Why are the concepts of I & SELF difficult ones for people to accept, acknowledg

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    Why are the concepts of I & SELF difficult ones for people to accept, acknowledge, & embrace?

    Why are such concepts view negatively by so many people?


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    Jewelsposted 2 years ago

    Not sure about you but I was brought up in the Catholic school system, so were my parents.  Consequently you were taught at a young age to put other people first.  This martyr type mindset was the beginning of a 'brain washing' that made sure I AM and the SELF were strange concepts.

    If you do spiritual work those two head-liners are necessary, in fact paramount to flourishing in a field that is very difficult.  But on the road less travelled you come across the criticism of family and friends, and you are often seen as selfish.  Paradoxically you must be selfish to find the I AM and the Self.  You must go inside yourself and be centered in yourself at the exclusion of everyone else.  It is a temporary state however, and interestingly when a person becomes more self aware and self loving, they are better equipped to be more loving toward others.

    There is another side to this and it's common.  Many people self-hate; so much so that any attempt to be self aware is too painful.

    And another side again - becoming powerful is a daunting task.  People fear themselves.  Putting yourself in front, 'out there' is a leading toward vulnerability which for many is unbearable.

    Self acceptance, self embracing, self love is a huge undertaking often because there is so much baggage to be cleared from our psyche, so many belief systems to deconstruct.   The negative viewing can also be because those not attempting the path to the I AM are afraid and therefore envious of those who are doing it.  May the forces be with you if you are having a go!

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