Children are our future

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    aDayInMyLife1posted 6 years ago

    Children are our future

    Why does it seem like education is often placed on the back burner? What are some suggestions on how we can improve the education system in America at the political level? What are some steps parents can take with their children to help them get ahead?

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    ltiblierjrposted 6 years ago

    Bring back corporal punishment in schools...the teacher could spank your butt if you got out of line...Kids get away with too much cause they know you can't touch them. They are out of control.

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    R. J. Lefebvreposted 6 years ago

    Politicians and commercial enterprises are more interested in their wealth, and not the future security of the citizenship. Michelle Rhee suggested resurrecting the quality of education by weeding out those who were more interested in money than succeeding in teaching. Teachers should be hired based on a passion to encourage students to fulfill their capabilities, for their own and, the countries future.
    Any form of physical punishment on children should be realized as incompetence by anyone involved, especially family and teachers. Parents should recognize they are the key to their childrens success, via patience, encouragement, and overseeing the institutions of learning to benefit Americans future.