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How to deal with a stubborn child of a friend?

  1. dipsmi profile image74
    dipsmiposted 6 years ago

    How to deal with a stubborn child of a friend?

    How to deal with a stubborn child of a friend?

  2. rambansal profile image59
    rambansalposted 6 years ago

    I have such a problem many times, and I always found myself helpless in reforming the child in the situation. It is the parents only who have to prime-movers in controlling stubborn attitude of the child. For you, the only option is to keep away and let the child feel isolated from the society and think by him/herself to find fault and take corrective action by him/herself.

  3. andersonmoore profile image56
    andersonmooreposted 6 years ago

    In my opinion, we should handle them with love and very carefully. If we choose the strict way to handle them, they can more stubborn.

  4. kschimmel profile image48
    kschimmelposted 6 years ago

    If a child is in my house, they abide by my rules.  I voice my expectations directly to children and expect them to comply.  Usually children are so surprised by an adult who is confident enough to expect obedience that they obey!  Many children are accustomed to adults who do not really mean what they say, so you must let them know you are different--and that there are rules in your house.

    If you are at the friend's house, however, you are out of luck.