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Do You See the "Signs" of the Times?!? (6/19/2016, Message#12)

Updated on March 3, 2019


Well, Have You?
Well, Have You? | Source

The Physical, Tangible Evidence!!

Why does everyone want to see Physical and Tangible Evidence to believe something? Even Master Yoda stated "sight is overrated and can be fooled." Even the Bible says the same thing, "We" Walk By Faith, Not By Sight and I wonder where Master Yoda got his saying? Maybe he knows the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth) as well. There have been plenty of times where I have felt things long before I ever saw them or could see them. Depending on what kind of feeling you are experiencing, you know whether the unseen entity is good, bad or extremely evil.

The "Signs" of the Times are all around us and yes, we can see them! The Question is, Are You Paying Attention? Do You Know We Are Indeed the "Final" Generation?

Whoa, a Very Big "Sign!"

The "Signs" of the Times!?!

Go Ahead, Call Me Crazy!

Say What You Want, I Can Hang!
Say What You Want, I Can Hang! | Source

Call Me Crazy!!

In February 2015 at the time of the 49th Super Bowl, I told my friends and family that the Broncos and Peyton Manning will win Super Bowl 50 in 2016. This was a full year before it happened; if I was a betting man, I would have made so much money and my family would even want some of it!! However, I am not a betting man and yet I still knew even then this would happen. Once 2016 rolled around, I had been reading the Bible as I shared in TeamSTM's Preparation Before the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. By the time and even before Super Bowl 50 started, I was getting the feeling this would be the last Super Bowl; the last World Series had already taken place and the last NBA Finals this Year, 2016. True I hadn't finished reading the Bible before Super Bowl 50; I did start receiving this feeling or sense anyhow.

As I shared in TeamSTM's Preparation Before the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, I started removing myself away from Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and so many other "Worldly" distractions (The Devices of the Enemy). I guess in doing so, I was beginning to receive clarity of the spirit and could better ascertain the signs of the times, if you will. Many people trust their news programs, local, state and even the federal governments more than Father God's Establishment and Warnings! Even though I am willing to share my points of view, attempt to help others and try to get them to see where we are. No one seems to care or take the warnings seriously anymore, unless their news programs, local, state or federal governments tell them?!?

What they don't realize is they won't tell you!! Because they don't care about you, those agencies are like most people, only for themselves. Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty) will, and has been telling you!! Yet, no one is listening to Him and I am having a hard time trying to get this point across! Time is Short and "We" need to be Ready!!! The World as We Know and are Very, Extremely Comfortable With is About to Change Forever!!!!

Prophecy Update!

The Year the "World" Changes?!?

Five Minutes to Midnight!!
Five Minutes to Midnight!! | Source
2017, the Year of "Change!"
2017, the Year of "Change!" | Source

The Significance of 2016!

So far, 2016 has been a most unusual year! It started off in January as the warmest on record; many still don't know this or even remember. Everyone is too focused on the "Here and Now" to be bothered. Believe it or not, this was an early warning from Father God! Pay Attention, Something is Coming!!

The last Super Bowl in Human History has already taken place and will not be another one after this year. Again, "Call Me Crazy!" I have broad shoulders; I can handle whatever you say about me. Even in places which normally receive snow in January didn't have much, if any at all and yet Another sign from Father God. This Year in particular, Father Jehovah God has been speaking very loudly. I was starting to hear Him, even when I wasn't totally being obedient and it wasn't until March 2016 when I started getting my act together.

Look around you; do you really think everything which is going on the right now in world is normal? Or are you, like I was so many entangled into "your" little worlds, that you can't see or ascertain the bigger picture? So, "We" Are Indeed the "Final" Generation? Well?

Earth After the Rapture Vision!

Taking Land From Israel?!?

God Will Not Allow This!
God Will Not Allow This! | Source

More Signs for 2016!!

