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Nibiru Planet X March 31, 2013 Internet News, Landslides and NASA Provide Latest Proof!

Updated on January 10, 2014
Landslides in fault zones will become more common as we move closer to the Pole Shift.
Landslides in fault zones will become more common as we move closer to the Pole Shift. | Source

Learning to Decipher the News

Recent news articles reveal the strategies government institutions are using to prepare for the coming Polar Shift, from Homeland Security buying large amounts of ammunition to NASA seeking $100 Million dollars for asteroid captures. News articles such as the recent landslide in the state of Washington to the massive landslide in China all provide the necessary information to determine the truth of our changing planet. This article Nibiru Planet X March 31, 2013 Internet News, Landslides and NASA Provide Latest Proof! will show how much of our news points towards the coverup of the Polar Shift, while still providing the reader with all the necessary information they need, if they learn to decipher the News.

A recent news article on Yahoo!News called Q&A: Europe's freezing Easter and global warming, asks all the right questions that many have about our changing planet but draws the wrong conclusions because many are still unaware of the presence of Nibiru Planet X and the ongoing Pole Shift. Europe is experiencing one of the coldest's March weather ever due to the increase in the Earth Wobble and although the author answers the questions in the article based on what is popularly known, they cannot explain why this is happening.

For instance the answer to the first question "what is going on?" is that it is a result of global warming melting the Arctic ice cap, it does not venture to explain why.

Because the Earth's Wobble has increased it is pushing warmer air and water from the equator north to melt the Arctic ice cap. The increase in the Earth Wobble is a daily occurrence which also moves Arctic winds south towards Europe and Russia. The North Pole is basically moving in a daily figure eight as it reacts to the magnetic force of Nibiru Planet X.

This also affects the Earth's molten core as it reacts to Nibiru Planet X it heats up and begins expanding outwards increasing ocean temperatures and creating more volcanic activity. This expanding molten core coincides with the moving tectonic plates, creating a chain reaction that causes earthquakes, sinkholes and landslides on the surface.

All of the remaining questions in the articles could easily be explained by the increase in the Earth Wobble but perhaps due to a lack of information or even protecting the status quo of the ongoing cover up, the author continues to evade the true reasons for the change in the jet stream and strong northeastern winds that are pushing the Arctic air south, creating havoc in Europe.

Whidbey Island  sits on a major fault zone and yet this is not mentioned in several National News stories on the event.
Whidbey Island sits on a major fault zone and yet this is not mentioned in several National News stories on the event. | Source

Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island lies across a major fault line in the area.
Whidbey Island lies across a major fault line in the area. | Source
The massive landslide in China near the subduction zone of the India/Himalayas shows the tectonic plate movement in the region.
The massive landslide in China near the subduction zone of the India/Himalayas shows the tectonic plate movement in the region. | Source

Comets or Nibiru Debris?

The comet Pan-STARRS, which was 'just recently' discovered photographed with the Northern Lights.
The comet Pan-STARRS, which was 'just recently' discovered photographed with the Northern Lights. | Source

Landslides and Fault Zones

The recent landslide on Whidbey Island shows just how the local and national media handles the release of information to the public about landslides and earthquakes on major fault lines. Whidbey Island sits on or near three major fault zones in the area, the Cascadia subduction zone, the Benioff zone and the Whidbey fault zone, which all are part of the Juan de Fuca Plate.

What is interesting to note in the article is that it does not mention any of these fault lines and blames the landslide on recent rains and soil conditions. This it a typical tactic used in nationwide articles preventing those reading them in other parts of the country to be aware of what local residents know for a fact, that Whidbey Island sits on a major fault zone.

"The west side of the island is prone to slides because of soil conditions and water movement in the ground," Hartin said. "We have no specific cause as to 'why here, why now, why this big.' "

This helps to explain why so many reasonably informed people are unaware of the geological changes taking place on our planet. By limiting the publics exposure to the presence of fault lines in the area of landslides and earthquakes it prevents people from making the connection to tectonic plate movement and from searching for the reasons for them.

As the tectonic plates move they create many smaller type earthquakes, tremors, mud and landslides and sinkholes. Because all of these plates are inter-connected they affect each other. The release of pressure on tectonic plates on one side of our planet will move tectonic plates on the other side and vise versa.

