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"We" Walk by Faith, Not by Sight?!? (6/23/2016, Message#14)

Updated on April 1, 2019

Walking By Sight?!?

I Only Go By Sight!
I Only Go By Sight! | Source

People Living Their Lives Walking by Sight!?!

As I have read in the book of Exodus in the Bible (the Book of Instruction Before Living Earth), the Children of Israel and the Egyptian people all walked by sight. The Lord God of Heaven Elohim (I Am That I Am) demonstrated His Power to both the Egyptians and the Children of Israel; they had never seen such a manifestation of the Judgments of Father God! To the Egyptian people, serving the gods they served, seeing the Lord God of Heaven make Himself manifest as it was spoken for Moses and Aaron to command, this was strange to the Egyptians. Father God's Might, Wrath and Power were on full display to a nation which was the most powerful in the Earth at that time!! Egypt was a nation that didn't know Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) existed and was unwilling to let the Children of Israel go free from them. Once God showcased His Power, the Pharaoh of Egypt did eventually let them go and Father God was Glorified both by Egypt and the Children of Israel!

Could there be a correlation to what could be about to take place in our World today, as of recent? Is It Possible that Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) be about to make His Name, Power, Judgments and Wrath known to modern Humanity? The most powerful nation in Modern History is still the United States. Are the warnings, signs of the times and strange weather all clues of the pending move of Father God, the Lord God of Heaven Adonai (Lord)?

How Much Time is Left to Prepare and Are You Paying Attention?

There Isn't Much Time!!

Are you trying to wait for The United States of America's Downfall and the End of the American “Way” of Life?

The Only Thing Which has Changed...? The Answer is Technology.

A Civilization of Old?
A Civilization of Old? | Source

People of the Past and Present, What Do We Have in Common?

As we know and not just from the Bible, from many other ancient text, people have done things with their eyes or going by what they see. Ancient civilizations have created or fashioned gods after their hearts or what they thought their gods should have been. From Native Americans, to ancient Chinese Cultures, ancient African tribes, ancient South American tribes, all of which had "strange" gods in which they served. Many of which are either drawn on cave walls, ancient ruins, or on paper documents which survived the ruins.

These or Any Ancient civilization which created their gods, worshipped by sight or putting this plainly, they created something they could "see" or "touch." In a since, they limited the "power" or abilities of their so-called gods. Their worship may have been purposeful and with plenty of desire, it was all in vain. Their "god" was created by the hands of men, even if it was inspired by an entity, spirit or a voice. How Great is Father God El Shaddai, within this article, Father God El Sahddai is too massive to comprehend or put into human terms, no matter which human language you choose!

So Why do people still choose to walk by sight, rather than walking by faith?

Do You Worship Idols? Then This is What You Are Worshipping!! Yes, Caught on Camera!!!

False Idol Worship, The Masks are Coming Off!?!

The worship of the fallen; Soon You Will "See" What You Have Been Worshipping!! Never Create idols, images or False gods!
The worship of the fallen; Soon You Will "See" What You Have Been Worshipping!! Never Create idols, images or False gods! | Source

Does Going by "Sight" Have Any Advantage?

If any god has to be created by hand or was inspired by an entity, it’s a false god. There is only One God and that is the Lord God of Heaven, Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty)! Anything or anyone who claims there are more or others is a lie and a liar. As explained In This World, But Not of This World, the devil (Satan, Lucifer) wants to be worshipped as God. The devil is the one who caused all of the chaos we see in this world going on all around us. To this day, the devil wants to be praised and worshipped and will do anything to have this take place! This is clearly Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

If anyone is led to create a god or fashion one from stone, gold or any worldly element. This image or creation will be created for the worship of the devil (Lucifer, Satan) and if you didn't know, now you know. Humanity's natural nature is sin (living in darkness and "evil" = {"Live" Backwards}); we are all born into it. If we make any images or are inspired to do so, it is done through our natural state, which is of sin, wickedness and of darkness. How could making an image to worship be a good thing? How could doing this bring about favorable, long-lasting results for any civilization or society? Could this explain why there are so many destroyed or ruined ancient civilizations?

Could this also explain the impending situation for The United States of America and Mystery Babylon, Is There a Correlation?

The gods of Old!?!

