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The Polar Shift is the Sign of the Times

Updated on July 15, 2013

Nibiru and the Northern Lights

This could be the normal look our skies portray in the coming months as the Polar Shift draws near.
This could be the normal look our skies portray in the coming months as the Polar Shift draws near. | Source

Exploring the Fallacy of Global Warming

Global Warming is a fact but the reasons for it have been obscured to conceal the truth and spread disinformation. The reasons and proof for them are known to be difficult to prove one way or the other much like, Darwinism and the concept of Aliens and although there is certainly evidence that it is happening the reasons given to the public are less than the truth.

One may wonder why the Governments of the World would choose to mask the truth. The Polar Shift has been known for well over a Hundred years to be a reality but because of it's implications it has been easy to keep from the public as well as downplayed in the scientific community. The scientific community is easily influenced by Government dictates and money and operates on the principle of solid evidence.

Without evidence or proof many scientist simple are unwilling to put their reputations on the line, as reputations are their livelihood. With this in mind it is easy to get scientist on board with the Global Warming story however revealing the truth behind it is another matter entirely.

Volcanic Rift

Unseen by human eyes there are over 3.5 million Volcanic Rifts on the Oceans Floors.
Unseen by human eyes there are over 3.5 million Volcanic Rifts on the Oceans Floors. | Source

Two Suns

As good an artist as I am this is hard to fake and a clear indication that Nibiru is near.
As good an artist as I am this is hard to fake and a clear indication that Nibiru is near. | Source

Global Warming is the Sign

Global Warming and erratic weather are the two main signs that everyone can agree on and cannot be denied, they work hand in hand because one sustains the other. The Polar Shift is the Sign of the Times and is the cause for both Global Warming and our Erratic Weather.

The Earth has been warming, each year hotter than the next since 1998, this due to the Earth's core's rising temperature, heating the Planet from within. There are over 5,000 active volcanoes on the Ocean floors, releasing toxic chemicals, lava and rising temperatures into the Oceans Worldwide. The rising temperatures of the Oceans creates the rising temperature in our atmosphere not the other way around.

How hot would the air around a pot of water have to become to heat the water in it, on the other hand if one were to heat the water would not the air around the water get warmer (steam rises). The fallacy of Global Warming is a direct reflection of the conditioning of the masses through television, false education and the severe lack of critical thinking.

This is not Rocket Surgery people, I will try to explain . . . 90% of all glacial arctic ice is below water level as the Oceans temperatures rise the ice is melted from the bottom up. Over 3.5 million rifts or openings in the Oceans' floors allow the heat from the core of the Earth into the Oceans. The 5,000 active Volcanoes are releasing lava and gases anywhere from 700 to 2,000 degrees all of this is happening unseen by human eyes.

As the Oceans get warmer almost 3 degrees warmer than the atmosphere it releases even more warm air into the atmosphere. This has two major affects 1.) It puts more moisture into the air and 2.) It affects Ocean currents, combined this creates erratic and severe storms.

One volcano above the Ocean or below it can put 2 to 3 times as much or more CO2 into the air in one day as humans put into it for an entire decade. There are 5,000 active volcanoes on the Oceans Floors.

Certainly pollution is bad for the environment but all the CO2 emissions for the entire 175 years of the Industrial Revolution has barely put a dent in Global Warming compared to what volcanoes, rifts and the Earth's core has done in the same amount of time. The Oceans release more CO2 into our atmosphere than all of the volcanoes on the surface, natural greenhouse gases and man made emissions combined.

The bottom line is that the rise of CO2 is the result of Global Warming NOT the reason for it!

So why do they persist with the Global Warming fallacy you ask, to keep the public pointing their collective fingers at their neighbor, to divide and conquer. To keep you guessing, to keep you going to your job unaware, to keep the infrastructure going right up until the end.

People need an explanation they can believe in, even if it may seem illogical or suspect, as long as we are unaware of the truth we will continue to believe.

Best Video I have Found on Global Warming

How Can You Prepare

Consider for a moment how the general public would react to the announcement that the Earth's rotation will come to a stop, that the Poles indeed will shift dramatically and the oceans levels will rise some 600 feet. Consider for a moment how you would react to the news that over 5 billion people will be killed in the next few years and of those that survive over half will starve to death in the first six months.

When you have considered that information you will begin to understand why no announcement will be made.

The infrastructure of our Planet would breakdown very quickly, people would no longer go to work, rioting and looting would become the norm and no army or security force on the planet would be able to contain it. It would very soon become every man or woman for himself and all social order would disintegrate into chaos. This is why the knowledge of the Polar Shift has remained a secret and the knowledge of it guarded for so long.

We can prepare by becoming aware and to continue to strengthen our communities through gardening, preparation, food stocks (non-perishable), tools and camping gear. Something that not many people think about is seeds and extra medicine. Take a first aid course at your local community center and find the highest ground in your neighborhood.

Just use common sense and preparation to help guide you as the erratic weather continues through out the year and plant a garden, even a small one will help.

