What have we been wrong about?

  1. Sue B. profile image95
    Sue B.posted 6 years ago

    What have we been wrong about?

    What is something you believe to be incorrect or false that the general public accepts as true?How do you think accepting this incorrect or skewed information as fact and the truth is affecting society?

  2. Man from Modesto profile image84
    Man from Modestoposted 6 years ago

    There is an increasing trend in blaming Christians for every bad thing that happens. There is a trend to disparage Christians, and a parallel trend to say nothing about it.

    This was the atmosphere 1500's Poland before the Jews were persecuted and driven out (and the Polish economy sank permanently immediately after). This was the atmosphere in Germany prior to the persecution of Jews in Germany.

    On truth that is being forcefully and belligerently buried is Creation- the making of the earth by God. People who support millions and billions of years forget that Charles Lyell (stratigraphy of 12 exact layers each 100s of millions of years older than the above layer) and Charles Darwin (evolution: man came from rocks, not from God) had agendas to "kill God" and "kill the Bible" because of their hatred of God.

    Because humans think the world ebbs and grows in cycles so long, they are unprepared for major events which have actually occurred as recently as 4000 years ago.

  3. loua profile image60
    louaposted 6 years ago

    I believe the general public has their purpose, motive and intent based on erroneous information that is all wrong, because it is parochial and biased making it an emotional issue not a reasoned issue... 
    If people understood how our essence came about, what our source is and why we have energy, nature and spirit, I believe there would be a general epiphany amongst the public.

    Humanity has inherited superstition based on crude information of questionable integrity... 

    The general misconceived understanding, that people are different from each other is fabricated. There are social difference due to ignorance that have only  inherited advantage as a reason for it being.  These lies are a farce and have created all the riffs within humanity that keep it in the dark-ages of ignorance. 
    Power and control has been relegated to the ruthless, because fear has been bred into humanity to create a feeble minded race of sheep that let it reoccur...

    1) If human's knew how the essence of our being came about there would be extreme change and positive evolution.
    2) If human's knew what our source is they would not hold on to their prejudices, because they would know how stupid this notion is.
    3) If human's knew why we have energy, nature and spirit, then the general temperament, attitude and behavior of people would be inclusive, selfless and civil.
    Based on these three positive points of perception humanity might gain a motive and perspective worth pursuing...

    The three dimensional form and nature of humanity indicates it is of the force-source that created it. 

    These notions are not religious they are scientific and should be the source of meaning used to govern the goals, objectives and plans of humanity...