Ancient Idols
Ancient Idols | Source

The Results of Idol Worship and the Ancients!

As we know, many ancient civilizations made many of their gods, the ones they worshipped for whatever reason. I hope by now we are beginning to understand who those peoples were actually worshipping. If you missed this earlier, they were worshipping the devil (Lucifer, Satan) and his demons (the Fallen Angels). Could the sun god of Egypt represent the "Angel of Light?" Does everyone know who the Angel of Light is? That's right, the devil. In asking We Are Indeed the "Final" Generation. After the fall of Humanity through Adam, the devil stole some of our Dominion over this Earthly Realm from Humanity. The devil now controls what governs this world and how it functions.

All the devil wants is to be praised, gloried and worshipped like Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty). To do this, the devil (Lucifer, Satan) kills, steals and destroys. This is all he knows how to do. If he can kill your joy, steal your purpose and destroy your life, then he's got you! He can do with you as he pleases! This is how so many civilizations have been lead to create images of their "gods." Many of these same situations have caused many of those civilizations which are now gone or basically non-existent, have been wiped out. Every single one of these ancient civilizations are now gone, many of which, we have no idea how they built or established what they have left behind!

Who could have done this and why are all of the ancient peoples' destroyed? Could these created "gods" of these ancient civilizations for themselves to "see" and to "touch" have anything to do with their destruction?

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

Ancient, Old Cities Left Desolate!?

An Ancient Ruined City!
An Ancient Ruined City! | Source

Why Were the Ancients' Destroyed or Wiped Out?

Whether you like it or not, there is only "One" God and it is Father God, the Lord God of Heaven El Shaddai (God Almighty)! He is the Creator of all things, the God of Creation, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob from the book of Genesis in the Bible. Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) is the One true God of all things seen, unseen and yet to be discovered! Therefore, there cannot be any other gods a part from Him. The Lord God is a jealous God; He will not allow the worship of other gods. Father God created everything, so why would He allow what He created to worship something other than Himself?

If you Love your spouse and desired them with all of your heart, then they turn their back on you and Love someone else. How would you feel? You would be jealous for starters, right? Is it really asking too much not to worship the One True God, Elohim, El Shaddai? What does this have to do with the ancient civilizations?

Because these ancient civilizations did not worship the Lord God of Heaven El Shaddai, they chose to worship idols created by human hands. At some point Father God had enough, they were simply wiped out. As if God said, "You want your idol gods; let them save you from Me!" Since their idol gods were created by their hands for the worship of the devil (Lucifer, Satan) and his kingdom (the Fallen Angels) now demons. There was no way for their idol gods to stand a chance against the wrath of Father God! He gives man free will, however there comes a time when God says "Enough!" This is usually when people come to know Father God Elohim (I Am that I Am) is very real, just like the Children of Israel and the Egyptians both found out!

History is about Repeat Itself and Soon, Will You Be Ready for the Lord Jesus before the Wrath of the Lord God? The Time is now to Prepare Your Hearts for Eternity!!

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus.

The Dead or Dying World All Around!!

The Civilization After Judgment!
The Civilization After Judgment! | Source

The Results of a Person Walking by Sight!

When people walk by sight, they usually follow after the lusts of the eye, mind and of their heart. Since our natural nature is of sin or darkness, walking by sight never works out for the best results. If we simply live out each day as we "See" fit, when we die, we will go to a place which is total separation from Father God! Reference: Pulling People Out of the Fire, you need to know more about this place! Walking by sight each day will "see" yourself straight to Hell when you die. Put it another way, if you only do what you see and think is good until your death, Eternal Damnation is your Eternal Destination. There is only One God and only One Way to escape this place called Hell! Where Will You Call Home?

Believe it or not, Father God never sends anyone to Hell. We send ourselves by the choices we make and who we serve in this life or existence. If we choose this "World" over the Lord God of Heaven Elohim (I Am That I Am), we will end up in Hell. If we serve or worship idols or strange gods, we will end up in Hell. If we never acknowledge the way to Eternal Life, we will end up in Hell. This is why so many who end up in Hell. Many even choose to say there is "no God" and I will still make Heaven my Home, and still end up Hell. There is only One Way to get to Heaven, this the way the One True God El Shaddai (God Almighty) has set forth to do so!

Do you want to know the way? This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus.

