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MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology: Pluto, Locating and Dealing With Irrefutable Heartbreaking Pain

Updated on January 27, 2013

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology

Hidden Truth
Hidden Truth | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy : Understanding Pluto's Pain/Pleasure Purpose

An underlying (combustible) destructive electrical force moves in/through all mankind. the ancient scripts declare: “...the heart of man is continually evil…”

The need to continually burn up dross constitutes our existence. Adept astrologers may assign this unsettling turbulence to the sign Scorpio pointing the accusing finger at Pluto.

Others, Christians, may attribute the dark force to Satan, Beelzebub, devil, the destroyer, PAN, the deceiver, the snake, fallen angel, sometimes even referring to him as Saturn. Other religions have more elaborate names for him.

But, regardless of what you call him or how you refer to him, the force itself is an undeniable part of your pain/pleasure path as a human being. In all actuality, it is merely the light manifesting itself in disguised oppostitional force.

In order to reap the tremendous benefits of a truly integrated human life, you must be continually beleaguered on all insides.

At times, you will, no doubt, experience what can only be termed as a paralysis of will. In those devastating moments, you will feel utterly trapped and unable to move. Why?

Because you don't understand the real purpose of the creative sexual instinctive nature in your life. The pressure under which you must live seems unbearable, overextended almost to the point of total exhaustion. (Sexual Obsession)

No matter the various activities involved {and in actuality, in spite of them} you face a major transformative period in which you experience a track of sexual vulnerability. (unmanageable jealousy)

But, rest assured, due to overwhelmingly negative and suppressive misunderstood force, the cleansing power that lies beneath trying circumstances will, in fact, allow you to rise to place of elevated distinction, to ultimate triumph.{Most especially where your career is in opposition to your romantic involvements are concerned.}

What does this mean exactly/ It means you will come to appreciate the naturalness involved in a truly raw energized sexual union.

At the time, however, there is no physical, mental and emotional way of believing this to be true. You will have evidence to support the contrary. At such a very low point in your life, nothing much looks as if you will ever come out of the trouble to see the light of day.

Unless you have personally experienced the debasing pangs of despair, you can in no wise relate. I will refer to this force as Pluto, simply because I have an astrological bent of mind.

Part of life is parting with those things we hold dear.

Pluto: Finding the way to the inner core.

Pluto is a truly remarkably beautiful force as far as I am concerned. He relishes in the difficult, chaotic and tumultuous. Without his so-called destructive energy, you would and could never know what being truly human really entailed.

Without destruction there is no creation! He is the definitive sweet talking smooth sliding dazzling darling sizzling sexual crimson crying charlatan manifested in your life.

A momentous time will arrive when you will rejoice in Pluto’s proficient power to restore the life force to your sagging spirit when all feels hopelessly lost.

Pluto, no matter what astrological sign you are is located in your natal chart. Also, the sign Scorpio also takes up residence in full animated ‘Hit Man’ motion. It’s up to you to the homework necessary to find out where he lurks to devour and destroy.

Where he is found, in the specific house, you will die a death 1000 times over! When you stand up, he will knock you down. When you think you have made progress, he will pull the rug from beneath your feet.

When you are secure and happy, he will shoot you between your eyes with a double barreled shot gun. Or at least, up until about the age of 42 when he slowly progressively starts to work with you on your behalf.

I realize with full certainty and clarity that these words are of no comfort to you now since the only issue on your mind is whether or not you will ever be able to break out of the pattern of drawing the ‘wrong’ man/woman into your life.

The question on your mind remains: “Will you ever be able to find the person of your dreams .

Since Pluto is solely responsible for the soul’s retribution in relationships, you had better pay close attention to where he lives in your chart.

His influence is unmistakably dominant. When you discover where Pluto reigns in your particular natal chart, you have begun to unravel a delirious deceitful mystery of why you came to Earth to begin with.

Pain! (Most often closely identified with the broadly misinterpreted sexual activity and encounters)

The gut-wrenching material supplied by your particular life’s story will answer that question of WHY you are taking up residence on this planet, again.

Your unrelenting hurt has provided the material for your soul’s intent to further its sacredquest in/of the spectacularly interwoven complicated definition of your purpose in this life.

How many times have you wondered WHY you are here?

Pain hurts but it never injures...

It all makes sense when you 'don't' think about it.

To propose a scenario whereby you could know the answer beforehand would not only cause you to remain paralyzed in a state of ‘isolated fixation of unending sorrow’ but would produce and fester more anger, remorse and regret to loom much larger in your life than it already does.

Why are you investing so much life draining energy in trying to prove how good, wonderful and right you are? Big friggin' deal, who cares?

You are, in fact, walking an advanced path necessary and singularly chosen for the soul’s expressive vehicle to complete its sacred mission. It will involve episodes of the unsavory and unpleasant and down right raunchy!!!

There are countless blessings disguised in your particular walk but you are unable to recognize or adequately appreciate them at this time.

Gratitude is something that you are learning in full measure and will be grateful for thespecific uncanny lessons learned later on, not to people who walk on two legs but to invisible divine forces, of which Pluto’s influence is a major one.

You are swirling sexual energy, as is everyone else on this planet. And to remain ‘on hold’ is not only unnatural but unhealthy, as well. You must be continually shaken from your pillar of lofty satisfaction and gracious illusion.

Nothing can be done about the painful/abusive/neglected state of affairs where Pluto is located, for it is precisely THAT Scorpion MATTER which enforces the need for healing and re-generation in your soul’s intent.

Your soul always remains perfectly in tact and at peace; but you are incapable and somewhat blinded misinterpreting so called bad relationships. (Whether lovers, marriage partners, secret affairs, or irreconcilable inexplicable mates), not able to see them as necessary and warranted for your personal evolvement.

You are so separated from your basic sexual artistic identity!

Ponder this thought: you need an adversary in order to triumph! What do you suppose could possibly be the inherent reason, should you choose to believe there is one to your liking, for your having met and interacted with the various people in this lifetime that, in and of itself, reflects such harbingering pain?

As long as you choose to believe in a pre-fabricated story of your isolated pristene preference and cling to that one sided scenario in relationships, you will in no wise be able to sexually attract or enjoy the pleasure associated .

You have never been used or abused. Pluto is pure raw undaunted creative sacred sex.

Your manipulative ways will backfire in the art and presence of unskilled seduction!

Every single hurtful relationship has brought a significant lesson in learning how to authentically receive and give pleasure unobstructed by conditions.

The ‘inability to open up’ issues that you hide from others, go far deeper and wider than merely the absence of committed faithful lasting intimately involved relationships you so readily attribute as lacking in the other.

You may continue to choose to stay immersed in these lurid fantasies for as long as you breathe, but until you are ready and willing to open up to other dimensions of suppressed artistic sacred sensual sexual talent, you will remain disappointed, lost mad and. alone. {No matter who is sharing your bed!}

Pain is a clear indicator of growth,especially in relationships.


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