Take for instance the recent landslide in Lhasa's Maizhokunggar county, China, what is not revealed in the Yahoo!News story is how close the landslide is to a major fault line that created the Himalayas Mountain range. The India plate dives under the mountain range which creates a rumpling of the Earth in that region which in fact created the mountain range in the first place.

This plate (Indian Plate) actually is the braking point for all the other plates on the Earth, so as this plate moves under the Himalayas, which it is now doing, it releases pressure on all the other plates allowing them to move as well, especially those located in the Ring of Fire.

The increased seismic activity in this region is a precursor to all other plate movement throughout the world providing those aware of tectonic plate movement a sign of how the Pole Shift is progressing.

A recently concluded study of the region by an international research team HI-CLIMB (Himalayan-Tibetan Continental Lithosphere during Mountain Building) article describes how the Indian plate dives below the Himalaya Mountains.

By focusing on the political unrest in the region and sensationalizing the event itself, the article fails to reveal the reasons for this landslide and how it helps to provide evidence of ongoing tectonic plate movement. This keeps the readers from making the connection to the Pole shift and the reasons for the Pole Shift, which is Nibiru Planet X in our solar system.

This lack of a detailed explanation of events keeps the cover up of Nibiru Planet X intact preventing the public from seeing the big picture. Once these types of tactics are revealed and more and more evidence is leaked to the public about Nibiru Planet X it becomes easier for the average man to recognize these events for what they truly are.

Hopefully this article Nibiru Planet X March 31, 2013 Internet News, Landslides and NASA Provide Latest Proof! will show how censorship and disinformation shapes public opinion.


NASA has recently played up the 'recently discovered' Pan-STARRS comet as an exciting new spacial anomaly in our skies. Researchers 'think' that this is the comet's first trip into our solar system. Discovered by astronomers in 2011 using the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System telescope in Hawaii researches know little about this comet they 'think' originated in the Oort Cloud.

Considering the recent influx of NEOs such as the asteroid that landed in Russia, the asteroid that made a near pass of Earth the same day, numerous fireballs seen over many parts of the world, California last year, the Eastern Seaboard last weekend, Florida last month, Cuba the same day as the Russian asteroid, it is much more likely that this comet is really just part of the massive debris field of Nibiru Planet X.

NASA and other astronomical observatories are even now projecting and even brighter comet (ISON) to visit the solar system later this year. Is this a way for NASA and other space institutions to cover their ass as more and more debris from the tail of Planet X (Nibiru) begins to become visible in our skies day or night?

NASA Request $100 Million

In one of the more interesting stories on the internet it seems NASA plans to ask the Obama Administration for $100 million dollars in 2014 for research into a proposed plan to retrieve a NEO (Near Earth Object) or asteroid from deep space and tow it back into a high Moon orbit. This proposed plan, that will ultimately cost $2.6 Billion dollars, is being investigated as a way of establishing a base or jumping off point for astronauts on their way to Mars.

"Experience gained via human expeditions to the small returned NEA would transfer directly to follow-on international expeditions beyond the Earth-moon system: to other near-Earth asteroids, [the Mars moons] Phobos and Deimos, Mars and potentially someday to the main asteroid belt," the mission concept team wrote in the study.

While the viability of this plan seems extremely unlikely, considering we have yet to put a base on the Moon, despite the fact that we visited it over forty years ago, NASA would have us believe that this kind of plan deserves serious consideration.

Considering that two private space companies, Planetary Resources Inc. and Deep Space Industries Inc., are currently developing space probes and space telescopes for identifying NEOs for the concept of mining asteroids in the near future, this concept isn't without precedent.

Although the concept may seem reasonable to some, what is more likely is that these plans are more about creating livable space environments for the elite rich, willing to pay for passage to an asteroid base in case of an apocalyptic cataclysm here on Earth, such as a Polar Shift.

What should be recognized is that if, mankind in its limited space experience (40 years) is seriously considering establishing bases on Near Earth Objects such as asteroids, how likely would it be for an advanced race of Aliens (with thousands of years of space exploration experience) to have established similar bases on a Moon and then tow it into the Earth's orbit. There are many stories in Earth's history that our planet was without a Moon for millions of years.

What better way to observe, rule or control a planet than to have an orbiting space station in the disguise of a Moon circling the planet. An underground Moon base city would allow your forces to remain unobserved, protected and within close proximity of the planet you wish to control, manipulate and quarantine.