What is Faith?

The Tool We Need to Get to the Promise Land!

Faith in What Isn't Seen!
Faith in What Isn't Seen! | Source

What is Faith?

Putting this plainly, "Faith" is a belief, not some name or just a word. When you believe something, you have faith in it. Starting with the basics, when you flip a light switch, you believe the power will come on, right? Whether you have a light plugged in, radio, or a cell phone charging, you want the power to work. When you hit the power button on your computers, TVs, or cell phones even, you believe they will work, right? This still took faith, you believed they would do what you need or want them to do and that is to work.

This goes for a vehicle, every time you get in a vehicle, you expect it to start, right? Even this takes faith! There are several components which must all work together to achieve ignition or to get the motor going! We have become too complacent or comfortable with this world and our existence; we just expect things to just work! Whether we take things for granted or not, the things we do each day still take faith or a belief!

Faith at Work in King Jesus!

Put Your Faith on Higher Things!!
Put Your Faith on Higher Things!! | Source

Do I Really Have Faith?

The answer is Yes! Even for those who would dare say, "There is No God!" Even this statement takes faith, those who say this "Believe" there is "no God" and must always maintain this point of view. Whether they want to acknowledge the "Faith" or not, it still took faith for them to believe this false point of view, which is what they "believe." This is "evil" which is to "Live" Backwards or contrary to The Truth. On the other side of this point of view, to acknowledge there is a God also takes faith as well. Unlike the "No God" point of view, there isn't much work involved to maintain a fact which is in plain view each day!

For those who acknowledge there is a God, our "Faith" helps allow us to "See" His goodness, which in turns keeps our faith alive! There isn't much work we need to do so, because God has already provided the proof we freely acknowledge and it’s all around us!! To say and believe there is "no God", is a constant burden (which is "evil" or to "Live" Backwards), anyone that all who believes or refuses to acknowledge the evidence all around them must carry with them always! Why put yourself through this? So you can live a life as you want (being "evil" or to "Live" Backwards) and do the things you want? Only to end up in a place which is so far from the Lord God El Shaddai (God Almighty), where total misery, pain and suffering rule! Whether you acknowledge there is a God now in this life or the next, at some point you will realize the Lord God of Heaven Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty) is real!

Everyone has "Faith" and because of Free Will as Elohim (I Am that I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty) has given us, we can choose to use it as we "See" fit.

You Decide When and Who You Serve? The Choice is Your, just Choose Wisely.

Taking a Leap of Faith?

Faith at Work!
Faith at Work! | Source

Sight Versus Faith

As we already know, walking by sight is going about our lives being guided by the "Self" or our Flesh; carrying out the desires and lust of our hearts to do. "Evil" is to "Live" Backwards. Worshipping things we created or were fashioned by human hands. Even we worship those things which are created; even then faith is still utilized. We believe those gods will hear our worship and will do the bidding or our requests through our sacrifice. Or maybe stave off calamities, which may be about to take place.

As we have seen with the ruins of ancient civilizations, there were many gods. What if those gods within those ancient civilizations were the Fallen Angels? Did anyone every considered this possibility? It would explain why there were so many gods within each of the ancient civilizations. Why the ancient structures which have been left behind all look similar, why we are also unable to replicate the techniques used to build such structures with today technologies. The Fallen Angels are part of the devil's (Lucifer, Satan) kingdom; the worship of them is still the worship of the devil.

Whether for good or bad, it takes "Faith" to do something you believe or believe in. Walking by sight will send you straight to Hell. To walk by Faith in Father God, the Lord God of Heaven El Shaddai (God Almighty) will get you to Heaven through the acknowledgement of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh!

Spiritual Attack Are on the Rise!

They Saw Father God Move Mightily For Them, and Yet...

Moses was Their Prophet of God and They Still Walked by Sight?!?
Moses was Their Prophet of God and They Still Walked by Sight?!? | Source

The Children of Israel Walked by What...?

When the Children of Israel or Jacob in the Old Testament, saw the manifestations of the Lord God of Heaven upon Egypt, they walked initially believed God would do as He said He would. At this time, Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) raised Moses to become the deliverer for the Children of Israel to be set free from bondage in Egypt. The people of Israel cried out to the Lord and He heard them, and through Moses, He did set Israel free! The plagues of Egypt the Children of Israel witnessed, the Red Sea being parted and walking on dry ground, they all saw this!

