What is the correlation of parental educational level to a child's ultimate acad

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    gmwilliamsposted 23 months ago

    What is the correlation of parental educational level to a child's ultimate academic & socioeconomic

    success?  Now that we are on this question, what is the further correlation of parental educational, not to mention socioeconomic level to providing a conclusive environment in which children receive the best individualized parental involvement/attention/love & socioeconomic opportunities? Last question, what makes less educated/less affluent parents poor, even dangerous risks for their children as such children will end up disadvantaged themselves & will adopt the same negative lifestyle as their parents as a result of these parents not having the skills to raise such children properly?


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    cobrienposted 23 months ago

    Poverty is a cycle. People who live in poverty are either unwilling or unable to break the cycle. Many just don't know how. And parents who are unmotivated have no way to motivate their children.
    This doesn't necessarily make them bad parents. I still struggle with poverty. I'm currently attending college to fix that, but, many people living in poverty don't even realize they qualify for financial aid. What it boils down to, is many people living in poverty don't know how to find and utilize resources. In my case, I have an autistic son that needs 24 hour care. Disability usually causes poverty. And chronic illness. Etc.
    For a parent to improve the socioeconomic level of their children, they will first need to learn how. All the love and attention in the world will not drive a child down the road to success.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 23 months ago

    Today the biggest handicap associated with education level is the lack of marriage / stable families in the lower class.
    So if you have college educated parents, and they mostly marry others with bachelors degrees, the illegitimacy rate is less than 5%, divorce rate is less than 25% for those under 40, and a very high marriage rate.
    If you are a high school drop out, the marriage rate is less than half, the odds of divorce for those who marry is over 50%, and the odds the child is illegitimate is over 50%, In short, most kids out of wedlock, if they do marry even after having kids, rarely stay together.
    And regardless of income level, living together without marriage is an 80% chance of separating before the kid is 18, whereas when married, the odds of separating before kids are 18 is less than a third. (Most divorces don't involve children.) Hat tip Chanti Feldman's research.

    Poverty is directly tied to single mother families and family instability, because a mother with two or three kids by as many guys lacks reliable support and reinforcement with the kids and lacks economies of scale with a committed man living with her. And his attention is divided among his children by various relationships, and he is less likely to save for retirement and kids' college even if you live together.

    So most of the poverty guarantee we see for the lower class is the breakdown of the family and the financial handicaps that causes.