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Do you think a cataclysmic event will occur in 2012?

  1. David 470 profile image84
    David 470posted 7 years ago

    Do you think a cataclysmic event will occur in 2012?

    You know they say the world will end or something will happen...

  2. mshunt profile image60
    mshuntposted 7 years ago

    I'm not loosing any sleep over it, that's for sure. I think it too will pass on by, just like Y2K.  What a huge joke that turned out to be. One day the dooms day philosophers may just get it, but I doubt it.

  3. Daniel J. Neumann profile image60
    Daniel J. Neumannposted 7 years ago

    I think a solar flare will wipe out all the power. It's about a 75% chance, I'd guess. I'm just going on NASA's word. Those scientists normally are pretty well-grounded. They guess late 2012, early 2013 at this point for something a little stronger than the Carrington Event that caused telegraph offices to burst into flames and transformers to melt.

  4. A Missing Truth profile image57
    A Missing Truthposted 7 years ago
  5. talfonso profile image82
    talfonsoposted 7 years ago

    I don't think so, and it's just going to be another day...

  6. Heike Winnig profile image60
    Heike Winnigposted 7 years ago

    As mshunt said, "I won't lose any sleep over it."
    The Mayans have been known to make mistakes in their predictions, but they've also been right on the money.
    It's an impossible question to answer, unless one has the "sight", I suppose. Obviously, even those gifted cannot be certain of the signs. According to the bible, many things have already come to pass.
    My motto is "what will be, will be." I can't control it, much less change it. If 2012 is the end of our existence or the year of "a cataclysmic event,"should we see it coming, we can try to run and try to hide...Sadly, we can't yell "Beam me up, Scotty." If the human race and the world are meant to continue, they will.

  7. jeff3600 profile image57
    jeff3600posted 7 years ago

    if your talking about the world ending bullshit, the answer is no. i believe its going to be just like Y2K. everyone freaks out an nothing happens. you should take an art history class. we learned all about it, and its actually quite interesting.

  8. kirstenblog profile image77
    kirstenblogposted 7 years ago

    Honestly, No. As a kid I thought maybe something would but not anymore. The stuff that worries me about the future of mankind is the sort of stuff that takes time to really be seen and understood as harmful to us as a whole and wont be pinpointed to this or that year, it will be much more gradual then that. Assuming we don't get our values sorted out and get back on track so to speak smile

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