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How to Overcome Self-defeating Stumbling Blocks; Hurt Me One More Time, Please

Updated on January 27, 2013

When The Guts Are Exposed To Our Motivations

Pain Liberates! A Truth Often Smashed Up.
Pain Liberates! A Truth Often Smashed Up. | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: Pain Indicates the Area of Our life Being Worked Upon

Emotion is a parasite. We cling, identify,harbor,resent,refuse to let go, grieve,lust,aspire,decline and distort our relationships. Most often times unable to see the 'good in the bad'. Down under...

When the pain (whether it be physical, mental, financial, emotional, or situational) in your life becomes so unbearable, (that you think you are going to die) you are in a truly magnificent position.

The harrowing place is far from pleasant, mind you, but nonetheless most opportune. While in the midst of such agony, it is quite easy and understandable, (As well as, expected) to overlook the obvious benefit. No one likes pain.

No one in his right mind would invite disaster in but when it does occur, as it shall, a miraculous event takes place. No sickness, hardship, financial collapse, physical injury, heartbreak, death, divorce, loss or numerous other maladies come without a glimmer of unmistakable heightened degree of celestial grandeur hidden beneath the sheets.

By mistaking what the event is showing you apart from the center of the whole, you could possibly accumulate torrid feelings. These emotions attach themselves like Velcro. Since the unfortunate intrusion often appears as if something tragic is interfering in our lives, we are not apt to be in a terribly receptive contemplative mood.

However, PAIN is the greatest liberator. It sets us free. PAIN is truth in its rarest raw form and as everyone knows, “…the truth shall set you free…”

But what exactly is involved in the process of this spiritual liberation? More pain! Confusion, heartbreak, fear, shock, disbelief, helplessness, discouragement, disappointment, sorrow, tears, loneliness, despair, depression, anger, denial, regret, and the biggie: retaliation. (As if there is really something you could do to alter the existing hurt.)

So, what is one to do to get through the barrage of emotional hell?

Dive headlong into the pain. Stick closely to every ache. So close in fact, you are able to talk to it as you would a person. Feel it. Experience it. Allow it to penetrate your every cell. Do not resist or invent clever ways to avoid, deny or diminish, such as: poignant dramas or hopeful daydreaming.

You can not have even a glimpse of knowing it is going to get any better.

The core of you witnesses and reflects its total lack of concern, but you will miss this triumphant occasion if you are not acutely awake. A ruthless soul resides within your core of being.The core cares neither for your current state of distressing affairs nor does it wish for it to cease.

Phoniness prevents you from seeing that there is no better state for you at this time. It’s all for the sheer experience. That’s the bottom line. The pain arises from a division (a deep split) within you. Your ego alone bathes in the glory of apparent separation.

But, in truth there is no separation. Pain can not, will not, does not exist in the center. You’d have to care enough to hurt which you don’t.

Stop defending your position, especially the part about how much you do care and don’t want this to be taking place. You don’t know what you want. You never have! Cease to preserve your sense of rightful honor.

Be wrong, be embarrassed, be ridiculed, misunderstood, and be blamed. It matters not. Do you really think it does? Stop with your addicted need to be the center of attention in the midst of this distressing chaos. You crave a false sense of life through anguish.

Admit that you’d rather feel anxiety and chaos then to feel nothing at all. The center feels nothing. All suffering is shallow and inconsistent. Suffering is loaded to the gill with ego’s need to prove a vicious point.

You are indestructible and your ego is well aware of that undeniable fact.

The ruthless soul would rather you suffer through bouts of self-pity and ‘woe is me’ dramas than for you to realize with full certainty that nothing can harm you ever. Pain hurts but it never damages.

The ego thrives on glorification and will use any measure of sentimentality it can to reduce you to a blabbering idiot, if possible. Not that’s there’s anything fundamentally wrong with exerting the blabbering idiot stage for a season, but then it’s time to move onto another role.

Dismiss the glorified significance associated with pain and for the spoiled childish antics it demands. Feel IT than LET IT GO!

Pain is like knowing when to stop talking. You KNOW the difference. You always discern when it’s past time to stop talking, but do you? Here’s the deal: A powerful pressure involved in the experience of so-called pain is necessary to ignite the impetus to let go of pretense.

A huge gulf exists between what a man says and what he does.

The courageous man will navigate through the gulf of disenchanting emotional trumoil or debilitaing physical pain. The timid counterfeit will stand on the brink and complain that no one is building him a bridge.

Everybody must suffer loss. It’s part of the divine arrangement here on Earth.

AS part of the growth process, you often need someone on the outside of you to preclude your most treasured desire, and validate the truth of tremendous loss that you are experiencing through the painful osmosis of self-transformation.

But, in the interim, you must stand alone in your quest with no one to aid you, guide you, or support you. It’s a one man journey for it is every man’s journey.

Do you really think you are exempt from this human existence with all of its fallible episodes? Then, why do you spend your entire lifetime in pursuit of trying to avoid the inevitable? If you really knew how to live openly you would be still.

Stop running. Let “it” find you where you stand.

Stop worrying. There are no missed opportunities in the run of a day. Neither is there anything you can do to prevent misfortune. But, it shall pass. Nothing can be added to your life to enhance it one single bit. This is as good as it gets. Hooray!!! So why are you crying?

Your personal level of resentment is directly tied to your doing what you say you want to do but really don’t. You wish you could but you can’t. Your need to appear generous and kind is an open display of your need for applause and appreciation.

You expect a reward which reveals your self-generated and self-interested false motives.

LEARN TO welcome strange unexpected sorrow filled EVENTS. Everything including the painful circumstances and situations that occur in the run of your day is necessary for you to follow through to destiny’s fulfillment.

But after you finish with your need to criticize, complain, analyze, or judge the significance of the event you had no clue about, shut up!

You may not enjoy the pain but make no mistake about it you can endure it and more. The experience of hurt is sufficient unto itself.

Whether you get the truth about liberating pain or not, it matters little. Just do or don't do what it is you WILL. But, stop babbling on and on and on.

Face the facts: everybody’s in some kind of struggling pain or another if they're alive. Human beings simply have not perfected the absence of pain which is ultimate pleasure. Who knows why?

Beast Of Prey
Beast Of Prey


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