Who was you favorite teacher and why is that person your favorite?

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  1. justateacher profile image86
    justateacherposted 7 years ago

    Who was you favorite teacher and why is that person your favorite?

    I had two - my first grade teacher was Mrs. Sealy. She took a shy, quiet little girl and let her shine with her reading and writing abilities Mr. Wasinger was my fifth grade teacher. I was still quiet and shy and by this time I was going through rough times as my dad was dying from cancer. He believed in me and was there when I needed to talk, and encouraged me to write about my feelings and what I was going through. He instilled in me a love of poetry. While Mrs. Sealy passed away without me telling her how wonderful she was, I was able to tell Mr. Wasinger that he was the reason I teach...

  2. KrystalD profile image70
    KrystalDposted 7 years ago

    I had many wonderful teachers along the way and I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to find and thank each one. One special teacher was my Kindergarten, Mrs. Ramsey.

    My Kindergarten teacher was a wonderful patient woman that took extra time to help me. I was a child stuck in the middle of a chaotic home and she always went the extra mile to make me feel welcomed and well...loved. Mrs. Ramsey was a single mother and was very helpful and honest to young mothers like my own. This meant the world to me and it is why I believe in being loving to my students--letting them know someone in the world cares for them. I found Mrs. Ramsey on facebook when I was teaching in Egypt to let her know she really instilled a love of education in me.

    Finding her really filled me with joy! She taught for 30 years and retired. In her later years she has become an artist and has met the love of her life. They travel around the world together. Her son, whom she use to talk about often, is now a screen writer. Mrs. Ramsey is truly one of my heros! She reminds me that teachers really shape lives...one student at a time. In my case, I literally think she saved mine.

    In the following years after Kindergarten my mother became an addict and our lives became scary and unstable. The one thing that saved me was my love of education. I threw myself into school and in the end, it trully became my way out. I believe Mrs. Ramsey's early influence led me to the life I have today.

  3. lburmaster profile image81
    lburmasterposted 7 years ago

    Mrs. Buckman in college. She was amazing. Had everything organized, knew exactly what to say to everyone, was fun in any situation, never raised her voice at any time in 2 years, had a successful family life, the top of her area and in charge of the psychology, sociology, philosophy, basically all of humanities. Worked in so many areas that she knew every aspect of the major.
    She made class interesting and easy to understand. Simple explanations. Wonderful ideas. And tried to open us up to any possibility. Luckily, I still see her around smile

  4. keithlipke profile image60
    keithlipkeposted 7 years ago

    Mrs Lobello in 5th grade. She treated every student the same and with the utmost respect and love...and we returned the favor

  5. bruzzbuzz profile image60
    bruzzbuzzposted 7 years ago

    My favorite teacher was not my favorite at the time because she had high expectations of us and drove us to exceed them. Her name was Mrs. Elliott and she was my 3rd grade teacher.

  6. hawkdad73 profile image65
    hawkdad73posted 7 years ago

    Mr. Ause. He was my English Literature teacher in high school.  He taught us how to think and that all forms of expression are connected.

  7. F5487laura profile image59
    F5487lauraposted 7 years ago

    My grammar school english teacher Mr Adlam was very inspiring and helpful, most of all, he believed in me which I have never forgotten. I never thanked him, I'd love to bump into him one day and say cheers!

  8. Lisa HW profile image63
    Lisa HWposted 7 years ago

    Someone else remarked on having "many wonderful teachers".  I had very few.  They were mostly mediocre (but nice people who meant well) or else mediocre (and jerks).  The one I'd call, "most effective" or "best" was a young math teacher who stood in front the class, explained things very clearly and in all-business way, barely ever cracked a smile (but wasn't loud, intimidating, show-offy, of mean either), and didn't waste my time with foolish stuff that wasn't related to the subject at hand.  He wasn't everybody's buddy, and he didn't do a song-and-dance act.  He didn't waste a minute of class time.  In fact, unlike a lot of other teachers, he did't take up the last ten minutes of class talking about the next homework assignment.  It took him about 30 seconds to assign homework each day.  At the other end of class-time, it took him about two minutes to shuffle whatever had to be shuffled on his desk, before he left his desk and began teaching the next thing.

    I don't know how "wonderful" this individual was, but he was an excellent teacher.

    I think what kids expect from teachers can depend on what they need from "outside adults", as compared to what they don't.  I had two really good parents and came from a family where aunts and whatever grandparents (grandfathers in my case) were left offered plenty of support to the kids in the family.  All I ever wanted from, expected of, teachers was that they do a good job teaching their subject and move things along enough that the class wasn't torture-by-boredom or else chaos.  This guy did that.

  9. imatellmuva profile image79
    imatellmuvaposted 7 years ago

    To this day, it is still Mrs. Baynesville, my 9th grade Social Studies teacher. She had a way of capturing your attention, she had an extremely pleasant attitude, and just made learning fun.


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