By now, we have probably seen the last World Series and I am sure most of you could tell me who won. I didn't watch the game, Baseball is okay, it has not my thing since my childhood. We probably have even seen the last "Masters" Golf Tournament this Summer of 2016 and the Olympics Games of 2016. During this Spring 2016, there was plenty of record heat all over the globe! Even with all of these signs, there have been plenty of distractions! New reality shows, new season of current TV programs, new Movies, New video games (Pokémon Go), etc. Do you really think this is just marketing to entertain? Why couldn't all of this simply be a means to keep you preoccupied from noticing the "Sign of the Times," which are going on all around you? Well what event could all of these distractions really be trying to keep people from Seeing, Knowing and Hearing about? These are The Devices of the Enemy!!!

Since the 1960's to at present, the "World" has been trying to take land from Israel. Could the number 50 be of even Greater Importance? (More on this Later) Here lately, there has been an even Bigger push for this! The Bible clearly states, Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) Will Not Allow This to Happen!! How Great is Father God Elohim? Yet, world governments are still attempting to do so. Do you really think God is not aware of this fact? Did anyone hear or notice the "Peace Deal" that took place in France? Does anyone know what just happened in France, during the time of this "peace" deal the month, June 2016?

Hero Mom Fights man trying to kidnap her daughter in a Dollar General Store

Notice 2016 Has No "Blood" Moons Scheduled!

Its Just a Mere Coincidence!! Right?
Its Just a Mere Coincidence!! Right? | Source

Warning, Warning..., Danger Ahead!!

Whether you Realize this or not, the World as a Whole is speeding toward a One World Government at record Speeds!! All the people of the World want things to be Fixed or restored to the ways of old, Life and simple pleasures. What looks like will happen is people will more than likely, open the door for one man to have all of the answers and will mislead the whole world. Are you Paying Attention!?!

I am still not sure of how to reach people, it seems this "World" has consumed them and they actually "Love" it!?! Whoa indeed! I was lead to share There Isn't Much Time Left to Prepare and no one seems to be interested! More signs of strange animal die off are occurring all over the planet and no one seem to notice! Grown men attempting to prey on young girls in broad daylight, even being caught on camera and people still can't see what's soon coming. This will be the norm folks. "Hide your kids, Hide your wife..." this will not work in the coming days ahead! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!!

I am willing to bet, many folks didn't even know we had a Blood Moon on March 23rd, 2016. That's right, an unscheduled, unforeseen Blood Moon for 2016!!

What more will it take for people to see, dark days are fast approaching and will be here shortly?!?

Not to mention, there is another Unscheduled Boon Moon to take place on September 16th, 2016 and this makes this Blood Moon Sequence a Hexad, not a Pentad or a Tetrad!!! It is Clearly time to Prepare Your Hearts for Eternity!!

It's Now a Pentad!!! 5 Blood Moons!

The Warnings are Slowing and Now the Final Warning!!!

This is Not a Good Sign, Father God is About to Make a Move!!
This is Not a Good Sign, Father God is About to Make a Move!! | Source
Yup, Just Before the Rapture!!! The Final Warning!!!
Yup, Just Before the Rapture!!! The Final Warning!!! | Source

Soon the Warnings Will Stop!

I am already beginning to notice fewer Warnings are being given. Those who are listening and waiting on the Lord are still receiving them; they are just not as frequent. Refer to Father God and YouTube and yet, this is also another sign, which indicates something is quickly approaching! Could it be The Tribulation Period is About to Begin? If so, this would mean the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is even closer than the Tribulation!! How Much Time Is Left to Prepare? I may be wrong here, I am getting the feeling people are tired of being under "Grace!" People actually want a "Sign" which God is Real!! The Bible warns not to tempt the Lord! However, what do you think The Tribulation Period really is, Bunnies and Bubble Gum!?! These are the Biblical Days of Darkness as described in the Books of Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel and Isaiah.

We need to be careful what we ask for, at any rate, this was all foretold thousands of years before! Now it is about to come to pass, the Rapture of the Bride and the Seven Year Tribulation are both about to happen!!! Darkness Will Fall and Life as We Know will be Forever Changed! Whether You Know It or Not, This is Elohim's Story!!