It begs the question why have we never tried to return to the Moon?

Why have we never tried to establish a permanent base on the Moon?

Or perhaps we have and the rich elite or The Powers That Be are unwilling to disclose this information to the public for fear of revealing their secret hide-away incase of a cataclysmic event or nuclear war.


You gotta love the police/rescue stenciled on the side of this armored personnel carrier.
You gotta love the police/rescue stenciled on the side of this armored personnel carrier. | Source

DHS Arming to the Teeth

The Department of Homeland Security even have the mainstream media (MSM) asking why they feel it is necessary to purchase 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition, as is evident by the recent Forbes internet article and Denver Post article. Both articles details the DHS purchase of millions of rounds of hollow tipped, armor piercing ammunition and sniper bullets (outlawed by international law for use in warfare).

They go onto reveal that DHS has also purchased thousands of armored personnel carrier's, complete with gun slits and .50 caliber machine gun mounts for use in American cities for crowd control.

Peggy Dixon, spokeswoman for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center: “The training center and others like it run by the Homeland Security Department use as many as 15 million rounds every year, mostly on shooting ranges and in training exercises.”

Even at 15 million rounds a year for training exercises, they have enough ammunition to sustain themselves for 20+ years and are still purchasing more ammunition to this day. In a time when Federal gun control laws are trying to be established in-force our own government is arming itself to the teeth.

According to the Obama Administration budget cuts will inconvenience travelers by cutting money to essential services provided by the DHS and yet the DHS are buying ammunition by the billions and are even spending $50 Million on new uniforms.

Of course, this begs the essential question of exactly what it is this government agency is planning for or anticipates in the near future?

In a time when FEMA concentration camps have been shown to be built all over the United States and DHS is arming itself for war, as citizen gun control laws are now being implemented in many states, the hand writing is on the wall. Nibiru Planet X March 31, 2013 Internet News, Landslides and NASA Provide Latest Proof! is an article designed to reveal how all of the pieces of the global jigsaw puzzle fit into place.

It's Not Rocket Surgery

It's not rocket surgery folks, while our government tries to disarm its citizens through gun control laws, the DHS arms itself for 'crowd control'. FEMA camps have already been built all over the US to contain us, while they exercise drills in multiple states for earthquakes and flood disaster's.

NASA and private space companies race to create orbital living platforms on asteroids on the pretense of space exploration for the betterment of mankind, mean while landslides, sinkholes and sea levels are on the rise.

Volcanic activity has increased significantly in the last ten years along with a sharp rise in large earthquakes world wide. Extreme weather is now an everyday occurrence, yet the reasons for it is still touted as climate change because of manmade pollution.

Fireballs, comets and asteroids are seen on a weekly basis and yet we are still being told that nothing unusual is happening in space.

The amount of UFOs being spotted world wide have increased dramatically and yet our governments still insist there is no such thing as aliens.

The fact that NASA continues to seek money for fantastic ideas involving space exploration after claiming they discontinued the Apollo missions and the Space Shuttle program's for budgetary reasons, should raise an eyebrow or two.

This article Nibiru Planet X March 31, 2013 Internet News, Landslides and NASA Provide Latest Proof!, should at least provide even the most skeptical among us the evidence that the public is not being told the complete truth on a wide variety of topics involving the changes taking place on the planet Earth.


Have my articles helped you to see the big picture and reveal the ongoing Pole Shift?

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Duly noted,is it just me ?

      I'm not much of a MSM person,but since the start of the 2nd term of Obama,Fox news is a lot bolder as far as telling the faults of this man,they are also very anti gun control and anti Obamacare {or is it ,Don't Care }.

      I also think Dr.Ben Carson has opened a lot of eyes .

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Great book, love the reference, without a doubt!

      The truth is trying to be revealed even though the constraints leveled on the media prevents the truth from being exposed.

      If we learn to decipher the news read between the lies and trust our instincts the big picture can be gleaned from the headlines.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Without a doubt,"Something wicked this way comes"

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      thank you, it really provides food for thought . . .

    • sunflowerforests profile image


      7 years ago from The light in the forest of doubt.

      Very informative article. I am a believer and hope that others will see the reality of the situation soon. Good hub.


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