My sons puts a barrier, every time I mention reading and writing. After half an

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    trudy.girlingposted 7 years ago

    My sons puts a barrier, every time I mention reading and writing. After half an hour of argument...

    he will start to read. Its just as bad when we attempt writing, How can I get passed his negative behavior to this?

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    puter_drposted 7 years ago

    is it possible that he has difficulties reading? I guess some of this would be easier if we knew the age of the child.
    if he is capable of reading and has no comprehension issues it could be that he is just not interested in the subject matter. You could try finding subjects that he likes and engaging him in  those.

    I have a daughter that hated reading until she found an author that inspired her, then she became an insatiable reader.
    Once she started reading, then she found herself inspired to write.

    Another thing that hindered her writing was that her spelling was atrocious. I suggested that she just let the words flow, then go back and fix her spelling later.

    Another tool that can be useful is software such as Dragon Naturally speaking. In cases where typing and spelling are an issue this program can do that for him.

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    chspublishposted 7 years ago

    Showing and taking positive action, I think, is the way to go. First of all, do you read and like it? And his other parent? If you show your interest in reading daily - a book, newspaper, magazine - that's the environment he is exposed to.
    Also when he was little did someone read bedtime stories etc? That's another envirnoment to foster - that stories are great and an opportunity to spend time with you in a cosy envirnoment.
    Depending on his age group now I would read a story to him at bedtime and make the story come alive with the way you read it. He will find it interesting and exciting and not a chore and something he has to do and he may wnat to finish the story himself.
    Allow the opportunity to follow his interests. What are his hobbies? Let him read whatever he needs to follow those interests. Find interesting and well illustrated books.
    Does he like drama? Acting classes are an opportunity to learn the lines and maybe if the drama classes have exams he will have to read up and prepare for his pieces. So reading in this context is not a chore but vital to the drama.
    In summary, change the context of the reading iniative - from something he has to do, to something that is fun, interesting and supports his interests.
    Hope that is helpful.