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Microwave Hyper Quanta: Faster Than Light

Updated on April 12, 2015

Microwave Hyper Quanta: Faster Than Light

Tachyon - A hypothetical particle that travels faster than the speed of light (and therefore also travels back in time).
Tachyon - A hypothetical particle that travels faster than the speed of light (and therefore also travels back in time).

Can You Go Faster Than Speed of Light?

Microwave Hyper Quanta: Faster Than Light!

Just as a photon is the packet of information (frequency) received at the end of a ray of variable distance (wavelength), so too is a tachyon, tachyon - A hypothetical particle that travels faster than the speed of light (and therefore also travels back in time). The existence of tachyons is allowed by the equations of Einstein's special theory of relativity. that point of extension of an electromagnetic microwave moving faster than a photon. To call a tachyon electromagnetic would be similar to calling a photon particle the wavelength of a light ray. The spin of the photon is equal to the information of the wavelength light ray, and the spin of a tachyon is equal to the information of the microwave length.

The electromagnetivity of the microwave length itself is contingent upon the concept of it bearing a charge arising as a result of its frequency’s fluctuation, and therefore a magnetic field arranged perpendicularly to the flow of the electrical current. Thus to call the microwaves electromagnetic energy depends on whether or not they carry an electrical charge that can produce magnetic polarity, which is indicated by their structure as a wavelength, similar to the known wavelengths, waveforms and fields of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The microwave lengths are smaller than the point of charge of the electron when it is singularized, because they comprise the geometric vibrational framework underlying the electron’s different possible orbital shell diameters. By establishing orbital shells for the charge to occupy as potential, microwaves act like gravity. Therefore, while the microwaves look electromagnetic, because of their very short wavelengths and very high frequency, they do not so much act like electrons as act on electrons, and thus in the apparent form of gravity.

The prevalent modern theory is that tachyon particles do possess aethyreal energy, or what I have called elsewhere, astral light. The reason for this is that particles, such as photons, when converted into phased waves of pulsed energy through solid media can exhibit faster than light characteristic velocities, and therefore it is assumed that tachyons, which share this class of velocity, might also possess the electromagnetic charge characteristic to the accelerated subliminal particles. It should be remembered however, that tachyons are of a quantifiably different dimension altogether, and should therefore be expected to possess qualitatively different traits.

While modern theory does not argue over the notion of tachyons being commutative with subliminal electromagnetic and atomic radiation, it has postulated mathematically that tachyons accelerate their speed as they lose energy, which is the elegant contra-positive to the constant speed of light in a vacuum rule of relativity, which states that as subliminal matter increases it gains mass. This expectation of tachyons will likely be proven according to countless mathematical applications of the relativistic equations, and during all that time delay the true nature of tachyons being discovered by experimental physics.

It should suffice to say that tachyons are visibly radiates as Cerenkov light emitted by photons. Since the light from one photon alone would not illuminate the entire diameter of the universe, however, it is also safe to say that this illuminating energy wears out. In this regard, one could say that the energy of tachyons which is positively charged when emitted from photons is negatively charged when absorbed into atomic nuclei, moving from a dynamic to a static state. The modern theory speculates that when a tachyon has burned off its Cerenkov radiation, it loses all of its energy and achieves infinite velocity, occupying every point on its gravitational microwave length superstring history simultaneously. Such a tachyon is called a “transcendental” tachyon and, having no energy, is referred to as “zero point energy” — a category shared with certain scalar phased waves.

The microwaves do not just travel through the electron cloud without disrupting it, they also move faster than light. Ordinarily they are invisible as a result of this, and though the waves themselves are harmless, they are still believed by theoretical physicists to be associated with the explosive conclusion of the lesser, similar trajectories of antimatter because breaking the light barrier goes against the observable laws of physics simply by being considered improbable.

The only time it is possible to see, or rather, to measure these microwaves is when they are projected through a solid medium. Here it is seen that energy beginning as an electromagnetic charge can travel through the material substance by quantum tunneling faster than the speed of a photon traveling the same distance unimpeded. Here we might predict that the photon would win because it is larger, about the size of the electron cloud. However because the microwave is generated from an originally electromagnetic source, it carries a charge that interacts with the electron. It does not compress the orbital cloud into a singular point of charge, as does the photon, but instead the microwave length and the electron field inter-phase, and the microwave exits the opposite side of the orbital shell at the same time as it is entering it from the opposite side.

