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I am a single mom and want to go back to school for web design & development. Wh

  1. Flying Solo profile image79
    Flying Soloposted 8 years ago

    I am a single mom and want to go back to school for web design & development. Where can I apply for

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    NNathanielStockposted 8 years ago

    Check your local college and also look into online schools it greatly depends if you want to go to class or online you can do it in your spare time.You can get finical aid for both.

  3. misterspook profile image54
    misterspookposted 8 years ago

    Community colleges or local state schools can be a great place to start when considering going back for a degree, professional training, etc.  They tend to be largely affordable and usually close by as well.  The downside of course is that scheduling can often be a hassle, dependent largely on whether you're planning on going back to school full time or working at it part-time with a job.  I am assuming you're in the latter camp.

    In my experience, I would avoid online courses or certificate/degree mills like the plague.  They often cost a LOT more than you would expect and in most cases you're not getting what you paid for.

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    johns123posted 7 years ago

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  5. Taffney Smith profile image60
    Taffney Smithposted 7 years ago

    If you haven't started school already a great place to start is to look for schools online or try your local technical community college.  You can apply for government loans and financial aid through the schools you choose to enroll in.  Good Luck....

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    w3cseoposted 7 years ago

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