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Sell or Trade your Unwanted Gift Card

Updated on October 18, 2010

A Great Gift

Gift cards are big business many people buy gift cards for birthdays and Christmas presents, it is an easy way to choose a  present and gives people money to spend.

The gift card business is worth millions of pounds worldwide ,and is most popular in the USA and Britain. But apparently many of these gift cards go unspent and many are not used at all!

The Unwanted Cards

Gift cards can be used on-line to buy products or music. The most popular are Store cards, where they are used on a wide variety of merchandise, you can even buy gift cards for restaurants or an amazing day out!

 So  a certain type of gift card can become unwanted for some people,they have no interest in the products or they forget about them.But what allot of people don't realise is they actually have cash!Recent research shows  more than £40million pounds may have gone astray from gift cards.

Sell Your Gift Card on eBay

A quick look on the site, found more than 8,000 cards for sale. Many people seemed to be selling the gift cards for the actual face value? Which seemed odd considering the postage involved.

If you were selling your unwanted gift card here, it would probably serve better to sell by the Buy it Now Auction.You can decide your price, which would be advantageous to both you and the buyer, and now obviously you would have the cash to buy exactly what you want!

Giftcard Converter

Another option is a dedicated site that deals with the trading of gift cards. There are a number of sites who deal with this business and one that I found that was popular and reliable was Gift Card Converter.On this site you can sell your unwanted cards or even swap them, and a chance to donate them to charity.

It is suggested you sell the card for 90% of its face value and you willl be charged 10% for selling.To trade a card it will cost £3 for cards up to £50, and £5 for any over £50.


This seems a good way to gain some extra cash from those cards that have laid in your draw for months, however it was tempting to buy some other cards at the bargain prices!


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