What if We (Politically) Vote through Our Facebook Accounts?

  1. God shet profile image60
    God shetposted 3 years ago

    "People want to do good things, they just need a prod sometimes, and what Twitter and other technologies that connect people are showing us is that if you make it a little easier for people then you will enable them to do what they want to do, to help people out, to form groups and do good."

    ~ Evan Williams (Founder & Former CEO of Twitter)


    Well, we vote for local and presidential candidates through the digital machines currently. What if - we change all this and we vote through our fb profiles while at the voting-booths?

    We need to first verify our accounts and link it to our 'social security number' to ensure transparency and reliability of this new system.

    The PLUS point is this:   While the 'conventional voting system' only gathers "YES/NO" data of the people of a society while they are asked to choose the persons who, they feel, would be best fit to handle the society politically - this new system would also include their 'comments' and suggestions - and how people actually feel about the entire society on a whole - and its link to the position and the candidatures in question.

    There is no absolute necessity to hire Facebook and its services to build this new system. We may enact and form an entirely new website designed for this purpose - which then maybe linked to people's Facebook or Twitter profiles - only if they feel comfortable in it.