Do you have any idea how we appeared in the wordl as different cltures and diff

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    ceydaposted 5 years ago

    Do you have any idea how we appeared in the wordl as different cltures  and different countries?

    It must be sth to be explained about how people are seperated from like spreading on different cultures and and different countries like a map shaping the places .Is it the main reason God creating the world or a human creating a theory ?

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    SidKempposted 5 years ago

    Whether God created the world or evolution describes how humanity came to be, there's no question we've been here a long time. We've been wandering across the planet's surface for tens of thousands of years.

    Before modern communication, linguistic drift could create accents that were mutually comprehensible in villages living just 30 miles apart. And tribes and villages had to survive in all different types of climates.

    Human adaptability created human diversity. The human need to make sense of the world led to both religion and art.

    As faster transportation and communication developed, people began to be able to see more of the world, and now the whole world, and to see the diversity and beauty of all the cultures, spiritual traditions, religions, and art we have made.

    But people cling to their own ideas and fear what is different and call it wrong So we also create much suffering and conflict. Our challenge now is to see our common humanity beneath all the different beliefs, to appreciate the differences and beauty, and to respect and love one another.