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Perils of Buying A Placement Into Ivy League Universities

Updated on September 25, 2014

Perils of Purchasing Acceptance Into Ivy League Universities

I was recently, in the past six months, approached by a fellow member of Hub pages and he requested I send him money for what you might ask? Quite simply he claimed to be selling acceptances into both Harvard and Oxford. I took this as serious as the letters I have received from Nigeria requesting I give my bank account number so they can deposit 47 million dollars. I knew when it happened it was completely inappropriate as I have worked at a two major Universities in Florida. It wasn’t a little inappropriate but very inappropriate. And of course it was a lie.

But my Mother had just died and I was really trying to make my way in the world so I told the person the check was in the mail. And then I ignored him for a very long time hoping he would understand that his game was as old as him/

I have written hubs on how to apply to Harvard, Yale and just about every Ivy League School in the country. I have left a few out. I also have a lot of friends who have attended Ivy League Schools. I have spoken to them about this ordeal. They all laughed and said, “Send him the money over the Internet and then it will be a federal crime.” I considered doing it. But then I considered the incredible harm this person was doing to Harvard’s reputation and Oxford’s reputation. Not wanting to damage either institution’s reputation any further I was silent.

I have had friends encourage me to apply to Harvard and finish my PhD but the timing has always been wrong.

I consider the viability of this offer, as a former member of not one but two major universities in the state of Florida, as a scam. Had I wanted to really teach this person a lesson i would have sent him the money across state lines. My point here is there are no short cuts to the Ivy :League. It is a road paved with ambitious hardworking intellectuals.

Ivy League Admission Criteria

Could I Get Anyone Into A University?

My family name is on one of the major Universities I have taught at in the State of Florida. Probably before I die my name will appear on another major university in the State of Florida. And I know a lot of people who have worked there for years. I have known the Registrar personally along with the Provost. Universities are leftist. They believe everyone should be treated equally. And it is frowned upon completely when one advocates for the acceptance of another. Acceptance into Universities is quite a closed process. Especially people from on the inside have limited power for getting others accepted.

The process becomes exceedingly more complicated when applying to graduate school which is what I would have been doing, as I would have to accept by the department directly. That would have required the person I was paying to have access to that staff and faculty which I am quite certain he would not. It is true Harvard and the Ivy League is a club but one which is continually trying to take on stronger members for the endowment of the University. People who have to pay a handler to get into a major an Ivy League School which again is a con are not the strongest members. What is even more scary is this person claims to be receiving a portion of those he has placed future earnings and scholarship money while they attend Oxford and Harvard. I doubt the scholarship committees would be too happy to hear about this. Those poor exploited individuals.

So can anyone help another get into a University? I could perhaps help you fill out your application. I could perhaps write you a letter of recommendation but I could not get you accepted into any University unless you had the grades and aptitude to be there in the first place. You would also have to have a history of volunteer work and be a very well rounded person to be accepted.

So unless you had the talent to get in to begin with, I couldn’t get you accepted into a major university. And if you have the talent then why would I charge you for something within your own possession?

Quite simple this is a con. I understand people are desperate and poor. I know my and my son’s Holidays will be bleak but I will not resort to conning you out of cash so I can stay alive.

And besides I have a lot of friends who have offered for years to help me get into Harvard. The timing was just never right. And now that this person has offered to sell me acceptance to Harvard or Oxford, I am letting go of that ambition all together as I understand it is a weakness that ca be exploited or at least one person attempted to exploit it.

The Yard

Reputations of these Universities

I sincerely wonder if this person realizes the incredible harm he is inflicting on these universities by claiming he can get people into them for a nominal fee. He is claiming they are pay to play universities which brings down the entire concept of having an Ivy League. It also gives more than one of my articles validity about our current government since most of our government is run by …yes, the Ivy League.

