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Karmic Retribution: A Misunderstood Term: A Misdirected Life (12th House)

Updated on April 7, 2014

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology

Karmic Retribution
Karmic Retribution

MODE OF Cosmic Therapy Astrological Counseling: Addressing Karma

Before we enter into the final MODE OF Cosmic Therapy Astrological Esoteric session in the 12 slice pie of houses, I pause to interject how very important it is to listen to what Frank says. Now, you may say, what ? I said, “Listen to what Frank Says.”

IF you don’t know a Frank, or are in no way involved with a Frank then, these words do not affect you: if and until you ever have the occasion to meet a Frank. Though this admonition sounds completely absurd, so do a lot of things in life appear to be one thing then, end up to be quite another. Take it with a grain of salt.

Once having said that we shall now board the train for our last leg of the zodiac journey around the wheel exploring one facet in each of the various houses.

What do we have here? Looks like a karmic thing to me. Karmic? What does that word entail? [Nothing and everything .] Nothing for those who can not relate to it, and everything for those who can appreciate its abstruse value. [Sort of like not being able to make sense out of Frank’s relevance unless you apply his words of wisdom to your own personal circumstances when and if you run into him].

Your life would really be disastrous IF, in fact, you lived each moment with a concrete conviction of having to know, understand, relate and appreciate each event before it occurred. And, just as important is not being able to comprehend/accept the unpleasant/unfortunate outcome of the events with any sense of satisfaction which forces you to carry unresolved bitterness/resentment because of it, huh?

If you perceive life, with the precarious situations thereto attached, to be accountable to you to offer an explanation beforehand or in the aftermath regarding the significance associated in various painful relationships, along with the various events, episodes, and people involved, in which you have weathered, endured or survived, then, you would probably exist somewhat unsettled, disappointed, confused, angry.

You may go so far as to be frantic to get some sort of acceptable palatable resolution. {To make it right, somehow} But, if you realize that life in no way is obligated to you to offer any sort of resolution but more often than not, leaves you bewildered, incomplete, unresolved and helplessly, hopeless devastated, then, you are living openly, receptively and innocently.

To expect a reasonable suitable answer for painful events, loss, tragedy, death, divorce would indicate that you think yourself more special than other pathetic human beings who must go on without these idealist resolutions. And, it would seem that if, in fact, you expected and anticipated the tailored fitted answers to resolve your hurt, and when they did not come, you would harbor such bad incorrigible feelings because of it making you callously indifferent to the universe.

It is my contention, these human catastrophes would elicit such rage, bitterness and blatantly irresponsible vile emotions you would never be free of them. Not to mention how the emotionally destroyed bent of mind’s condition would alter and affect negatively every relationship/job you would ever try to establish. {These conditions could occur IF there were not another possibility}

Paradoxically, if, in fact, you could go through these devastating situations with no apparent bitterness to work out, then you’d have absolutely no need to be alive on earth. You would be an enlightened master who would offer an inexpressible solution for mankind!

But, This is where the incredibly indescribable beautiful part comes in : “…if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto myself…” ( Paraphrased ) It’s all about being raised to another level of divine comprehension and acceptance of celestial patterned perception in the whole picture not just part.

Circumstances in life have been provided as needed lessons for you to go through for eternal reconstruction and delivery. To be healed and released of any karmic residual baggage attached. In the 12th house, the indication is most definitely a carry over from the past. In this life, you are to discharge any unbreakable inflexible envious or despairing feelings you may have been carrying for eons of time.

Since this house is natural place of carried over corruptible secrets, violence and unfinished business, the stark evidence of your having participated, interacted, produced and confiscated the formidable goods (whether person or thing) without just payment resulted in the unbelievable sentence that lies buried behind these walls. In other words, it does not seem so outlandish that in a cosmic sense,“…an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…” (Paraphrased) works perfectly well, here.

The struggle to surrender your fixed rigid human mind (to possibly entertain such a preposterous idea) produces an instantly recognizable battle unlike anything else you will encounter in life. It is here where we get all we’re ever going to get in this lifetime. [The treasure house of the soul’s entitled list for this time around.]

The writing is on the wall as is depicted in the ancient scriptures as the cosmic womb. We are birthed into life in this house as it clearly marks the circumstances surrounding the days prior to conception and the circumstances of our birth. This is how we perceived our being in the womb prior to our entry. This house singularly reveals our mother’s feelings regarding our birth. In this sacred place of isolation and discontent we find the release of our soul in exile.

The variant level of interference, interpretation, assumption, acceptance and preoccupation with having at least one half of the life’s picture hidden from us, allows enough room to ponder the possibility of other lives and karmic retribution attached.

It also goes without having to ‘muddy the waters’ too much that in the case of a rainfall of material fortune to unexpectedly appear in some people’s lives while others starve leaves a little room to be dismembered in logical explanation. This particular house is where alarm clock goes off to WAKE YOU UP to see just how much damage can be done if you react negatively to your surroundings or present situation.

This house is somewhat like the cleansing flood where the lower self (human personality) has total unbounded reign for a while. But, then without warning you are commanded to bury the dross of ill feelings on all the many levels of accumulated anger associated with apparent injustices subjected.

The perpetual initiation grounds for entering into another layer of existence where perfect peace passes all human understanding defines the 12th house. It is more or less the valley of the shadow of death and rebirth. Follow the path of sign, ruling planet and planets found therein for clarification.

. The indomitable ground where the holy bond is either accepted or rejected based upon one’s faith and hope of the omnificent unseen. Finally the place where you establish once again your unbroken cosmic promise to the God of your preference who embodies the very essence of you to achieve a experimental human purpose without delay so that you can get on with the divine purpose at hand.

A light bulb of enormous value shines the eternal light of understanding in the 12th house. It is here and no where else where the source of our greatest pain gives us our truest and most identifiable blessings.

It is here we learn to suffer immeasurably but through that self-imposed (rectified) suffering though it may seem like the circumstances, people, and events are on the outside, we rise to the greatest heights and meet the masters within ourselves who embody the holy of holies ark of the sacredly vowed covenant.

Karmic Retribution Phase II
Karmic Retribution Phase II


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