Because they initially had faith, they were able to see the Power and Might of Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty)! Over time, they began to lose sight of the fact that the Lord God was doing the manifestations through Moses, the Children of Israel began to hold Moses in higher regard than Father God. A good example of this, in the book of Exodus, when Moses was on Mount Sinai for 40 days and 40 nights, the Children of Israel didn't know there whereabouts of Moses. So what did they do? They sought after their own god and made a molten image, a golden calf and worshipped it. They created a god they could "see," even after witnessing all of which Father God El Shaddai had done for them in Egypt and at the Red Sea?!

Even now, Human Nature hasn't changed. We would still rather walk by "Sight" verse by "Faith!"

The Lord Jesus is the Only Way!!

There is No Other Way to Come to the Father!!
There is No Other Way to Come to the Father!! | Source

The One Way to Get to the One True God, Elohim, El Shaddai!!!

There is only One True God and this is Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty), the God of All Creation!! That's right, He is the Lord God of Heaven who created you, me and everyone on the planet! Not to mention everything else we "see" and can't see either, Father God created "All!!" There is nothing in which He didn't create! Whether you believe it or not, "Our" Heavenly Father didn't create darkness or any vile thing. The one responsible is not Father God; the one responsible is the devil (Lucifer, Satan), who brought darkness and vile things into Creation. When Father God Elohim established Creation in the Beginning, He said it was "Good!"

The way to get to El Shaddai is through the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Son! This takes "Faith" to acknowledge what Jesus did when He walked on this Earth. That Jesus died for you, me and everyone on the Planet! Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life! None can come onto the Father but by Him. There is no other way and Jesus is the "Way!" It’s so simple, if you will confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord" and Believe (Have "Faith") that Father God raised Jesus from the dead, you will be Saved! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

This will begin your Walk by "Faith", rather than by "sight."

Will You Make Heaven Your Home?

The Choice is Still Yours!
The Choice is Still Yours! | Source

Walking by Faith Will Lead to Heaven!

As we have discussed, walking by sight will lead you to a one way ticket straight to Hell! Even for those who never acknowledge the saving grace of the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ in their life before they die, they will call Hell their Eternal Home and will forever be without Father God. This is why Pulling People Out of the Fire is so necessary! Only Through the Lord Jesus, this is possible and this can be done. I can write article after article, I could never save anyone!! I can only show where to go and who to call upon, the Lord Jesus has the Power to Change your Life and your Eternal Destiny!! Where Will You Call Home for All Eternity?

The Lord Jesus Christ has already accomplished everything which needed to be completed to bring people to salvation! Which is Why Humanity Needs Jesus and to understand How Great is Father God El Shaddai! The Lord Jesus going to the cross and dying for our sins was Father God's Plan for Salvation! The Lord God of Heaven loved "Us" Humanity, Enough to Die for "Us." Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh died on the cross for "Us" Humanity, so "We" Humanity will not have to go to Hell!! By coming to the knowledge of the sacrifice the Lord Jesus made for us, we can call Heaven Home when we die and forever Live with Him!

The Downfall of the World's Superpower, the United States!?!

The Death of America?!?
The Death of America?!? | Source

Could the Past Repeat Itself?

America and so many other Nations were once founded on Biblical Principles! This may seem like the time for a joke, this is the truth! Most of the "Western" World countries at some point were under biblical teachings within their respective governments. This also includes most of Europe, not just America.

At present, the Lord God of Heaven El Shaddai is not allowed in the classrooms of the schoolyards; He is not allowed in making government decisions, or in any financial dealing either. Let's see, what do each of these arenas look like now? Gun Violence in Schools, Teachers having Sex with their young students, teenage pregnancy, drugs in the schools!?! Congress and the Senate are divided on issues? The Financial Markets are on the verge of total collapse, money has no real value or buying power? Sounds like these areas where God is no longer allowed, sound very chaotic, crazy or even off base, don't they? Well, to add insult to injury, there is now a bathroom issue today!?! Proving everything is headed for the toilet and fast!! Even those of little "Faith" can clearly see which way this world is heading, can you?

