What are the 10 things that people from large &very large families(6 & more chil

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    What are the 10 things that people from large &very large families(6 & more children per

    WON'T understand about people from small families(1-2 children per household)?
    To the average person from a large to very large family,people from small families are deemed selfish and spoiled because the latter had better opportunities & more parental attention. Many people from large & very large families had hardscrabble lives and consider this to be quite normal.They see children who had less hardscrabble lives as anathemas & morally inferior. Since they had to raise themselves& left to their own devices, they view parental attention to children as a sign of being pampered and spoilt.


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    Yes, it is true that some larger families are like this. It may seem like, to the outside world, that a lot of children in the larger families are left to fend for themselves. Although, this is true, I have read and talked much about the contrasting side (large families that come from being close knit). There are a lot of large families that may ask the following about small families:
    1. If there are less children in that small children, why can't they get a long?
    2. Why do the children in that small family not help out?
    3. Why does that small family always have to watch television?
    4. Why does the small family always go out to eat?
    5. Why do those children from the small family always feel like they should get whatever they ask for?
    6. Why does that small family never go to church?
    7. Why do those parents always let their child stay home from school when the children feel a little sick?
    8. Why does the small family live in such a big house?
    9. Why does the older child in that family not help the younger child?
    10. Why do they find us so weird(coming from a child in a large family)?

    Of course, these are just a few of the things that may confuse the large family'. We must keep in mind, though, that families are like people. No two families are alike. There must be an effort to understand where each family is coming from. What is true with one large family, may be the total opposite in the next large family. The same is true with the small family. We should not be judgemental of eachother.

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      There seems to be war & division between small and large families. Each family has its own distinctive cultural milieu.But one thing is clear, small families tend to be more socioeconomically affluent while large families are impoverished or near