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Using Hearing Aids

Updated on October 22, 2011

Man is a social animal, and to be social the sense one needs the most is to hear what the people around him/her are saying. Helen Keller once said and I quote, “I would rather be blind than to be deaf, because being deaf will deprive me of communicating with the world around me”.

But unfortunately not all of us are thankful to God for this precious gift and often take it for granted. This is the very reason the very lifestyle of ours is hazardous to our hearing ability. Our lifestyle is constantly damaging the fragile organ of our inner ear.

So unless you do something about your lifestyle regarding your hearing ability even if you don’t have a hearing problem now the chances are that you will in the future. For those of you who already have this problem can use different type of hearing aids as per your doctor suggests you. 

Getting Familiar With The Hearing Aid

Unlike vision correction the science of hearing has not yet been able to correct the sense to its utmost perfection. It is a fact we all must understand and take measures to over come this short coming as efficiently as possible. People don’t get used to the hearing aid right away and thus face problems in using the device to its full potential. Following are the few tips a new user of hearing aid must keep in mind to prevent difficulties.

  • Interacting with others.
  • Communicating on the telephone.
  • Maintenance of the gadget.
  • Tuning in to television and radio.

Interacting With Others

Your hearing aid must never come in between you and the people around you. You must feel free talk to them normally as if there is no gadget in your ear. Your hearing aid must not let you hinder your social activities.

You must understand the fact that even the people with perfectly good hearing abilities find it difficult to concentrate when many people are talking at the same time. So don’t worry it’s perfectly okay, pay special attention to the person you want to communicate with. If possible move closer to that person so can hear him/her even in a better way.

Communicating On The Telephone

Communicating on the telephone is often difficult even for the people with normal hearing abilities because of certain distortions and misunderstandings. However the thing you must remember is to consult your doctor before you get the gadget is to which gadget will suite you the best relating to your medical condition when talking on the telephone.

For some patients it is required to improve the amplifier of the gadget, for some it’s the kind of microphone that will be installed in the particular gadget and for some all you need is to burn a program in the gadget. So there are many ways but what suites you in your case only your doctor will be able to tell you the best. 

Maintenance Of The Gadget

Maintaining your gadget will make it serve you better and servicing it every now and then will make it last reasonably longer and you won’t have to spend tons and tons of money again and again.

So don’t forget to ask your audiologist to show you the correct way to clean your gadget without damaging it. Demand the right kind of tools to clean the gadget form your audiologist. Always keep your ears wax free and clean them also carefully. Remember never to go to bed while your gadget is in your ear.

Tuning In To Television And Radio

It is never necessary to hear the exact word to word of what is being aired on the radio or the television but to your surprise most people using hearing aids are content with only understanding the comprehensive meaning of what is being said.

However radio and televisions can be fine tuned. What you have to understand is that at times people speak to fast and it’s really difficult to understand each and every word they say but as long as you understand what message is being delivered its perfectly okay. However the option of closed captioning can be very helpful.

So if you have this problem, try using hearing aids and feel your life easy.


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    • profile image

      Ted Shields 6 years ago

      Excellent description. Loss of Hearing is a serious problem as quite a few of our elders experience some level of hearing loss every year. Thanks for providing this great information.

    • profile image

      Houston Hearing Aids 7 years ago

      Hearing aids are of big help to many of us. What we need to make sure is that what would works best for us, better be careful in choosing one.