A nation where the Lord God of Heaven, Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty) is the reason for its existence can stand together as one mighty nation! It had the Lord God of Heaven on its side, who could stand against it? A nation where Father God is not a part of will fall, be destroyed and/or wiped off the face of the Earth! There are plenty of examples of this with the ancient civilizations of the past! From Sodom and Gomorrah, the Mayans, the Egyptians, the Aztec, Ancient Thailand, Ancient India and so forth!

At present, it would seem like a matter of time before the United States America will face these same judgments. Is It Possible the USA be about to face the same ruins of the Ancient Civilizations of Old or the Judgments of the Lord God? Could America's Downfall and the End of the American “Way” of Life be about to Take Place, Like Sometime Beginning This Decade?!?

If so, the time to come to know the Lord Jesus is now, look at the state of America and the rest of this "World?" Idol worship is everywhere in North America, lawlessness is on the rise, riots in the cities, defenseless children in harm’s way, police brutality, need I go on!?! Time is Short, Prepare and be ready for what is coming! Come to Jesus now, don't wait, Father God is about to Judge America and the Whole World!! How Much Time is Left to Prepare?

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

The Downfall Of America

This Too Shall Pass!

Dealing with Attacks from Darkness!
Dealing with Attacks from Darkness! | Source

Walking in Faith and My Experiences!!

Here Lately, Being Spiritually Attacked is almost unreal! However, this proves without a doubt, I am doing the Will of Elohim (I Am That I Am). If I wasn't getting attacked like so many others who are sharing the same things, I would be very concerned as to why not. How come some are being attacked and other are not? This would be the question I would be asking myself. For those who are doing, seeking and following the Will of Father God, bring people to Salvation or sharing the Good News of the Lord Jesus. They are the ones Being Spiritually Attacked by the enemy of Father God. Putting this plainly, because we are Pulling People Out of the Fire, the devil (Lucifer, Satan) is making every attempt to weaken those who are still following the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ! This should also help those Christian who are still asleep to wake up. God in the Flesh, the Lord Jesus Christ is very obviously about to Appear in the Clouds! Are you awake? Are you willing to be attacked for the Lord Jesus sake?

I share this to both warn people and to comfort those who are experiencing these things. The attacks are becoming insane and are being attempted by bolder, newer entities! Can anyone else confirm this as well? It’s like they are almost, almost not afraid of the Name of the Lord Jesus but they can't stand the Power of His Blood!! In this time right now, we need to cling as close to the Lord Jesus as possible and be Taking Authority in Jesus Christ! I am saying this from my experience and I am also reminding myself, we need to totally let go of this world and the things of it. I am not afraid of these new entities and neither should you.

I will say, I wonder if they will be the one whom many shall see during the Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period? If they are, whoa if you are one of them who does! If you still love this world as a Christian, let it go, you really don't want to be Left Behind!! Wake up now, don't be Lukewarm for "Jesus will Spit You Out of His Mouth!" This is what the Bible states, don't be Lukewarm, be Hot or Be On Fire for The Lord Jesus now!! The world which is soon coming, there will be No Peace and the things you could only imagine in your Dreams but will be in Real-time, Bold-face, In Your Face Reality!!! Not Virtual, Semi-Real, Partially Real but a Real "Visible" Reality!!! Because of the Lifting of The Veil of Protection, the once "Invisible" will no longer be invisible. The Days of Darkness will truly be Dark Days indeed and The Tribulation Period will be a part of History, Humanity wished they could forget.

The Time to Wake Up is Now, those who still sleep and Love this world, Wake Up! To those who don't know the Lord Jesus yet, come to Him and you too can escape this "World" which is about to unfold very soon! The creatures from the Horror Films will be a reality; no longer will those be films you watch at the theatre or a movie house. They will be seen with the naked eye and you will wished it was still just a movie!! The Evil "Invisible" creatures will become "Visible" and Life will be much more insane!!!

Are You Awake? Are You Ready? God in the Flesh, the Lord Jesus Christ will be Here Soon and the World will never be the same Afterwards!!

Are You Ready to Meet Jesus? Get Ready Now!! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

Cast Your Vote!

Who Would You Rather Meet?

See results

Our Only Hope is in Jesus Christ!

Without Him, We Have No Hope!!
Without Him, We Have No Hope!! | Source

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