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Evolution cannot explain symmetry. Why would mindless processes care so much about symmetry?

I believe in God. Yet I have been open to the theory of evolution. Not being open to science is akin to walking with blinders on. Nevertheless, evolution falls short of explaining symmetry. A mindless, practical process would look for function and not form. Yet the vast amounts of different forms of life reflect symmetry and exaggerated attention to detail. A lot of attention has been paid to form and function, not just function. One cannot deny the beauty in life, from plants to monkeys to fish to humans. Why so much attention to beauty. Attention equals a designer.

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junkseller says

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21 months ago
  • El Shaddai 2016 profile image

    El Shaddai 2016 21 months ago

    Hello junkseller,

    At the beginning of time, when life began, evolutionists would have us believe that there was no mind or purpose. Life just began out of nothing.

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