The Signs of The Lord Jesus Coming is Clear, the Final Warning and Sign is the Great Falling Away! Please Watch the Video Just Below and Make Sure, Your Lamp is Full of Oil!!! Also Your Attention, Focus and Love is Truly Upon the Lord Jesus Christ, More Than Anything Else!! Spend Time With Him, He Still Desires Your Attention and So Many Need Him More Than They Know or Could Ever Realize!!!

The Final Warning and Sign Just Before the Pre-Tribulation Rapture!!! The Great Falling Away!!

Message From Jesus!

Test the Word of Jehovah God!

Time is Short, Never Too Short for Salvation!
Time is Short, Never Too Short for Salvation! | Source

Don't Test Me or Man, Test the Bible!!

As I have mentioned within my various HubPages, Father Jehovah God is the answer to Humanity through the Lord Jesus Christ! He is the Lord of all and has the answers to all things! If you really want to know why 2016 is significant, go to the Lord Jesus, I can't change anyone. I don't have this power and nor do I want to, which is a responsibility I couldn't bear. According the Israeli's, this year 2016, is 5776 the year of the return of their Messiah! They, like the Gentiles are expecting the return of the Lord Jesus! However as whole, the Israeli nation doesn't know Yeshua Hamashiach is there True Messiah yet. They will and soon, they are nonetheless expecting someone to show up at some point very soon. I bet you think this is a coincidence, right?

5776 the Coming Messiah!!

The "Time" for Salvation is Now, Don't Wait!

The Sign are Everywhere, Are You Watching?!
The Sign are Everywhere, Are You Watching?! | Source

The Time for Preparation is Now, Today, This Very Moment!

This Life we live today, right now means nothing and by default we will end up in Hell. If we live out each day until we die, by default, we automatically go to Hell. I can't make this anymore plain. This pains me more than anything knowing this! I have asked Where Will You Call Home? In this article, there is a video which shows how real Hell is and what many are right now, this very instant are experiencing there in that place of "Total" separation from Jehovah God!!

If I never write or share another HubPage, watch this video, it may just change your Eternity!!! It changed mine and I was already seeking to know more about the Goodness of God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ; now I feel the strongest need to outreach more than ever!! We are to be Pulling People Out of the Fire, for Now, “Today” Is The Day For Redemption! You don't want to find out Hell is real, once you do, it’s too late! Watch the "Hell" video in Where Will You Call Home, pray and seek Jesus! This Video Will Change Your Life, think of it as a walkthrough of the place called Hell! Even for Those Who Have Sold Themselves and their souls to the devil (Lucifer, Satan). The Lord Jesus Christ can still free you from bondage! This Video might just scare you right out of the "Fire," "Misery" and "Torment" of this place!!

If you don't want to make Hell, Eternal Damnation your reality for all Eternity!! Now is the time to meet the Lord Jesus Christ, the one who can change your Eternal Destination forever! You too can become "free" of your default setting of making Hell your Eternal home. Confess with your Mouth "Jesus is Lord" and believe with your Heart that Jehovah God raised Jesus from the Dead and you will be Saved from Hell!!

Prayer of Salvation

The Bible is Being Proved Correct!!

This Isn't a Mere Coincidence!!
This Isn't a Mere Coincidence!! | Source

The Signs are All Around, Can You See Them?

There are many books in the Bible which talk about the Signs of the Latter Days or the End Times. There will be signs in the Sun, the Moon; the Stars and in the Earth! Yet many people will boldly proclaim, this all normal, there is nothing to be concerned about, Seriously? Wake up, put down your cell phones, get off of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon; Stop watching the Reality Shows and Mindless Programs for a bit, these are The Devices of the Enemy! Take a look at what's going on all around you and you to will "See" with your own eyes and "Hear" with your own ears that we are in the Latter Days! Father Jehovah God has been warning us for quite some time! Not to mention, many of you may or may not even notice the difference in just being "unplugged" from the distractions and the difference it made for you in that moment. Do it now, while we are still under The Age of Grace.

