfire and Air Pollution

Acrid smoke and ash increases air pollution from Western wildfires.
Acrid smoke and ash increases air pollution from Western wildfires. | Source

Air Pollution

The increase in air pollution from volcanic eruptions, wildfires and dust from heat waves and drought will affect already dangerous levels of smog and create the need for more energy to combat these problems.

A recent study reported in MyHealthNewsDaily shows that air pollution is not just harmful to your lungs but your heart as well.

Rising temperatures and pollution levels may act together to worsen heart health, a new study suggests.

Of course one active volcano spews out more dangerous toxins in one day than all other air pollution combined. This and continued heat waves throughout the country and World wide have put millions at risk, especially the elderly.

Disease Carrier

Although humans spread diseases just as easily mosquitoes usually get the blame.
Although humans spread diseases just as easily mosquitoes usually get the blame. | Source

Disease Outbreaks

As the extreme weather and floods create more homeless refugees, economies will become strained along with beleaguered emergency workers and health relief officials.

With the increase in temporary shelters for these refugees the likelihood of disease outbreaks will also be on the rise. Poor living conditions, lack of sanitation, mosquitoes from standing water and stress will cause many thousands of humans to suffer the outbreak of diseases, that occurred after the Haiti Earthquake.

Clean water will become scarce and many refugees will migrate to improve their living conditions further spreading diseases. This will cause many countries to close their borders in order to protect their own citizens and could lead to violence.

Talk About Air Pollution

One active volcano creates more air pollution in one day than all other manmade sources combined.
One active volcano creates more air pollution in one day than all other manmade sources combined. | Source

Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters

Recent studies have shown that large earthquakes and other natural disasters such as tornadoes, extreme weather (including hail), and floods are on the rise. Those directly at the epicenter of these events risk immediate loss of life and those that survive are often left homeless and battered.

Natural Disasters put a strain on already stretched to the limit economies, emergency personnel and resources. These kinds of events are just now affecting America but have had many other countries scrambling to find solutions for months, especially those in the Ring of Fire.

Most of the coastal flooding around the World is due to the increase in large earthquakes however this information has been censored from the mainstream media to keep the public from becoming alarmed and moving away from coastal areas in anticipation of similar events taking place in their countries.

Learning what is happening in other countries could well help you to understand and prepare for similar events in your country.

Preparation vs Risk

Consider the consequences of being without power or water for more than a week.

Considering the fact that just a few extra gallons of water could prevent you from becoming one of the thousands of refugees forced to find shelter and necessities from the local state or Federal Government, wouldn't it be wise to stock up now before a natural disaster hits your neighborhood.

Here in the United States Alabama has recently declared that no taxes will be charged for survival type items such as extra water, camping supplies, clean water tablets, first aid kits, batteries for flashlights, etc.

Many countries that produce the majority of the rice crop that feeds the World (see Thailand Rice Crop) have had their farmland inundated from floods and can barely feed themselves let alone export any surplus.

Because these floods are being downplayed by the mainstream media many will be caught unaware when food prices begin to sky-rocket.

As record heat continues into the hottest days of summer millions here in America and elsewhere will be caught flat footed when supplies become scarce and fresh water becomes more valuable than gold.

As more coastal residents move inland to escape the rising Ocean levels and floods it will put a strain on not only transportation but due to shortages a strain on economies.


Begin now preparing for the worst, by buying extra water, non perishable food items and extra medicine before supplies become scarce.

Use this time wisely by learning what you can do to better prepare you and your family from extreme weather, water and food shortages, heat waves and drought. Find the highest point of land in your immediate vicinity in case of a flood.

Pay attention to weather reports and prepare an emergency backpack to keep in your car in case your not at home when disaster strikes. Buy a flashlight and put batteries in it. Create an emergency food box so that you can add a couple of items to it every time you shop.

Keep abreast of local weather and news and realize that bad weather in other areas of the World will affect you directly eventually in the way of rising water, food and gas prices.

Climate Change due to Polar Shift is not just a local event and has been going on in earnest throughout the World for years. Because the American TV News Stations do not report these and other Natural Disasters does not mean that the Polar Shift won't affect your health.

The recent extreme weather in the United States has begun to awaken America to the Polar Shift and the many ways it can directly affect our health. Polar Shift, Five ways it will Affect Your Health was written as a wake up call for those beginning to question the real reasons for the increase in our extreme weather and natural disasters.

Polar Shift, Five Ways it will Affect Your Health

Besides Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Flooding there are other health risks to consider.
Besides Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Flooding there are other health risks to consider. | Source

Global News Censorship

Do you find it disturbing that US News Stations are not reporting Global Climate Change?

See results

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