Do you agree with the premise of a cashless society?

  1. StayPos profile image81
    StayPosposted 7 years ago

    Do you agree with the premise of a cashless society?

  2. Shahid Bukhari profile image60
    Shahid Bukhariposted 7 years ago

    No ... But it does not mean that I propose some other type of "arrangement" for managing the "buying and selling" affairs ... Trade, in the Human Society ...

    Quite obviously, my alternative is not Plastic Money, or Credit ... or Convenience Cards orientated mediums of exchange, governing the Needs and Morals of a Society .
    I am for a "Just Order in Human Society" ...
    a Society governed by Humane Parameters, managed by its Saner elements ... not money crazed Extremists ... to whom, humans are mere Consumers ... numbers.

    Where there are limits on Personal Holdings ... Limits defined by individual Needs ... where "Cash" does not accumulate in the hands of a few individuals ... smoking away Havana Cigars and sipping Champagne in Bahaman resorts ... at the cost of others ... costs... like the plight of Somalis !

  3. stanwshura profile image74
    stanwshuraposted 7 years ago

    Well, part of me is WAYYYY for it - although I think for reasons your accompanying photo tells me your inquiry may not have intended to provoke.

    If you mean the whole card-swiping, digitalization of monetary power - I'm neutral.  If you're referring to the idea of barter - or a cash system such that a dollar is a dollar is a dollar is a contract - PERIOD, then I'm a *big-time* cheerleader for that.  It's a REPRESENTATION of *REAL* worth, backed by property or labor or an agreed upon supply/demand ratio for someone's promise of "a dollar" for anything non-material or non-labor (such as rent, publishing rights, royalties).  But it is always an EXCHANGE. 

    Mr. Peasant's hour of labor is worth just as much as Mr. Tycoon's hour of decion-making or one artist's accumulated hour of airplay of one of his songs - or one property owner's renting of space.

    I don't believe in derivatives and default swaps and anything where money doesn't actually represent real worth.  Risk is you're own thing.  You shouldn't be rewarded for taking it, or punished for avoiding it. 

    You do your day's labor - you get your day's bread.  If you can't labor, then ask.  The decent person will share.  Or "the system" will correct for lack thereof and protect you.

    If you're of reduced faculties such that even self-care is impossible, well, I believe in a society that protects the vulnerable.

    Because no matter what a dollar is worth, every human life is worth exactly the same thing.


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