People from other planets are watching us. Why don't they contact us?

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  1. nextstopjupiter profile image78
    nextstopjupiterposted 10 years ago

    People from other planets are watching us. Why don't they contact us?

  2. donotfear profile image86
    donotfearposted 10 years ago

    Wow, this is an interesting question. First, how do you  know that people from other planets are watching us?  It makes sense that we aren't alone. As far as them contacting us...hmmm, that's a good question.

  3. Mr. Happy profile image87
    Mr. Happyposted 10 years ago

    Well, if there are "people" (would they be people? what if they're giant insects lol) watching us and they are not "saying hi" then, we probably look like the Neanderthal man to them and they want to have absolutely nothing to do with us.

  4. Vincenzo profile image59
    Vincenzoposted 10 years ago

    Check out my Hub - - for my answer

  5. EdG. profile image60
    EdG.posted 10 years ago

    Maybe for them it's like one of those nature shows on Animal Planet and they're just studying us in our natural habitat. After all, if we haven't yet detected them despite all our efforts to find life in outer space, then they must be quite technologically superior to us. In short, we're just animals.

  6. Lady_E profile image67
    Lady_Eposted 10 years ago

    They are contacting you via telepathy, but you need to be in tune.  Let me know if I have any messages. Thx.

  7. Sheila Kemp profile image58
    Sheila Kempposted 9 years ago

    They probably don't have good enough technology to reach us. The closest place to Earth where there is a chance of life is 200 light years far from the Earth. In terms of the universe, this is still a tiny distance, in terms of inter-planetary communication, it's a major distance.

    So I think it's the lack of technology that prevents other close life forms to contact us.

  8. Become! profile image59
    Become!posted 9 years ago

    perhaps they are watching us. perhaps they are contacting us.  we are not sure.  one thing is sure, though....that we are not alone in this universe.

  9. zzron profile image58
    zzronposted 9 years ago

    Maybe their long distance carrier doesn't reach this far.

  10. dabeaner profile image59
    dabeanerposted 9 years ago

    We are watching you to see if you manage to continue surviving or whether you will blow yourselves up or drown in your own #%^# due to the pollution and resource depletion caused by your unlimited overpopulation increase caused by breeding without thought of consequence.

    If you manage, as a race, to gain sanity, then we will officially contact you.

    BTW, sanity means giving up your primitive religions such as Orthodox Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc., and your governments based on greed and power, including the United States, Great Britain, Russia, and China, as well as all the numerous other petty tyrannies such as Cuba, North Korea, and Zimbabwe.

  11. alexgg profile image60
    alexggposted 9 years ago

    But who know the really other planets? Only we can find the other planets and then can contact us.

  12. peterxdunn profile image59
    peterxdunnposted 8 years ago

    We are, at the moment, of no real concern to ET. We haven't yet got the technology that would make us a threat.

    If ever we acquire such technology: the ability to jump across the inter-stellar voids (and we will - read some of my stuff to find out how) then the situation will change.

    Before we are allowed to join the space faring civilizations that are already out there (and they are out there - even astronauts are now coming clean with what they've seen) we will be given - by ET - a set of rules to which we must adhere.

    ET 's concerned about us because we have a propensity for barbarity. He is also concerned because - to achieve inter-stellar travel - we will not only have to overcome the spatial dimensions of SPACETIME but also the temporal dimensions as well. In other words inter-stellar travel also involves TIME TRAVEL - there is no other way in which it could become practicable.

    If we achieved all of that then we would be capable of travelling into ET's past when he wasn't as technologically advanced as he is now. Which would makes us a threat.

    When the time has come: when we are on the cusp of a new technological age, ET will make his presence felt. Believe me.

  13. profile image0
    CAndrewMacDougallposted 8 years ago

    Because they're smart; who WOULD want to contact humanity...?

  14. profile image0
    Lweinbergposted 8 years ago

    Good question, but the answer has thousands of variables. We may be listening for a signal far too late, meaning the 'alien' society has long been extinct by the time we came around. They could be contacting us now, but their radio signals are so slow and sstretched out that we will never notice it. Perhaps they are broadcasting on a freuquency we don't pay any attention to.
         Carl Sagan had even suggested 'aliens' at some point may have contacted early human civilizations, being hailed as gods or spirits. This is called paleocontact. Keep in mind that a lot frauds have run with this idea, and though Sagan said it was possible, he stated it was HIGHLY improbable.
         Another more common theory is that the distance is soooo great between our planets let alone solar systems that we will never manage to have contact.
         Hey, maybe abduction claims are real and in our arrogance, we deny the truth that's right front of us. As Fox Mulder says 'The Truth is Out There'.

  15. profile image48
    albertmusoliniposted 8 years ago

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