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Motivating Self-Revealing Impetus; Has "IT" Happened, Yet?

Updated on July 14, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Moving Earth From One Spot to Another
Moving Earth From One Spot to Another | Source

Mode of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis: "IT" is a Fragrant Realization In Cosmic Resolution

It was here before we got here. It is here while we are here. It will be here after we leave. We must get with it. It will not get with us. It remains constant. It materializes. It dissolves. It appears to change in the midst of finding its new rhythm and form.

In the process of expansion, it remains still, unmoved and unaffected by the progression and development. It is life and life more abundant. It is death and death more pronounced.

From the center of the surrounding substance (which is also it) personalities are formed and unformed, nations are birthed and destroyed. It is the ever present gravitational pull and the removal of it. It ever expands and becomes more complex. It contracts and becomes simpler. In the interim, it is neither complex nor simple but something beyond our comprehension.

It radiates out from the center of itself but never without incorporating itself. All things are found in it and not anything exists outside of it. And, yet it exists before and after it expands or contracts.

From it comes all the energy {as we understand energy} needed to promote the urge for growth, self-expression and creative expansion. No personal human emotion is added or subtracted to alter its course. It is all and in all.

Nothing exists outside of it except the inside of it. It is all consuming, all pervading, all encompassing. It is pushing mankind to the next stage of evolution but in all actuality is already evolved and needs no expansion whatsoever. It gives of itself to unfold itself. Its natural spontaneous eternal essence gives without regard to infinite expression. It is unconscious of itself and conscious of everything.

To give and receive without thought of reward or recognition is the one true desire of it funneled through mankind of which man is currently unaware. Pleasure is the impetus. Art/music/drama/writings its mistress, the spoken word its flesh.

Any desire of man not seeded in providing more pleasure in life will ultimately be dispensed in misery and sorrow by it. The more one gives the more one lives. If one can get with this undeniable fact, he/she will not only eliminate every personal desire of gain for oneself alone, but shall have no problem in releasing the idea that any such idea exists.

The indispensable joke’s on you! When you take upon yourself the realization that there’s virtually no separation from the Infinite It within you and others; you will then and only then be liberated. True bondage is self-will, self-gratification, self-aggrandizement and the thought of self-control! {Brought about by/through competition, comparison, and the patterned cadences in between the two}

You are comprised totally all of these attributes combined and none of them at the same time. Why do you wrestle with them so as if you possibly make a difference?

Realizing there is ultimately no personal self that exists that needs exalting, promoting, or preserving releases the intent to prove there is a separate distinct human being. It is happening (unfolding) as (in) you! You are merely trying to take credit or blame for it.

Neither one is applicable. By remaining perfectly still, {in the activity of movement} while at the same time being pliable enough not to be influenced by the seemingly changeless flux of activity occurring in and around you, (whether negative or positive) eliminates the erroneous idea of a personal “me”.

It disintegrates the need for a personal expression in vain glory. It relinquishes the petty need to feel ‘special’. If it exists, it is special. Not some of it but all of it. (The good, the bad and the ugly, the hideous, unacceptable the unworthy, the rich, the poor, the intelligent, the stupid, the beautiful, the chaste and the immoral) It has created all of these forms out of its own desire to experience itself. The idea that there’s something inherently wrong or immoral in its desire is utterly absurd.

The desire for pleasure is necessary for the growth involved in experience. What is more necessary than to incorporate the reality that every single desire presents an experience not to be analyzed or interpreted nor commented upon, but of and for the event itself? Simply be present in it; feel it completely.

Any personal interpretation of the matter is superfluous at best and pointless at worst. Every conceivable human action is generated by and through desire. [THE DESIRE OF PLEASURE TO KNOW.] It’s simply not personal. Why try to prove that it is? “…vanity; all is vanity…” {paraphrased}

Some desires seem to lead to mistakes, but these so-called mistakes are not as they appear. Every action is motivated by, in, out, and through a sacred desire that is incapable of being expressed, tabulated, judged or terminated in ‘so-called’ mistakes by human terms. It lies behind every expressible form or fashion.

True education comes about ONLY through the process, involvement, and encapsulating of one’s desires. In the midst of following an instinctual desire, emotion floods in, followed by self-centered ambition, greed, gluttony, and a FLASE sense of “IMPORTANCE.”

Therefore, the delegated occasion leads to the ‘getting’ of that something which does not add or subtract from the essence of the person when the experience is concluded. Ultimately one discovers that these pigeon holed desires lead to nothing but unending dissatisfaction. A proverbial repetitive ‘begging bowl’ scenario is set up for no other purpose than to abolish it.

In the process of this repetitious cycling of desires, one exhaustedly comes to the light of understanding that in and of itself, the function of pleasure is to propel one into the realm of giving, not getting. In order to give, one must release.

Release the idea and notion that anything or anyone has ever harmed you in any way whatsoever. It’s simply not true. It has occurred for divine inexpressible reasons. It is impossible to be cheated, abandoned, neglected, abused or sacrificed in this life. It is unfeasible for you to think you have been used. It is in progress of revealing itself to itself.

IT neither offers nor provides any reasonable or acceptable explanation to you, personally. There is a great work; a marvelous inconceivable art being erected in the process but you will never be able to see IT. What you think you see in reference to yourself is your own blundered, blurred, burped misconception of one more emotional trial you experience.

You will be able to see incredible hints of it at times. Other times, you will hear faint lyrical ineffable expression. But, more often than not, you will be able to smell the divine! YES the inexplicable sexual scent of the divine makes itself known to you.

But, not often because you are blinded by your own sense of self-pity, wallowing in the seemingly horrid injustices that have occurred to you. At other times, you will not see it; because you will be too busy basking in the limelight of your own supposed greatness.

Realize this if you realize nothing else: No other person helps you or hinders you in the “IT” happening process. It is not singularly you or the other person but IT that links the both of you which binds you for the divine purpose. When you see a personal you in it or a personal other in it, you have left it. It is imperviously impersonal.

Each and every miscalculated step of seeming reversal, contrary motion, indecision, blatant competition, vanity and self-elevation are necessary for you to arrive at that place where unfettered actualization is realized.

And, it is most necessary for you to ‘trust your feet’ wherever they are planted and wherever they take you for they are always standing upon Holy Ground. No where can you reside that you are not where you are supposed to be at the time. Stop trying to figure it out. You simply can’t.

The best you can do is to accept what it is taking place without knowing why.

Has “IT” happened yet? IF you can say IT has, you can rest assured you’re not even close to IT!

It's Everywhere! It's everywhere!
It's Everywhere! It's everywhere!
Do IT Again and again and again!
Do IT Again and again and again!


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    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      9 years ago from www.mode of cosmic


      I will. I shall. Thank you for connecting. "It" brings me heart delight to make new friends.

    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      9 years ago from www.mode of cosmic


      Corny, you are not. Unless you speak of a late June field of ripe corn stalks swaying in the sun kissed breeze. Like them, your entire non-ceasing artistic swoon dazzles in "iT""

    • katyzzz profile image


      9 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I think IT happened years ago for me, corny, aren't I?


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