This "World," which so many love is becoming darker everyday and the story where the mother fights off the guy trying to take her daughter from her is no big deal to so many!! This is so sad, no one in the store tried to help the mother, no one!!! Does anyone see where this "World" you "Love" is going, Can You See It?!? For this is the reason the "World" is becoming so dark or evil is on the rise, A “Portal” Has Been Opened! So Look Up, For Your Redemption Draws Nigh!!

The End is Here Now!?! There's Not Enough Time!!!

Are You Paying Attention?

What Do You Feel is Coming or Can You Feel or Sense Anything?

See results

Is It "Time" for Something "Big" Fast Approaching?

The End of the Age of Grace is Almost Over!!
The End of the Age of Grace is Almost Over!! | Source

Does Anyone Know the "Time?"

It would seem as of recent, that "Time" has been moving or going by so fast!! It seems like yesterday, it was time to ring in the "New Year," Jan. 1, 2016!! Now look, it’s already About to be the Autumn Season Already!! I mean each day is going by faster and faster. If I was still on Facebook, Twitter and so forth, "Time" would probably be going by even faster still!! Based on this fact alone, many people should get off those social media sites, or try to reduce the "Time" spent on them. Maybe even stop or reduce the "Time" spent watching mindless programs. Maybe, just maybe people could see and know "Time" is short and they to need to prepare to meet their maker, literally!!

"Time" goes by for me and I have a new direction and purpose. So I know many of you have to notice "Time" flying by in your little worlds as well! If you haven't, then God Help You, so you to may "See" and notice the "Time" we are living! Something "Big" is about occur, "Time" is literally racing toward it! Can you Feel it, Can you Sense It? Or am I all Alone? This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!!

This Could Be You!!

The Number 50?!

Several Events have Happened in the Previous Fifty Years!
Several Events have Happened in the Previous Fifty Years! | Source

The Number "50," Why So Significant!?!

This Year 2016, we have witnessed the 50th Super Bowl, the NBA Cavaliers won the 1st Championship in 50 Years and the world has been attempting to take land from Israel for about 50 Years as well. Not to mention the band named ABBA, they also celebrated their 50th Anniversary this year, 2016! According to the Bible, ABBA is another Name for Father God Jehovah, El Shaddai. During their 50th Anniversary performance, the group ABBA turns their back to the crowd. To most people this would be no big deal, it’s just part of the show.

ABBA in the Bible is another name for Father God Elohim; this group by no means represents the Father. However, it's not a coincidence that the band turns their backs to the crowd during their 50th Anniversary performance. This is what Father God is about to do to this "World!" Then Everyone will Know Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty) is Real and The Age of Grace will be over!! God has been very patient with us, allowing us to freely come to Him and even freely ignore Him, if we so choose. I can't emphasize enough, time is short and the "Signs" of the "Times" are all around, Pay Attention and you Will Notice Them for Yourself!!

There is Obviously a Build Up, Can You See the Signs... And What is To Come?!?

What Do The Pope, UN, And Orlando ALL Have In Common?

The Time for King Jesus to Appear is Very Near!!!

Time is Almost Up!!!
Time is Almost Up!!! | Source

The Lord Jesus is the Reason for the "Season!" His Appearance is Imminent!

I hear People say all the time I need a “Sign,” then I will believe and accept Jesus Christ. We have been receiving “Signs” and these signs have been of the Spirit manifesting in the Physical or Earthly Realm, “Our” domain. It has been pressed upon me to share these two recent “Signs.”

First off, I just created Come Back to Your First Love on 7/26/2016. Guess how many words it took to write this article… Well? It took 2016 words and I didn’t notice this until I was about half through transferring from Microsoft Word to the HubPage Hub Creation Template!?!?! What Year is it again, Um Oh Yeah, 2-0-1-6!!! Whoa, Dude Whoa! 0_o (This is Major "Sign," Something is Going to Happen This Year!!)

