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How can you deal with an unprofessional boss?

  1. TFScientist profile image88
    TFScientistposted 5 years ago

    How can you deal with an unprofessional boss?

    At school, my head of department is constantly making unprofessional demands on my time. She guilt trips me into each task tugging at my ego or saying that the kids will suffer and that my time/opinion/health/family is not as important as the kids in school. She tells me off like a naughty child.  My recent performance review (not done by her) has ranked me one of the best teachers in the school - a fact she strongly disputes.

    How should you deal with a boss that is unwilling or unable to see the good you do, and heaps all of the problems (or at least the blame) in department onto you?

  2. R W Bobholz profile image67
    R W Bobholzposted 5 years ago

    When I have a disagreement with someone higher up than I, I first (if possible) discuss the situation with this person in the form of a question. I ask: "why are you making these demands of my time?" or "can you explain to me what our employment guidelines state about ?"

    When asked in a question like that, it is a non-aggressive act that usually receives more positive conversation about your concern. Most people shut down when receiving criticism or complaints, so in this form, you're more likely to receive a legitimate discussion about your concern.

    If that fails, you may seek the guidance of his or her immediate supervisor. Approach that supervisor in the same non-aggressive manner you would your supervisor because complaints look like you're a complainer. Questions allow this person to come to your conclusion, but on their own, making them think it was their thought the whole time. When discussing options, you may want to consider being under the supervision of another supervisor, having counseling with you and your supervisor, or outline clearer guidelines on what is to be expected of you.

    At the last alternative, you can go higher up the chain of command, or seek some sort of workplace harassment claim through your PR department equivalent or external agency. Obviously you're a value to the school, so you would think they would take the time to fix the issues you're having.

  3. luciano63 profile image71
    luciano63posted 5 years ago


    I found myself in the same situation twice during my career. The first time I was 30 and I reacted with lots of determination. In a way I solved my problem because I was transferred in another design studio and it worked for me quite well, my ex boss was fired few years later. However this way of dealing with the problem caused me lots of stress because I was bringing the problem with me after work, I was young and I wanted to be good and my ex boss attitude was completely forcing me to nothing!

    Recently (after 20 years...) I got the same problem again, but I dealed with it completely different way. This time (strong also of my professional experience and success...) I played the smart ass. I let him think he was right, but I would manage to arrange myself differently according to my vision...few times we argued but he needed me and I sort of behaved wisely. We both won!


  4. Kathryn L Hill profile image77
    Kathryn L Hillposted 5 years ago

    I do not know. It is the most irritating situation in the world. You have to get along. You have to seem happy and positive to keep the job but, you feel like quitting every second. Sometimes these bosses make you feel they would prefer it if you would just gather all your stuff and take off. And you wonder why they don't just fire you! But they don't. And you go in day after day, and stay hour after hour and put up with it. Is this really the price of surviving?