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Females in the Nursing Profession

Updated on February 5, 2014

The Woman with the Lamp

Nightingale's Foundation and its Fault

Florence Nightingale who was a strong and outstanding female made a very great impact as the mother or founder of the nursing profession, yet you and I know that the problem had been from the beginning. We should not forget that the birth of the nursing profession as a result of the effort of Florence was however made in a plot to increase the integrity and dignity of females and upgrade their place and value in the society. This indeed made almost a feminine profession . Since her sole purpose of stumbling into the profession was to help the females who are been molested and not well treated in their own era.

Florence majorly had the females in mind in the nursing profession. In her quest to show, care and love the less privileged and the bereaved made her succumb to anything or areas that come in order to help and assist those in need. Females exhibit a very high emotion and therefore are prone to doing anything in order to ward off such emotion, this in one way affects the growth of the nursing profession today in that nurses can accept or agree to do anything even though its not part or below there work as a nurse. You will agree with me if you wish that it is very difficult for a person with a swinging emotion, or who is greatly controled by his emotion to successfully lead a profession especially a profession like that of nursing where empathy is needed.

On one hand, Florence as a loving and caring person accepted or agrees to take the position of a cleaner in the then hospital in order to fulfill her ambition, she did not do this alone but did it along with other young females. Since females then were not regarded in the society. She helped in cleaning of wounds (whether stained or not stained with blood), cleaned the patient body as well as cleaning the patient environment. She regarded all this as major work of females.

It can be said categorically that despite the zeal and love that characterized the service of Florence, the vision is short-sighted. This is seen in the daily practice of nurses that instead of a wide and broad advancement in the practice, what they now have is modernize or procedurized way of cleaning wounds.

The New Generation Nurses

The Old Foundation and the Present day Female Nurses

On the other hand, nursing profession was regarded as a work that needs no formal education and that anyone who is not academically alright or is a dullard could just pick up, but thanks to Nightingale who organized the first mini school of nursing, although crude yet lays the foundation for continuing education in nursing. It baffles me nowadays why in some parts of the world, some old or senior nurses still do not believe in continuing education, perhaps there is nothing more to study?

Or better still, should we say that females are so much involved in family care that females are so much involved in family care that they lack time or loose interest in continuing education in the nursing profession. The bitter truth is if those working in the clinical area continue to be satisfied with the show of the certificate which is nothing more than mediocrity. It will be very difficult to exalt the image of nursing profession amongst other health professionals. I am not disputing that there may be exceptions in some of my point of veiw, yet i still stand to be corrected.

The Female Philosophy

Females naturally lack the enthusiasm and alacrity needed to move a thing forward although there are exceptions. If nursing is to progress, not just enthusiasm but alacrity is needed. This alacrity is a major component of a rational male. Yes although Nightingale do not have males in mind but, it can be said that there is much ground and opportunity for the nursing profession if males are allowed in their numbers. It rends my heart why in some school of nursing hardly would you see a male admitted. some people out of a callous and subterfuge mind protest against admission of males which I strongly fulminate against.

In conclusion, some one might think the writer is being callous and biased as touching his own views but to be candid, all am saying is if a hen struggles to stay on top of the male (cock) during mating is just a gross waste of time or per adventure, a hen that strives to crow at regular interval obstructing the cock from doing his job is only making things worst . I am not out rightly saying that females are the problem but they are the bedrock of it.


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