The next thing and unlike most people, I prefer to do my oil change on my vehicle when the engine is cold. In my experience; I used to go and get oil changes. There would still be old oil in with the new oil or the oil filter wouldn’t be change or something would be wrong. This led me to start doing my own oil changes, so I would clearly know everything was done right and all of the old oil is gone. So this Saturday, my plan was to do my oil change like always. When I got up in the morning and was preparing to do the oil change. In my spirit, I felt very grievous or heavily oppressed about changing my oil on Saturday Morning. Mine you; this has never happened to me before. So I didn’t change my oil, for Saturday is the Sabbath Day, the day of rest! Just like reading in the Bible, no work of any kind should be done on this day, for it is Holy! Once I made the decision not to do my oil change, I was okay and I was back to normal.

Something else comes to mind, we must also be so very close to the End of The Age of Grace, the Rapture of the Bride of Christ and the Lifting of The Veil. All of these happen at the same time and what follows this is the Dark Days of The Tribulation Period!! Father God is about ready to begin dealing with His Original Bride, Israel!! God Bless and I hope this “Sign” will help you realize where we are in God’s History!!

All of the Signs Point To...

When The Clouds Part...

Will You Be Ready?!?
Will You Be Ready?!? | Source

2016 Has Been Seen Twice in Less Than a Week and It Had Some Company...!

I know people love “Signs” and pay oh so close attention to them. I say this with as much sarcasm as I can muster. One of my recent HubPages on 8/4/2016, Father God El Shaddai is In Control, there where exactly 2016 words used to create this Hub. These are two Hubs in less than a Week!!! What Year is it again folks 2-0-1-6!!! If this wasn’t enough, the latest 2 dreams I shared on my TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions HubPage, it was 333 words in writing this section! I didn’t notice either of these until I had saved my final copy!!! Wow, Whoa and Oh My Goodness!!

Are You Paying Attention!?! Something is Going to Happen This Year, If you Don't Know Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior, the Time is Now!! There's not Enough Time and if this doesn't convince you... There's more!

This will be yet another “Sign,” the dream I just shared on my TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions was exactly 777 words! I don’t think you get this or the last one! Father God gave me two dreams, when I wrote the first two dreams down on 8/4/2016; the first one of His dreams was exactly 333 words!!! The second dream I shared from 8/6/2016, from Father God was 777 words!!! Do you see it now; the numbers 3 and 7 pertain to God the Father. These are indeed His dreams and His Numbers are all over them!

Please pay attention, this is Huge!!! Please, I hope you are getting this, Father God is pouring out His Spirit upon all Flesh and He is trying to warn all who will listen!! Please don't miss this chance, it may never come again! 2-0-1-6, 7-7-7, and 3-3-3, what more do you need?!?

As if one set of 333's wasn't already enough, the recent update to Lifting of The Veil, the very last section: "The Strange Sounds and Confirmation From Others!!" It is now exactly 333 words long, this just keeps happening!! I just finished doing a read through and an update on Why Be Ye Rapture Ready on 8/8/2016. I was being led of the Holy Spirit to make some changes to this HubPage. Anyway, as I was doing this the section titled: "How Can I Personally Prepare?" It is exactly 333 words within Why Be Ye Rapture Ready!!!! o_0

If this doesn't get your attention, I don't know what will!?! There is something about to happen and soon, 3's which represent the Trinity or Triune and 7's which mean Completion or Perfection, these don't just occur like this!! So let's review in a week’s time, we have two sets of 2016's, three sets of 333's and one set of 777. Not to mention, there are still Fires and Floods happening worldwide. Father God is Really Telling "Us" something, are you listening, are you paying attention and can you see the Signs?!?

Chosen Explosion House Church, Explains the Number 333!

Seeing More Number Signs!?!

The Year 2016, the Number 7 and Plenty of 3's!!
The Year 2016, the Number 7 and Plenty of 3's!! | Source

More 333’s Are Appearing!!!

