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Importance of Video log - Make your days memorable

Updated on April 29, 2012

Importance of Video log - Make your days memorable

I am not a kind of a person who is writing his daily diaries.But surely I try to write it as much as I can.It helps me to create a kind of autobiography of mine and also let me to see and track something which happened in past.

First lets see first some of the benefits of writing diaries:

  • Go back and refresh past - This is the best part , whenever I see my diaries the old memories flashback to me.As we write our emotion as well so sometime it make me laugh on silly things i worried.You can remember your family trip or your first kid walk and so many things.It makes life worth.
  • Introspect - Diary gives you control to look into yourself.when you look into past with the your note you know what was there which went wrong.what you could have done better.yes it is true you cannot change but give your learning to others.

And the biggest disadvantage is, It may fall in wrong hands and he/she will know all your secrets or emotions which you don't want others to know.

So what can be the possible solution.You are write I am talking about video log.

What is Video log ?

A Video log is a digital version of your activity which you record thru a webcam or a video camera.So lets see what are the benefits of video log.

  • Security - Now you are sure nobody can access your video can save it to a disk or other secondary storage with password protection.
  • Faster searching - You can save a particular video logs with file name as logs_date, so it will be easier to find.
  • Video - It will be easier to understand someone emotion in a video than to read his words.Also it is more convenient to record a video than to write.
  • Software - There are software available to do all this process easily, they will automatically save your logs with today's date in a particular can also trigger an alarm to remind you this activity.

Things you need

  • A laptop or PC
  • Webcam,mic

So how to get started?

You need a laptop or a PC with inbuilt or external camera and a microphone.There are a lot of software available in the market but I personally recommend NCH video editing software.It is free and it has all the option required.Though it has option to purchase full version but free version covers almost all the things required to create video logs.

It has the option to compress and save the video in any format(if you want to save disk space)also you can set the output file format to types like serial_no_date so that you don't have to write the file name again and again while saving.To take backups you can use external hard disk or my personal recommendation is to use dvds to take can take backup weekly or monthly.If you want to protect your dvd you can compress the files in a winzip and then use password protection.There are a lot of software available in the market to keep your folder secret in dvs or cds.

Also if you want you can use a file encryption to secure your files.The best way is to keep your dvs and cds in a secure place and probably out of reach to others.

So if you have not started creating your video logs start it today and it will be a fun to see it after some years.


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