What are the TEN MOST ILLOGICAL, ASININE things that couples do regarding having

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What are the TEN MOST ILLOGICAL, ASININE things that couples do regarding having children?

    What are such couples "thinking"? Be frank in your assessment.  No holds barred here!


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    LoliHeyposted 2 years ago

    They are just not there for their kids.  They are more concerned about being the kid's friend, than parenting them.  They don't discipline them, and cater to them.  They don't teach them how to behave, period, and when the kid goes to school, they act up, and then go home and tell their parents a lie, and the parent believes it!  Then the parent is up at the school screaming at the teacher and the principal.  They throw tantrums in public and are terrible role models to their children.

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    Having children before they are financially, emotionally, & psychologically prepared to do so.Smart, educated, & intelligent couples are prepared financially, emotionally & psychologically before they have children.They know that in order for children to thrive, they must have the best possible environment where they have every opportunity.

    Having large/very large families( 6 & more children per household).  Having MORE children than a couple can afford has deleterious effects on both the couple & particularly the children.Monies are often stretched to a limit with very little for the rudiments.Children in such families get the socioeconomic shaft.They oftentimes have to do without. They have inferior food, clothing, & health care. Such families often live a substandard, even a subsistent lifestyle of poverty & constant struggle. Children have to raise themselves & each other as the parents are unable to devote the necessary time to each child.There are instances of abuse & neglect. Older children are discarded in favor of younger children. Oldest children have to raise their siblings.

    Favoritism. Favoring one child or children over others negatively impacts a child emotionally, psychologically, & even psychically.  In such circumstances,  children are expected to be replicas of each other instead of the unique individuals they are.

    Comparing one child to another. Again, each child is different in personality, talents, & characteristics. Comparing one child to another diminishes the former's self-esteem, making him/her feel inferior, even worthless.

    Being a dream-killer.Every child's dream & goals must be nurtured & encouraged.To tell a child that his/her goals & dreams are unrealistic, outlandish, & fantastical is tantamount to soul destruction.Let the child be whom h/she is meant to be. Let him/her set the world on fire, using the utmost of his/her human potential.

    Exhibiting jealousy & envy. Believe it or not there are some parents who are jealous of their children's looks, intelligence, & talents.Instead of being happy for their children, these parents use overt, even covert means of lessening their children.They figure that if they did not utilize their assets to succeed, their children DEFINITELY WON'T!

    Raising their children to be mediocre, average.  Most people are deathly afraid of letting their children be different & unique.  They want their children to conform & be like everyone else.