In about than 2 weeks’ time, we have seen 2016, 777 and now 333. Well guess what, there are now 3 more sets of 333 within one new HubPage!!! Within I Am Just Too B-U-S-Y, there are three section which so happen to be 333 words long and I didn’t notice until moments ago!! From 7/26/2016 to 8/10/2016, there have been several “Signs” and they all surround different HubPages. The thing is this, people from everywhere; different walks of Life are seeing these same numbers! So the fact that this is happening to these HubPages is not unusual, Surprising but not unusual.

With I Am Just Too B-U-S-Y, the section which says: The “B” in B-U-S-Y is for “Burdened!” is exactly 333 words. This is not by chance; this can be stated here because there are three more sections which confirm this! The section which also has 333 words is: The “Y” in B-U-S-Y is for “Yoke!” The last set of 333 words is: This is What B-U-S-Y Really Means!?! All of these sections are within I Am Too B-U-S-Y! Whoa Man, Wow and Dude, No Way!!! 0_o

There is a new section which now has 333 Words as of 8/20/2016; apparently I wasn't finished with I Am Just Too B-U-S-Y. The New Section to have 333 words is: The “S” in B-U-S-Y is for “Satan,” of all places, the Lord's Number still surrounds this one. So you are still protected when reading this section, The Lord God is Far Greater than the influence of the devil. Not to mention, there a section which now has 222 words: "These Distractions Keep my Mind Occupied?!?" This is the 2nd set of 222's I have seen and the other set is shared in the comment section of this HubPage!

This is now what, more than a dozen number “Signs” in a very short time span. From Dreams, to actual HubPages and even sections within HubPages! Like the Bible says: “In the Latter Days, I (Father God) will pour out my Spirit upon All Flesh.” He is indeed doing this and even using information within these HubPages to prove this fact. This is Proof Father God is Clearly About to Make a Major, Mighty Move! Can you now see and are you going to be ready in-time? This is why Father God said we need to be Encouraging Others, Time is So Short! If this frightens you, there is still time to turn things around and come to Jesus, which is what this is all about. Only He can give you Peace and True Security! Do You Need Some? Now You Know Where to Find It!

Father God is Pouring Out His Spirit!

He Is Doing So Upon All Flesh!
He Is Doing So Upon All Flesh! | Source

Look Folks, Yet Another Sign!!!

On 8/11/2016, the Lord God gave another message to create, Being Spiritually Attacked. Guess how many word it took to create this HubPage!! 2016 Words!!! What Year is it again folks, Yup 2-0-1-6. From 7/26/2016 Come Back to Your First Love was the first HubPage with 2016 words and Father God Jehovah is In Control, on 8/4/2016. That 3 HubPages, messages from Father He asked me to create which are 2016 words each!!! Something is going to Happen this year, Father God is indeed pouring His Spirit upon All Flesh, the “Signs are Everywhere!

As if the 2016 “Sign” wasn’t enough, there are 4 Sections within this Lord God given message which have 333 Word contain in them, on This New HubPage!! Are The Attacks Increasing!?! o_0, being the first one, Who Are The Ones Being Attacked and Why?, Give Your All to Jesus!, and Want to Meet or Know Jesus For Yourself? All of these sections have 333 Words in a HubPage, Given by Jehovah which also has 2016 Words in total!!!

Are You Listening!

As if the last update wasn't enough, now there's more! The 8th HubPage for the 8th Month of this Calendar Year (2016) has 8 sections which also have 333 Words! By the Sounding of the Shofar, This Will Be the Greatest Altar Call, In the History of “Us” All, is what was placed in my spirit to share. This HubPage is double Being Spiritually Attacked, which has only 4 sections which have 333 words each. This New HubPage is surrounded by number 8, which represents a New Beginning and there are 3 of them!! Father God is Clearly About to Make a Major, Mighty Move!! The real questions, will you be ready for Jesus Christ, before He Makes His Move!

Can You See The Signs?

The Signs of the Times Are Indeed Visible!!
The Signs of the Times Are Indeed Visible!! | Source

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