Being prepared

A fellow writer that has a site about Hollow Earth and I corresponded for many months on this subject and he has a much more serene philosophical approach to the Polar Shift. He believes and I do too, to a certain extent, that we all should be aware of the Earth Changes and be prepared. However he does not believe that we should quit our jobs, quit paying our bills and live out the remaining years or months by checking off a bucket list.

I agree with him and have no intention of spreading fear or encouraging others to create anarchy or chaos. Certainly we can prepare ourselves for food shortages by planting gardens and endeavoring to become more self sufficient in other ways. We can also spread information and learn to view the world, our weather and natural cataclysms with a more knowledgeable perspective.

So the question obviously would be how do we overcome our anxiety or fear of the unknown elements involved with the ongoing Polar Shift?

What fear needs to survive and to exist is the unknown, doubt, anxiety, stress and the lack of courage or faith. Fear is the primordial of all human emotions because it is often associated with danger, injury or even death.

To overcome fear we must face it and learn to trust it, this takes practice and can be difficult for even the bravest of humans. Anything worth achieving is often difficult and requires perseverance, dedication and a willingness to expand ones awareness. It can be done at any age and I am living testimony to that fact, having recovered from 27 years of drug and alcohol abuse with seven years of continued sobriety.

One of the greatest resources at our disposal is the spread of knowledge through the internet, in this case in the form of Hub Pages. We have the responsibility to our fellow humans to challenge the common misconceptions concerning this topic and to enlighten each other.

It has often been said that the Earth is a college for our souls and this may very well be the final exam before graduation or ascension. I for one look forward to the challenge of our journey to expand our awareness, to help our fellow human, to grow intellectually and spiritually and to overcome our fear of the unknown.

Solar System

The orbit through our solar system is coming up through the elliptical south.
The orbit through our solar system is coming up through the elliptical south. | Source

Sign of the Times

The Polar Shift is the Sign of the Times because humanity is awakening to the reality that the Pole Shift is happening now, this can no longer be denied. From ancient prophecy to increasing awareness of unexplained weather, geographical upheavals and Global catastrophes the general public is becoming aware.

I became convinced about four years ago that the Polar Shift would occur in my lifetime but was unsure of how or what to do about it. I told anyone that would listen but very few did and even those that did were very skeptical and listened with a smile on their face.

My mother always at least willing to listen to me, simple asked me what I or anyone could do about it, even if it were true?

She told me a story about me in elementary school ( I have no memory of this event ) in which I came home from school one day very irritated and upset by my Teacher. When she asked me what was wrong I told her that we were studying Ancient Sumeria, she was perplexed as this was one of my favorite subjects.

She was confused and ask me to explain why this would upset me and I told her that I didn't know why I had to learn all this stuff again, as I already knew everything my teacher was trying to explain to the class. I then went on to tell her amazing facts of their culture and history in great detail and after a 15 minute lecture she finally told me to stop and asked me where on Earth I had learned all of this.

I told her that I just knew it and even seemed surprised and a little hurt that she didn't believe me. We lived in Washington D.C. at the time and she was a reporter for one of the biggest Papers in the country at the time. She told me that after researching what I had told her as a fourth grader she was stunned by the information. It seemed that much of what I had told her had only recently been discovered by archeologist's and historian's and that at the very least it was college level material that no fourth grader would have access to.

All of these things were just beginning to surface in the 70's and there should have been no way a little kid could know this, I guess it kind of scared her.

Even when I read Zecharia Zitchin's 12th Planet almost forty years later it didn't trigger this memory. I have read some incredible fascinating books about ancient man from The Golden Bough by James Frazer to Hamlet's Mill by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend and just love to absorb knowledge.

I've never truly understood the fascination I have with ancient man but this is becoming much clearer to me as the Pole Shift continues.

I decided to write this article as a way of connecting to my readers a truth that lives inside me.

Of the 60 hub articles I have published, many on the subject of the Polar Shift, about ten all of which are about the Polar Shift get the most readers. When I check their stats they always are on the rise, this to me is evidence that others are becoming aware as well.

This leads me to ponder what should be done about this knowledge, it is not enough to simple know . . . now is the time to take some action.

Certainly we can continue to spread this information and continue to investigate and decipher the signs but can we not also use this knowledge for acceptance, learning to give and to use it for guidance on our spiritual path.

Could we not use this information to come together as communities in love and giving, to forge a new reality closer to the heart?

The Polar Shift is upon us there can be no doubt, but how we react to the coming environmental disasters, limited food supplies and displaced humans may very well define us spiritually in the End of Days.

I for one believe this is our final spiritual exam, before moving to the next plane of existence. The Polar Shift is the Sign of the Times and whether it is a fulfilling of the ancient prophecies or a natural occurrence in the evolution of our planet only time will tell. Use this time wisely my brothers and sisters and above all share your love, as Ralph Waldo Emerson is supposed to have said . . .

"The Love that you withhold is the Pain that you carry."


Are you prepared for the continuing Polar Shift and Erratic Weather?

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