Let me be clear I do not believe these institutions work this way. It is illogical from an endowment perspective. But for this person to claim these institutions of higher learning are so corrupt and attempt to extract cash from ambitious people is a crime. And those who do not know the University system or even the Ivy League Schools they may actually believe the schools operating on a pay to play system. At best this is a frightening scenario for the Ivy League Schools and for anyone who wishes to be betters themselves at an institution of higher academic learning.

Acceptance into any University is multi-covariant Calculus. You have to fit into a program. And the acceptance committee looks at everything. If you don’t have what they need you aren’t accepted. And in many instances, the acceptances are looked at as a group and there is a consideration as to who will work well together. One person claiming to be able to get you into an Ivy League School wouldn’t have access to that information. They wouldn’t be able to determine the criteria for your performance in specific group dynamic and therefore would have no idea if you would fit.

Exceptional College Essays

The Ivy League Real Criteria

I can tell you first hand knowing people who have graduated from these institutions that they are the top performers in both the country and world. They are exceptionally hard workers who would never have to pay to be invited to study beyond the price of an application fee. And on some occasions even application fees can be waived. Although I haven’t attend Oxford, I know people from just about every single last college and University I have applications for and they absolutely cringed at the idea that there is this person out there offering to sell acceptances to both Harvard and Oxford for a nominal fee when in fact the price of admission to these institutions is long standing academic excellence.

Comceive the Inconceiveable

Personal Acceptance

I helped a young student who has a GPA of 4.7 fill out an application to Yale. I encouraged her to apply to other Ivy League Schools. She only wants Yale so that is all I helped her with. I didn’t charge her. I also have never charged for a letters of recommendation. I wouldn’t. As a person who has an advanced degree, I understand that it is incumbent upon me to help those with the aptitude continue their education. I have never attended Yale nor do I have many friends who are graduates of Yale. But that was this young adult’s choice and I had to respect it.

But I told her to apply elsewhere because self acceptance is where everything begins. If you can accept and love yourself as you are then no one will take advantage of you. And limit who you tell your ambitions to because some people will try to exploit them as they have me. So now I am letting go of all of my ambitions to complete my PhD. It really is irrelevant since I have a master’s degree and am unemployable. I would really be unemployable with a PhD. But for all of you who dream, only trust those dreams to people who will not try to extort money from you. I can assure you the only way into the Ivy League is with exceptionality and brilliance. Nothing else endows their institution. But never ever even consider paying anyone for to help you get accepted to a University. Buy lottery tickets you odds are better at winning then buying an acceptance into an Ivy League School.

I haven’t conferred with Oxford but I am rather certain they would give the same response. I have spoken at length to Harvard and they have acknowledged this is a con.

It Is Worth the Work

In Conclusion

I will put up all the college application hubs to both the Ivy League Schools and Florida Schools which I am most closely associated. I will not be available to write letters of recommendation to anyone who has not been my student. There is a clear list of requirements for applications to meet. If you meet them, apply. If you do not them work on meeting most of them. Study and increase your GPA or retake your entrance exams. There are ways to reach your academic potential without being charged for acceptance into a University or an Ivy League School. The price is very hard work but I am everyone who is really in the business of helping students wants you to be successful.

I will try to get a hub up for Oxford applications before the end of the year.

You can’t buy acceptance but only achieve it.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      5 years ago from Florida

      Sadly so! Hard work and talent will take you further in your academic and career goals. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Exam Masters profile image

      Vishal Mody 

      5 years ago from Toronto

      Nice hub - there's guys like that in every field. In medicine I remember seeing someone advertise that they can get you a medical residency spot for $$$. The sad thing is that I'm sure there are people who fall for that.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      8 years ago from Florida

      HI retellect,

      I didn't think so and that is why I never sent the money but other people might so I thought they deserved fair warning.

      Thanks for the read.


    • retellect profile image


      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      There is no way you can buy a place at Oxford! I would've done so years ago if that was the case ;) Great read, loved it!


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