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are all home-schooled children weird and socially awkward?

  1. Sally6767 profile image55
    Sally6767posted 7 years ago

    are all home-schooled children weird and socially awkward?

  2. maven101 profile image79
    maven101posted 7 years ago

    Not at all...I have several families living near me that are home schooling their children...I would consider them some of the best mannered and friendly kids I've met anywhere...I was a former high school history teacher, and I can tell you, most of my students were ill-disciplined and ill-prepared for the world when compared to these home-schooled kids...Larry

  3. wychic profile image90
    wychicposted 7 years ago

    I don't know...am I? I'd say this is a really horrible stereotype, as most of the homeschoolers I know were very friendly and outgoing as kids, and we all still are as adults. Yes, there are a few here and there that are weird or awkward, but that goes with any group of people, in any situation...you'll always find a few oddballs. Now, I won't say I wasn't different from the other kids when I went into public school for high school, I was....my teachers commented that I was very polite, used proper titles for them, and was quiet and listened in class. They were not used to this at all. Beyond that, there was no difference between me and the people who had been in public school since they started school. I don't doubt that there are a few parents who think that "homeschooling" involves shutting their kids away in the house and throwing book knowledge at them without any kind of social interaction outside of the house, but luckily these types are few and far between. Here's a hub I wrote detailing some of the things that were done for my homeschooling education....an education that was anything but antisocial:

  4. peach7fuzz profile image56
    peach7fuzzposted 7 years ago

    Most definitly not. I know some home schoolers who are really aweomse and super fun. There are the odd ones but not all are that way. You probably know some home schooled kids but you may not know it because most of them are just like any other kid

  5. jasonamartin profile image56
    jasonamartinposted 7 years ago

    No. I think many are very smart and last I checked home-schooled kids still had friends.

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    Baileybearposted 7 years ago

    This question arose from my hub "Why I am Considering Homeschooling my Child"

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Why-I-am-Consid … g-my-Child

    I think this would be an excellent title for someone to write a hub about - I would have to research it more before writing a hub about it, so I'm not going to tackle it in the near future. 

    From my limited experience while considering this option for my child with Asperger's Syndrome, I would say that a lot of bullied children are homeschool.  Thye are bully magnets (their peers find them "weird" or socially awkward) and are not coping with mainstream school. I read on forums many homeschooled children thrive.  Also many parents said it is very hard on the parent, and not everyone can do it.  My child is socially awkward and unusual (many would say weird) because of his AS.

    I also know of people that homeschool their children for religious reasons - I often wonder if an attempt to shelter their children from other beliefs (in some cases, I imagine parents can make their child weird/socially awkward).

    A school principal told me that he wasn't a fan of homeschooling because he thinks "regilious nuts do it and don't teach curriculum only religion = neglect".  Another said he wasn't a fan "because not enough social interaction".  These are the usual stereotypes cited against homeschooling.

    Homeschoolers need to make effort to have social opportunities for their children, not isolate their children. 

    Some homeschool because of illnesses like chronic fatigue.  Others because their children are bored in school, because they are too bright for mainstream school.  It all depends on personal situation whether it works or not.

    Gosh, I've nearly written a hub about it!