The particles at the tip of these microwaves, whose history forms the fractal waveform, involute. Tachyons turn inside out, and they do this continuously. They are doing this right now. When one contacts the surface of the electron’s potential energy orbital cloud, the tachyon absorbs the pattern of the shell, and moves through this geometry according to its own trajectory. In other words, when the tachyon and electron inter-phase, they combine to form a dimensional warp in the probabilistic continuum of space time.

This is how the tachyons travel faster than photons. Because of this they are considered as moving counter to the flow of entropy, or the increase of disorder. This comparison, again, implies a false similarity between tachyons and antimatter, since the particles and waves that have been classified antimatter were all discovered as being generated by the decomposition of larger particles at speeds approaching the speed of light. However the difference between the world below the speed of light and the world above it is like the difference between the world under the surface of the water in a fish pond as opposed to the vast expanse of the world above the water.

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    • dallas93444 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dallas W Thompson 

      11 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      CMHypno, Nobody completely understands it! It is a process of theories and more research... Currently quantum physics defies "common sense..."

    • CMHypno profile image


      11 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

      I think that I will have to set the dial on my brain to 'faster than the speed of light' before I really understand this, but it is fascinating information. There is still so much for us to learn about quantum physics and the universe

    • dallas93444 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dallas W Thompson 

      11 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      MartieCoetser, It is a process. Nobody "really knows" what-the-hell-is-going-on in quantum physics.. It is a process of observing, measuring, questioning, "guessing," and trial and error... It is a challenging frontier of science... Surprisingly quantum physics is everywhere in nature. Photosynthesis for example (sunlight into food)... No one is "on top of quantum physics!" Enjoy the process of learning: we are all learning...

    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 

      11 years ago from South Africa

      Dallas, I am laughing myself to tears over here. This is the utmost time I read a topic about quantum physics, and really, I am trying my utmost best to understand what I’m reading. Always! For I realize there is something in quantum I ought to know. So when I was done, and I read Nellieanna’s comment, I just burst out laughing, for there it was, already written by her, the exact words in my mind. I appreciate your explanation to her – that is really easy to understand. I promise you, if you keep on explaining quantum in this manner, I will for sure get the picture, and I guess Nellieanna too. I’ve bookmarked this one too, for I’m soon going to make time to get on top of this quantum stuff for once and for all.

    • dallas93444 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dallas W Thompson 

      11 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      FitnezzJim, Thanks for stopping by. Our perspective determines our relative...

    • FitnezzJim profile image


      11 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

      It's all about perspective.

      The chicken-coop story reminded me of the cartoon, 'Dog Scientists try to discover the Doorknob Principle'.

    • dallas93444 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dallas W Thompson 

      11 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Nellieanna "Bless your heart!" :-) Perhaps above is like asking: "Can you collect eggs faster than the hen lays them?" At first glance, the obvious answer is no! Then some smart ass in the chess club with a pocket protector full of pens says, "Yes, you can." You turn to him in surprise... He says, "Get a mirror, you can collect eggs twice as fast as the hen lays! Each time you collect one egg, the mirror shows you collected another egg. That makes two eggs collected." When you get into quantum mechanics, nothing is "normal." How can you disappear and re-appear? This happens all the time in quantum physics... It is like Batman on steroids.. Perhaps if you read the last four words backwards, (water the above world) the world will be better place and greener. There is nothing to worry about! Have a great day. Thanks for coming by. Next bring a cake and we will share coffee! By the way, that same nerdy guy came over and saw me repairing my chicken coop. I was hammering nails on a wall. I would pick-up a nail and throw it down. I would get another nail out of my nail pouch and hammer it into the wall. The nerd asked, "Why did you throw down that first nail?" I replied, "Stupid, don't you know the head was on the wrong end.." He replied, "That is because that nail is designed for the other side of the wall..." It all in your perspective!!


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