I cant find a good man. Im a single mom and the ones who want are married men an

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  1. profile image47
    Baybay728posted 9 years ago

    I cant find a good man. Im a single mom and the ones who want are married men and the ones who just

  2. Galadriel Arwen profile image74
    Galadriel Arwenposted 9 years ago

    I've been a single mom for many years by choice. At one time when I was younger, I decided to explore the single scene. I read articles in  ladies magazines with good ideas on dating. Then, I tried Internet dating, newspaper dating and went to some physical dating places. After dating people for 2 years, I gave up. Personally, after having a wonderful spouse, it was impossible to replace him. Thus, I did not find anyone able to fit my list of requirements. My girlfriend found a great guy via a dating agency and they are still married after 20 years. Another friend found a great guy on-line dating and are still married after 10 years. Personally, I still think the old ways are good and I met my spouse in a bowling league. Church, sports, friends setting you up, and dating agencies. Good luck! Read more on my relationship blog: http://raisingworldfamily.blogspot.com/

  3. J. McCoy profile image60
    J. McCoyposted 9 years ago

    Try  eharmony. That's where I met my wife.

  4. sroberts9 profile image78
    sroberts9posted 7 years ago

    I am not sure if you are a religious person but, if you are looking for MR. RIGHT, then you will need some serious help with that order as it is a tall one to fill.  Now, mind you I am a married woman of 19 years + two daughters 18 and 14 and got married then had kids by my husband.  But, I say all of that to say that my journey to Mr. Right was not an easy one.  As I had a terrible man before I met my husband and I was involved with a couple of married men myself when I was younger and ignorant.  But, its when I gave up on trying to find him - that was when he came to me.  While I was with Mr. Wrong for 13 years - I use to think about being with someone like myself - who had the same likes as I did - who was mature - tall and handsome - mannerly and loving yet sensitive to my every need.  (one would think that I was in la-la- land) but, after it was only after I let my dream man go was God able to delivered him to me. 

    On the way to the store after work on a Friday that I ran into an old friend.  A woman who I use to help find work for -as I was a recruiter at the time.  She use to tell me about her family when we would talk from time to time. 

    So, here they were at the grocery store parking lot and she noticed me and began to introduced me to her husband, children and her "brother-in-law." Who now is my husband.  She (who I hardly knew) introduced us and from that moment on we were together. God brought us together that day and believe me getting married was not on my mind nor having children as I was told by two fertility specialist that it was going to be nearly impossible to have children or if I'd get pregnate they would not last to full term.  (Go figure on that one!) 

    Now, please note, I am not a desparate woman nor uneducated or stupid about life.  I know that evil exsists in this world but, here that moment, was different.  My husband said, he knew I was his wife the moment he saw me.  Now, for me thought took a little more time before I knew he was to be mine.  I just could not find nothing wrong with him and his eyes were like I would see one day in Jesus - they were loving and caring - but, wise to the world.  Strange as it seems its all true.

    So,we talked and he asked where I was going and I said to the store to pick up a few things and write a check as I was on my way to Atlanta, GA to start a new life as I finally left Mr. Wrong. 

    So with all good intensions I just wanted company and he escorted me to the store, we talked and talked and talked about everything and he was so funny and charming - nice, and well mannered.  He asked me to go have a cup of coffee and I said sure, so to keep it safe, I decided we go to a 24 hour diner which was right acrossed the street and talked all evening had dinner and the next thing we knew the sun was coming up and we were ordering breakfast.  Need I say I delayed my trip and never got to Atlanta, GA and three days later - he asked me to marry him and after 10 seconds I saw my self say yes.  We have been married happily now for 19 years and we have two beautiful children together who are both healthy and beautiful on the inside and out.  We are watching them growing up to be great young women for tomorrow.  I can't tell you how much life has changed for me because of prayer and dreams of a life one day.  I have no doubt in my mind that God himself tore a piece of his heart and mold my husband for me and placed him before my feet that day as I look back.  But, it was only when I


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