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Mandatory Dress Code ?

  1. kj force profile image74
    kj forceposted 3 years ago

    Mandatory Dress Code ?

    With recent situations regarding students being humiliated and publically embarrassed by teachers, is there a better way to address this issue ? could the answer be Dress Code for all ? including the teachers ?

  2. sparkleyfinger profile image91
    sparkleyfingerposted 3 years ago

    My college had regulations in place and it seemed to work. Wasn't too strict- just nothing offensive, and all your bits covered etc... was not bad, and didnt feel as though a dress code as such was imposed!!

  3. profile image0
    sheilamyersposted 3 years ago

    My opinion is dress codes of any type generally don't change the fact kids will get teased by teachers or other students. Let's say it's a simple matter of all students wearing khaki pants and a particular color shirt. I'm not saying it's a uniform, but all the kids wearing the same similar thing. The students of poorer parents will wear stuff from Wal-Mart and the other kids stuff marked Old Navy, Aeropostle, or some other name brand. Those labels (or I should say lack thereof) will be a mark for teasing. What we really need is to be teaching the kids not to make fun of their classmates and fire teachers who are doing it.

    1. sparkleyfinger profile image91
      sparkleyfingerposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      very true, good point, voted up!!!!

    2. kj force profile image74
      kj forceposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      TnX...Dress could be as easy as polo/khaki with no emblems/writing. This issue  happened several times this year, even by Principals. Students are made to wear outlandish outfits making them even more obvious to the problem,this to me is  BULLYING .

  4. Penny G profile image74
    Penny Gposted 3 years ago

    This is 2014 that will never happen. We have gone way to far over the edge with how we dress or don't dress. I guess we should concentrate on the real problem,  HARASSMENT . It is against the law we have rights to non hostile learning environments and jobs. Put your foot down, and stand up for yourself and your children. ( If you dress as to say "hey look at me"), do expect there to be comments.

    1. kj force profile image74
      kj forceposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for responding with your comment...yes we ALL need to start accepting responsibility for our actions and reactions...we are losing many of our rights in this world on a daily basis...have a great day

  5. DaisysJourney profile image76
    DaisysJourneyposted 3 years ago

    As opposed as I am to uniforms and strict dress codes (and find enforcing them to be a general pain in the butt), I also have found that certain clothing can be distracting.  I teach middle school and some of these children show WAY TOO MUCH cleavage.  As I write this, I am thinking of one young lady hunched over her book and the boys in class falling out of their desks gawking as they stared at her ample endowments.  The only learning happening in this moment is less about academics and more about hormones.

    I would never publicly humiliate a child for what he/she wore, but appropriate clothing is necessary.  Parents should especially be accountable for what they allow their children to purchase and wear.  My mother would never have let me buy, let alone wear a tank top that said "I f***ed your boyfriend", yet, I recall a seventh grader showing up in school in that get up. (The shirt had the words written out, but hubpages won't let me spell it out...lol)   It is frustrating to see a child dressed inappropriately, but then when you meet the parent who dresses the same or is unaware or nonchalant about their children's wardrobe, it is easy to understand that appropriate clothing is not a priority at home.

    At my school, the teachers have a dress code as well as the students, but there are a few who don't follow the code and there are negligible consequences.  Our students out of dress code have to report to the office to receive substitute clothing, but they change out of the more appropriate clothing within 2-3 hours or classes.  It is a battle that is wearying, but I personally do not want to see butts, bellies, and boobs and I don't think middle school children should be showing the 3 Bs. 

    When they are old enough to make wise, informed decisions on their sexuality and to be consenting adults, then they can dress how they see fit, but in the classroom, they need to be appropriate, and while underage, they need to not send the signal of sex.  (Digressing a bit, I know....)

    1. kj force profile image74
      kj forceposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Daisy.thank you for your input you hit the nail on the head.Students do dress by example, copying what they know,  Adults,. which is why I tend to favor the " uniform "..Perhaps this would eliminate the issue, and allow you to do your job TEACH !